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Updates from Mayo Clinic is brought to you by Mayo Clinic in partnership with ReachMD. This new series of programming focuses on a number of psychiatric and neurologic disorders including ADHD, bi-polar disorder and depression, highlighting the recent advances in their management. Scientific and clinical research updates, new treatment options, best practices in patient care are just a few of the topics that will be examined on this program. This series is hosted by Dr. Peter S. Jensen, Professor of Psychiatry and Vice Chair for Research at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MinnesotaSponsored by


  • The Neurobiology of Childhood Depression


    Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD What do we know about depression? And, what is going on at the level of the neuron? Traditional treatments have had impressive results in children with depression. But, why does efficacy of treatment vary in children? Host Dr. Peter Jensen welcomes Dr. Paul Croarkin, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Mayo Clinic, to answer these questions and discuss recent clinical trials, child and adolescent psychopharmacology and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and brain stimulation modalities. Download and listen today!

  • Identifying and Managing Depression in Pediatric Primary Care


    Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Guest: Lynn Wegner, MD Host Dr. Peter Jensen welcomes Dr. Lynn M. Wegner, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician and chief of the UNC Division of Pediatric Developmental-Behavioral Medicine at North Carolina Children's Hospital. Dr. Wegner shares her perspective on primary care clinicians finding, assessing and managing depression in their pediatric patients. Please click here to download the tools that may help you learn more about children's emotional and behavioral disorders. Sponsored by

  • Managing the Side Effects of ADHD Medications


    Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Host Dr. Peter Jensen welcomes Dr. Martin Stein, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California, San Diego, and Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego. Dr. Stein's academic interest has been the development of methods to incorporate concepts about child development and behavioral pediatrics into educational models, as well as the practice of primary care pediatrics. In this program, Dr. Stein will review the most commonly used stimulants in treating ADHD and how to best manage manage their side effects, specifically weight loss, weight gain, headaches, and sleep onset problems. Please email all questions and comments to info@reachmd.com.

  • Cutting Edge Treatments for Depression in Children


    Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Host Dr. Peter Jensen welcomes Dr. Christopher Wall, a pediatric and adolescent psychiatrist from the Mayo Clinic, to discuss pediatric mood disorders. Dr. Wall shares his research on the topic of pharmacogenomic utility in pediatric psychopharmacology, as well as his collaboration in the development of a pediatric bipolar disorder biobank that adds to the understanding of this complex mood illness. Download and listen in on this engaging conversation!

  • State-of-Art Therapies for ADHD: What Pills Can't Fix


    Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD What are the guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics? And, how do we implement these guidelines in our clinical settings? Laurel Leslie, MD joins host, Peter Jensen, MD. Dr. Leslie specializes in the identification and treatment of children with ADHD in primary care settings, and the use of psychotropic medication on children. Dr. Leslie is a Development-Behavioral Pediatrician at Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center, and serves as an assistant professor at Tufts University School of Medicine. She is board certified in Pediatrics and Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. Download and listen today!

  • Depression: Safe & Appropriate Use of SSRIs in Children & Teens


    Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Depression in children and teenagers is a common problem and the statistics of depression in this group is very high approximately 15%. Host Dr. Peter Jensen welcomes Dr. John Huxsahl to discuss the EMERALD project, which is innovative care team model at Mayo Clinic that includes a psychiatrist, registered nurse, behavioral health manager, and social worker. The EMERALD projects is designed to help primary care physicians become more comfortable in identifying and diagnosing depression in adolescent patients and in managing their care. Dr. Huxsahl explains the importance of monitoring symptoms of depression in the primary care offices, reviewing medications and adverse effects and setting behavioral activation goals. Dr. Huxsahl is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Head of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services and the Director of Child Mood Disorders Clinic at Mayo Clinic.

  • Causes of ADHD and Brain Development


    Guest: Harlan R. Gephart, MD Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD, plague our children each year. In fact, nearly one in five children is thought to have a mental illness. A majority of these cases go undiagnosed, leaving hundreds of thousands of children at-risk for self-inflicted bodily harm. Dr. Harlan R. Gephart joins host Dr. Peter Jensen to discuss how screening tools and rating scales can be utilized proactively to identify early mental illness in children. Brought to you by

  • Ask the Expert! Psychiatric Interventions for Bullying/Aggression in Youth


    Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD In this Ask the Expert edition of Updates from Mayo Clinic, host Dr. Peter Jensen addresses questions from his colleagues in the area of bullying and aggression in pediatric and adolescent patients. Children diagnosed with Attention-Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder can present with numerous difficulties in several areas of life, and particularly within the social realm. ADHD is more prevalent among children identified as bullies and victims , and research indicates that certain interpersonal problems these children experience, also increase the risk for involvement in bully /victimization behaviors. Tune in as Dr. Jensen answers your questions and much more. And, if you would like to participate in future "Ask the Expert" programming for this or other programs on ReachMD, please send your questions to info@reachmd.com.

  • Managing Depression in Adults: New Models for Primary Care Providers


    Guest: Mark D. Williams, MD Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Dr. Mark Williams is a psychiatrist at the Mayo Clinic, as well as, a leader and innovator in helping primary care systems get up to speed in providing state-of-the-art mental health services in primary care. Dr. Williams speaks with host Dr. Peter Jensen on the revolutionary changes in practice as primary care providers collaborate with psychiatrists to deliver more mental health services. Download and listen today!

  • Creating a Bio-Bank for Bipolar Disorder


    Guest: Mark A. Frye, MD Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Manic depressive disorder, or bipolar disorder is a very common mood disorder that primary care clinicians see in their offices. How is it defined? What are the signs and symptoms? And, how young is too young? Host Dr. Peter S. Jensen welcomes Dr.Mark Frye, Professor of Psychiatry at Mayo Clinic and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology. Dr. Frye answers these questions and much more regarding bipolar disorder in our younger patients. As well as, screening, treatment options, and research regarding multiple-pharmacy treatment strategy. During this interview, Dr. Frye refers to the follwing website for free downloadable screening tooals: www.dbsalliance.org Download the podcast and listen in! We welcome your feedback. Reach US at info@reachmd.com  

  • Addressing Suicidality in Adolescents and Young Adults


    Guest: Timothy Lineberry, MD Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD A difficult topic that faces the health care community is addressing suicidality with our patients, especially our adolescent patients. In the United States, suicide is one of the 10 leading causes of death; and, in young adults, it is one of the 3 leading causes of death. Timothy Lineberry, MD, addresses this important topic, recent research and data, and crisis action planning. Download the podcast and take a listen!

  • Integrating Mental Health Expertise into Primary Care


    Guest: David J. Katzelnick, MD Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Research shows that almost three-fourths of patients who have mental health are treated in primary care settings. Host Dr. Peter Jensen welcomes his colleague, Dr. David Katzelnick, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Mayo Clinic and Chair of the Division in Integrated Behavorial Health. Dr. Katzelnick explains and discusses the integration of evidence-based mental health treatmensts and expertise for physicians who are in primary care.

  • Controversies in Diagnosis of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder


    Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Guest: Gabrielle A. Carlson, MD Host Dr. Peter Jensen welcomes Gabrielle A. Carlson, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics and Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Stony Brook University School of Medicine in Stony Brook, NY. Dr. Carlson will discuss the current controversies in diagnosing pediatric bipolar disorders, recommended treatment options and guidance in patient dialogue for primary care colleagues. Tune in and listen!

  • Limiting Overprescribing vs Underprescribing of ADHD Medications


    Guest: Christopher J. Kratochvil, MD Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Dr. Christopher Kratochvil joins host, Dr. Peter Jensen to discuss the need for psychiatrists to work with primary care providers to diagnose and treat adolescent and pediatric patients with ADHD and other psychiatric disorders. Dr. Kratohcvil highlights the overprescribing and underprescribing of treatment options and the importance of training primary care providers in the area of behavioral health. Download and take a listen!  

  • PTSD/Anxiety: The Role of Evidence-based Therapies in Treating Childhood Anxiety


    Guest: Stephen Whiteside, PhD, LP Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Host Dr. Peter Jensen welcomes Stephen Whiteside, PhD, LP, who will discuss pediatric anxiety disorders. Dr. Whiteside will address the prevalence of anxiety disorders in adolescents, the ability of physicians to identify those pediatric patients who may have anxiety disorders, as well as, the benefits of treatement and therapy options. Tune in and listen to the discussion!

  • Managing Anxiety Disorders in Traumatized Children


    Guest: Danielle Laraque, MD, FAAP Host: Peter S. Jensen, MD Given the urgent national shortages of mental health specialists, i.e., well-trained child psychiatrists and psychologists, how should doctors such as pediatricians or family practitioners diagnosis PTSD and trauma, and separate trauma and PTSD out from the garden variety typical worries and difficulties that many children have? Dr. Danielle Laraque, Vice-President of Maimonides Infants & Children's Hospital and the Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, joins host Dr. Peter Jensen to address this question and much more.