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  • Episode 44: Audio diffMcNulties

    Episode 44: Audio diffMcNulties


    Despite some audio difficulties, the dudes prevail and bring you 82 minutes of pure badass. I'm only saying this because I forget what actually happened.

  • Episode 34: Vin Dweezil

    Episode 34: Vin Dweezil


    After a long legal battle, we're back again. The final ultimate show intro. Major news items: Fred Willard, the shooting, chick fillet, some other crap, and then Sam gets attacked by not one, but TWO raptors.

  • Episode 33: Excedera

    Episode 33: Excedera


    New intros! Call me Tom. More shower stories, p90x2. Carpool Lane, going away parties, motorcycle gang. Idiotic work sayings, guy washing his car.

  • Episode 32: Donna McNabb

    Episode 32: Donna McNabb


    Re-return of the Mack. Worscht sause, Lulvul. DMV just for me. Cops breaking the rules. Organ doning. Old people giving directions again. Just for Men baby commercial. "Expensive" 99 cent apps. Catholics digging up fossils. Tupac and Coachella.

  • Episode 31: Escape Goat

    Episode 31: Escape Goat


    Another T and the B review, amazing user-submitted picture. Locker room question, sayings. People working out. Bud commercial "gather around". Idiot scientists. Return of the Mack Part 1

  • Episode 30: Pardon My Reach Around

    Episode 30: Pardon My Reach Around


    Show guests, contest winner! Ignoring texts and calls, months of the year, the head monkey, lotto gripes, FB status, Hunger games review.

  • Episode 29: The Credible Hulk

    Episode 29: The Credible Hulk


    This episode ruled. Seriously. Just look at the name. But, you can't listen to it unless you write us an iTunes review. No, really. We've programmed it to give you HIV/AIDS if you haven't written us a review.

  • Episode 28: Kony! Koni! Kone!

    Episode 28: Kony! Koni! Kone!


    Facebook timeline, massage pain therapy, lazy fat parking garage losers, daylight savings time. Weekly zoo segment, government waste, email sign off - Thomas, radio commercial, Bridgestone commercial.

  • Episode 27: Apartheid Job

    Episode 27: Apartheid Job


    More user comments, Star Wars observations from a 2 year old, apartheid job, deleting drug habits, exposition, WoW emails, kids' cartcars, something that no one will understand, turban commercial.

  • Episode 26: Stupid Hitler Tricks

    Episode 26: Stupid Hitler Tricks


    Colds that infect your soul, iTunes review of the week, Vitamin water servings, tipping anyone who touches money, a new assignment for the intricate lies division. Generic brands. Serial Killers. AT&T 4g commercials. Superstitions.

  • Episode 25: Blank Audio File

    Episode 25: Blank Audio File


    We're back? Helicopter decapitation, doors that swing bolth ways. Boxing sucks, Christian Mingle success stories. Mormon Mingle. Get compfartable, everyone.

  • Episode 24: Double Drivel

    Episode 24: Double Drivel


    Genuine thanks for the A-hole email, pointless headlines, that's not the definition of insanity, Sam's stroke when faced with pictures in the dictionary, luck be a lady, Gary Shambles, a truck with food in it, the one and only Christian Mingle, GoDaddy.

  • Episode 23: Revenge of the Noids

    Episode 23: Revenge of the Noids


    Sam's episode. Facebook attention, PONCE, Fedex golf club commercials, Pretty girls should have all the greeting jobs, super long baseball game story with scalpers. 9/11 9th anniversary.

  • Episode 22: Optometrist Prime

    Episode 22: Optometrist Prime


    Email tip of the day, engagement rings with teeth, playing video games is the same as creating them, monkey teeth, inbox full, pronunciations, peanut butter ant farm, holy money.

  • Episode 21: Optimist Prime

    Episode 21: Optimist Prime


    Movies all suck, strangulation=success, hows your funeral coming along? Death to hair. Weed smoke machines, I agree with all 67 pages.

  • Episode 20: Join My Court 15 Club

    Episode 20: Join My Court 15 Club


    Error, Sam didn't write me.

  • Episode 19: Y2K12

    Episode 19: Y2K12


    The description for this podcast was lost in the great Y2K flood/fire/radiation/massacre/?/yeah/death/explosion/implosion/inconvenience/computer.

  • Episode 18: Expelled: Exposed: Exposed: Exposed

    Episode 18: Expelled: Exposed: Exposed: Exposed


    News no one needs to know about, dark helmet, dot races, whatever, who cares about anything except for that kid and Josh Hamilton.

  • Episode 17: Bull Suit Podcast

    Episode 17: Bull Suit Podcast


    Weather reports. Bull suits. Personalized plates, BGJNSN3. Crosswalk father of the year. Why are you at this little kid party? Gimmie the "I don't want to be noticed" cut. Kitten Caboodles. Men at work. Are you on the team? Casey B Anthony.

  • Episode 16: Elrond Hubbard

    Episode 16: Elrond Hubbard


    Father's Day Spectacular! Marvin Gaye. Uh, I'll just google map it. We can put a man on the moon, but we can't control the weather? Hindsight is actually a cointoss. FU, please. Hairy monkey men and their mean women. Oh my aching back.

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