Sound Is The Place



One family celebrates the Hindu New Year -- at home.


  • My Story

    My Story


    Interviewed by Victoria Campos.

  • Displaced in America

    Displaced in America


    This is the story of my family -- 20 years after my sisters and I immigrated to America.

  • Raga



    My dad plays a raga, or classical Indian tune, on his guitar. He briefly explains beforehand how he learned the song as a child. Here he is -- unedited.

  • English Is My Second Language

    English Is My Second Language


    Kaw Ki is a fourteen-year-old immigrant from Burma.  As her family adjusts to life in America as refugees, she struggles with English as a second language, and contends with her future in her new home.

  • A Cloud of Bats

    A Cloud of Bats


    Austin is known for its many eccentricities -- including the many bats that live under Congress Avenue bridge. Experts cannot quantify how many bats live there. They also don't know why the bats exit as a large cloud from under the bridge at dusk during the summer months. But viewers find the experience to be impressive.