Pilot Season



There's a first time for everything! And this is a podcast all about the first (and sometimes last) episodes of TV shows. Your hosts Patrick & Alan look at everything from the humble beginnings of classic shows to the forgotten flops you were never meant to see.


  • Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

    Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation


    Oh Shell, no! We worked up the will to watch this live action TMNT show that was brought to you by the people who brought us Power Rangers and disowned by the people who created TMNT. Also up for discussion: Alan's thirst for turtles.Technical DifficultiesRevisiting The Naked JungleMore Technical DifficultiesThe Adventures of an Old Blind Man and a RatRocket Powered Surf Board SafetyAngst filled Raphael is not Alan's favSplinter's crazy Skype callsSlack jawed TurtlesBargain Basement Shredders.

  • Daredevil



    This week on Pilot Season we ask how you can see into our eyes like open doors with Daredevil.Also up for discussion:Daredevil is not DeadpoolAlan's superpowerWWE Smackdown is the nexus of multiversesConfessional TherapyA gritty reimagining of Cake BossLast of the Summer Wine referencesMatt Murdock should leave women aloneSpeculation on the big bad of the seriesLeland Owlsley aka The OwlSuperhero precinctsBruce Springsteen - New Jersey's Mightiest HeroPunching dragons in the heartWilbur Day aka Stilt ManThe probable cause of Frank Miller's misogynyNerdvice's open call for submissionsClick here for the full rankings.

  • Spaced



    We watched Space - a 1999 sit-com starring Simon Pegg and directed by Edgar Wright. Ever heard of them? No. Neither have we. They probably never did anything else ever.

  • House MD

    House MD


    We watched a show where Hugh Laurie is a Doctor who solves medical mysteries. You've probably heard of it.

  • Space Precinct

    Space Precinct


    Let's go to SPACE with Gerry Anderson (THUNDERBIRDS, CAPTAIN SCARLET, SPACE 1999) and his short lived series SPACE PRECINCT. Which caused Patrick to have an existential crisis.Also in this episode:We discuss whose name is less common.Going to mass with a toy that has your name.Alan's authentic but useless ID card.We pour one out for Glenn Frey, star of South of Sunset.

  • Lucha Underground

    Lucha Underground


    Pilot Season returns for 2016 with LUCHA UNDERGROUND. We watched the pilot episode for the  El Rey Network's acclaimed Lucha Libre show.Other topics includedTechnical issues and Skype RecordersNew content on the website for 2016Patrick's musical cameo in Fool's Gold.How there are no other podcastsComic books and wrestlingAlan's Christmas presents.

  • Bojack Horseman

    Bojack Horseman


    This week we dip back into Netflix to watch Bojack Horseman. A show about a Horse.A horse who is a man. A man horse who is a former sit-com star. A former sit com starwho needs to write a memoir to save his career. Also talking animals are just a thing.Notes:Candy MachinesVietnamese surnamesIs Lost In Translation a Christmas movie? (We don't answer this question)REALLY Trying not to spoil future episodes on AlanThe continued theme of Patrick not thinking The Man in the High Castle is not good enoughbut being too afraid of Diamanda Hagan to change anything.

  • South of Sunset

    South of Sunset


    We've gone Flip City this week on Pilot Season. Because we're taking it to the limit one more time to watchSouth of Sunset starring Glenn "That Guy From Eagles who isn't Don Henley That the Makers of His Show Had Heard Of" Frey (whose name pronunciation we never quite settle on).This episode was suggested to us by Rich Thomas (@earthdog). If you want to suggest a podcast we could cover please do so in the comments or tweet at us! Notes:Too many Eagles References.The state of the Unemployed Historian IMDB (or how Jill Bearup is no longer hosting Pilot Season)3 Degrees of Don JohnsonStaying in a SexmotelBilly Joel and the slimming effect of pianos.Alan talks about Roman LiteratureThe process of send lewd photos in the 90s.A new That 70s Show/South of Sunset Head-canon is createdVince McMahon's Actual T-Rex SkullJuggalo Street Gangs.The Man in the High Castle Follow UpBONUS:The Question that Broke Word Funk.

  • Veronica Mars

    Veronica Mars


    This week we dive into the introduction to the teen-noir world of Veronica Mars. Fanboy over Darran Norris and one of us bemoans the terrible third season of this great show.    Alan hurt himself.    New microphones.    Tumblr Interludes.    General gushing about how good Veronica Mars was.    General gushing about Darran Norris and his many talents.    How much more successful the Kane Software is than YouTube.    Codecs and super fast uploads.    TS Eliot references and shilling for this    Fake ads.    Hotel room towels placement.    Alan dies.    Guessing what video we filmed the day of the Veronica Mars kickstarter.    Humanities Greatest Achievement    Far too many references to Eagles songs.

  • Joey



    After a battle with carpal tunnel syndrome it's the new episode of Pilot Season. This week we've packed up and moved to LA for Joey.Also up for discussion:An embargo on the alleged Star Trek series VoyagerAlan goes almost 45 seconds into a sci-fi discussion before mentioning Battlestar GalacticaAn update on the Black Eyed PeasPatrick fails an auditionFrasier was Joey first and did it betterJoey's viewing figures were a roller-coaster that only went downPatrick's email campaign to RTÉAre spin-offs even successful these days?Post Friends careersPatrick gets a pick me upAlan is very wrong about James Michael Tyler's residuals.Who owns Central Perk?Credits:Hosts: Patrick Brogan & Alan BeirneExecutive Procrastinator: Alan BeirneThe dedication to Joey Ramone remains strong.

  • Mockingbird Lane

    Mockingbird Lane


    What's that going bump in the night? It's the new episode of Pilot Season. It's time to get spoopy with Mockingbird Lane.Also up for discussion: Sexy Joey RamonePatrick's Pen PodcastThe Munsters vs The Addams FamilyMurder housesDanny Trejo CornerEddie Izzard dresses to impressGerry O'Connell can't read Bryan FullerGushing about Eddie IzzardAlan knows nothing about the Muddy WatersBryan fightsFurther Munsters Vs Addams discussionCredits:Hosts: Patrick Brogan and Alan BeirneExecutive Producer: Alan BeirneDirected by: Tommy WiseauAlways dedicated to Joey Ramone

  • That 80s Show

    That 80's Show


    Hello all,  Alan here.Not only am I editing podcasts, I'm posting them to the site now too.This week on Pilot Season we find out just what was acceptable in the Eighties in That 80's Show.Topics discussed include:Patrick is a busy adult with many important things to doAlan has seen That 70's Show a lotBlack and white portable TVsWhat happened to you?The one punk rocker in townSomething called Music TelevisionFrank Zappa's greatest inventionThe Alan Seal of ApprovalPatrick blames things on TumblrCompetition amongst Friends wikisChekhov NippleHuge 80's phonesA bold pitch for a Hollywoodland remakeSexy deathbed Tom WaitsDon't forget to reach out to Patrick on Tumblr and Twitter with your history questions, or either of us with show suggestions. Credits:Host: Jill BearupExecutive Producer: Alan BeirneAlso appearing: Patrick BroganDedicated to Joey Ramone

  • K9 and Company

    K9 and Company


    This week's episode has been edited by Alan so you know who to blame for any mistakes, Patrick - for putting him in a place of responsibility. It's K9 & Company, the 1980's attempt to launch a Doctor Who spin off.Topics discussed include but are not limited to:1980s Charity Single Doctor in DistressThe pronuncation of pagan gods namesLife before FacebookRotary PhonesThe Demon Headmaster70s Swingers in the 80sKidnapping for witchcraft reasonsDedications to Joey RamonePatrick's bass career in Convenient Heart AttackOrdnance Survey MapsColour coding your sexual historyHow to pad out an episode to fifty minutesAlan's strong mystery opinionsShout out to our listenerAn explanation as to why the podcast was late last week

  • Adventure Time vs Steven Universe

    Adventure Time vs Steven Universe


    This week we take on two Tumblr favs in Steven Universe and Adventure Time. We pit their pilots against each other and crown the true king of pilots of successful Cartoon Network shows.

  • MINISODE: The Muppets

    MINISODE: The Muppets


    We take a quick look at the pitch pilot for the new ABC Muppets series which debuts on 22 September 2015.

  • Emilys Reasons Why Not?

    Emily's Reasons Why Not?


    There were plenty of reasons as to why this Heather Graham vehicle failed.

  • Cop Rock

    Cop Rock


    A musical about LA cops created by Stephen Bochco with music by Randy Newman!? How could this go wrong!?

  • The Amazing Screw On Head

    The Amazing Screw On Head


    Alan is live from a hotel room as we talk about Sci Fi's pilot for an animated show based on Mike Mignola's comic The Amazing Screw On Head.Includes live commentary of Liverpool's loss to West Ham United and other tangents!

  • Popetown



    We go down to Popetown. An animated sit com that aimed to be Father Ted meets South Park and failed to be either.

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


    We are joined by composer, chef, magician and physicist Robert Lucas to talk about Tina Fey's Netflix's series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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