Shut It Down Hour



This is the Unification of the masses to starve the system. Our objective is education, awareness & the promotion of self efficiency.


  • Entrepreneurship, Boycotting  Economics

    Entrepreneurship, Boycotting & Economics

    25/02/2013 Duración: 01h48min

    Join us this week on the SHUT IT DOWN HOUR as we discuss matters of GROUP ECONOMICS, SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & the power of BOYCOTT!   We have been misinformed and misguided about power, business and economics. Most of us only understand the concept of money in the context of how to labor for it and misuse it with frivolous spending. We must learn to speak the language of POWER and it is NOT in asking for "equality", marching, over praying or begging a system to change it's destructive ways; when it was designed this way. Why do we continue to ask for what we need when the ones we are asking are taking everything they want.   Why is it that we support big businesses and not small businesses, Mom and Pop stores, entrepreneurs, independent vendors or simply put each other? Why don't we have any commUNITYs, but plenty of neighboorHOODS? Many of these answers are psychological in nature more than anything else. Years of conditioning along with not knowing OURSTORY, concepts and traditions,

  • Why Some Know And Others Do Not Know

    Why Some Know And Others Do Not Know

    11/02/2013 Duración: 01h04min

     Peace, Harmony and Balance Family,   Join us this week on the Shut It Down Hour as we discuss why some people are more informed than others. How does it seem that certain people are able to speak on a variety subjects deeper than face value?  Why is that you may have the same books, watched the same videos and attended the same lectures as someone else, however you are unable to put the pieces of the puzzle together? Education? Exposure? Experience? Geographical? Family?   You will be surprised to know that many of the answers are simplistic in nature and are overlooked EVERYDAY!  The number one offender is YOU! Remember everything starts and stops with you! So, the question would be.....What about me? What is it that you are doing or not doing that is preventing you from receiving the incessant information as you see it come to others? What prevents you from not being able to 'SEE" the bigger picture? Maybe you can't SEE because of what you watch...Hmmm Join us back on the air again as we discuss this topic

  • The Return Of Hip Hop: Interview w/ Artist Raspy Rawls

    The Return Of Hip Hop: Interview w/ Artist Raspy Rawls

    17/12/2012 Duración: 01h59min

      Join us as we discuss about the nature of today's commercialized R.A.P. (R.ecording A.rtist P.rentending) versus the essence of Hip Hop Music and the influence and power it has to CHANGE or CORRUPT the minds of those who listen to it WORLDWIDE.    It's has gotten to the point where the fame & fortune has become priority over the creative force and love it takes to produce social awareness to the masses. We are not holding artists, record labels, radio, media and the industry responsible for the images and the content of the music that is being shoved down the throats of the consumers. But there is HOPE....   There many artist who overstand the power of speech, the vibration, tones & their RESPONSIBILITY to feed consumers with empowering lyrical content and revolutionary messages. Underground sensation Raspy Rawls is one of those EMCEES not rappers who knows his role and playing it to the fullest!! He was giving a unique & distinctive voice that allows him to reach people on a deeper level as he

  • Change Your Thoughts You Change Your World

    Change Your Thoughts; You Change Your World

    03/12/2012 Duración: 01h25min

    Peace, Harmony and Greatness to All,   Join us this week as we speak on the power of SELF, WORDS and THOUGHT. Many believe and are waiting on people, places and things to change around them in order for their situation to change as well. As those elements change it can effect us, only because we placed expectations on something outside of ourselves to fix the problems that reside INside of ourselves.     Why do we not think or know that we possess everything that we will ever need in order to exist withIN this current physical abode? Defeat and failure begin with ourself doubting thoughts, negative speech and ignorance of  our Ancestors and their greatness that exist and live through us daily.    How does this and has this affected us as individuals and as a whole?  How do we change this? You would be surprised how simple the solutions can be. So, join us once again as we examine these self destructive behaviors and SHUT IT DOWN!!!!   

  • Project G.I.F.T.S. CommUNITY Outreach Program

    Project G.I.F.T.S. CommUNITY Outreach Program

    12/11/2012 Duración: 01h27min

    This week we discuss Project G.I.F.T.S. Welcome to the upstart of a community based and grassroot page know as Project G.I.F.T.S.(Giving Individuals Freedom To Succeed). It was created as a necessity to combat and offset the current state of mind of the Africans in American. We KNOW that what is needed to turn around individuals, communities, families, dreams and outcomes is to give people  other OPTIONS and PERSPECTIVES to see themselves, life and the world in which we reside in.  Most, if not all of the perils we face are the results of on purpose miseducation, traditions, disinformation and generations of repeated beliefs and actions that continue to give us the SAME results, pains, worries and frustrations. Our mission is to reach and provide individuals or groups with alternative infomation that has been hidden in plain sight. We aim to REINTRODUCE original teachings, self sufficiency, independent thoughts and the importance of community building.   Project G.I.F.T.S are accepting any size donations at h