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  • Episode 0040: Geeks Out of Steam

    Episode 0040: Geeks Out of Steam


    Meh.Apologies now for the rough cut nature of today's episode... after losing a whole episode, things at ASH Podcast are understandably blah.The guys both happen to be a little tired and haven't had much exciting to talk about.  They decide to share what's on their minds in a natural conversation ... at least as natural as you can be in a podcast.Hear about Davis' dislike for steam punk and Doctor Who.  Hear about Stanton's like for singing Happy Birthday.  Hear about Casa Bonita.A little bit of everything fits into these doldrums, but it all fits into an Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeAnd because, why not... go watch this video.Listen to more exciting times by following us on the internets! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0038: Geeky Anniversary to Us!

    Episode 0038: Geeky Anniversary to Us!


    This week marks the one year anniversary of the very first episode of the Awkward Social Hour!Stanton and Davis had originally thought about sharing their favorite moments from the show thus far, but soon realized that a well-documented outtake was actually one of the most enjoyable moments since starting the show.Give a listen, and try not to laugh along with them!MP3 DownloadYouTubeWe'll be back to weekly episodes after this break.  Until then, you know how to find us! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0037: Geeking Back to School

    Episode 0037: Geeking Back to School


    One of Stanton's first Trapper KeepersStanton and Davis recall the last days of summer when young and old geeks alike prepare for the fall, and the age ol' tradition of going back to school.  The discussion is even more relevant as one of our beloved co-hosts (Davis) has decided to go back to school himself!Other than the geek's usual worries, like bullies and choosing the right Star Wars folders, a lot of other issues related to school and geekitude are addressed... and to be honest, a lot of other random topics get thrown into the conversation.And before Stanton lets any back-to-school anxiety take over, he makes sure to fit the show into one Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeDavis' precious first Trapper Keeper looked like this.  And in case you were curious, Stanton also owned this beauty.The guys also had sweet Star Wars folders.The solo jazz design really defines early 90s everything.Bic made some amazing pens back in the day.Aviators look good on some, not all.Guide to the Hipster look D

  • Episode 0036: WoW Expansion Geekout

    Episode 0036: WoW Expansion Geekout


    An unashamed Blizzard fan, Stanton handles duty on the show solo to provide a live reaction to today's announcement about the next expansion to be released for the World of Warcraft.Davis declined to comment, but promised to give his reaction on our next show so it could all fit into one (quarter of an) Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeWorld of Warcraft: (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0035: Geeky Human Druid

    Episode 0035: Geeky Human Druid


    Stanton and Davis host a mini episode during the slow summer months to discuss Davis' new foray into the exciting world of table-top role play.  Davis talks about how he decided to start playing Dungeons & Dragons, how he gathered with a group of friends, how they found a dungeon master and more.  Stanton gives his commentary on the subject as well, as someone who has never been pulled into that particular geeky hobby (above video excluded of course).It's a short episode, but with big news about an upcoming show that is very exciting!And of course, it totally fit into one Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeYou can find us lots of places you know! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0034: Geek Reaction to Comic Con

    Episode 0034: Geek Reaction to Comic Con


    Stanton and Davis didn't attend Comic Con, but they sure had some reactions to what came from the big event this year.  The guys spend most of their discussion on the biggest trailers to make their way to audiences and whether this is a Golden Age of Geekdom when it comes to comic-related movies.They also spend a little time talking about the appeal of these sorts of events, and some of the positive changes that have happened over time.And of course, Davis goes a little gaga for all the Batman and Star Wars news.  Somehow the whole conversation fit into one Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeIf you didn't get to go to the event or haven't gotten enough news, panels, trailers, and fallout... just look at everything available!Don't forget to subscribe to the show and contact us anytime! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0033: Geek Summer Vacation

    Episode 0033: Geek Summer Vacation


    They guys noticed they had a bit of a lazy attitude lately about getting shows produced each week, but then it dawned on them - it wasn't laziness, it was summer!Stanton and Davis talk about the summer vacation, perspectives this important time of year growing up and how that transitions for adults.  The guys discuss their favorite summer activities, family traditions, and connection to their current geekery. They also chat about movie blockbusters, the end of TV shows, theme parks, county fairs, and other unique aspects of the summer. And somehow they fit it all in one Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeDon't forget to keep listening all summer!  Contact us if there is something you want to hear! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0032: Geekdom in the Future

    Episode 0032: Geekdom in the Future


    Without much geek news to discuss, Stanton poses a question about what Geekdom will be like in the future.  The guys talk about how society is moving toward more and more people having so called "geeky hobbies" and that the term could be lost in the shift.The co-hosts also speculate about what Geek fads will fade and what new ideas will rise up, especially amidst changes in technology and culture.  They also discuss how that might shape personal identity and social interaction for the introverted.And despite focusing on the next one hundred years, they somehow fit the entire conversation into one Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeBe sure to keep listening in the future! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0031: Geek Fury and More 80s Nostalgia

    Episode 0031: Geek Fury and More 80s Nostalgia


    The guys have been inspired by the amazing release of Kung Fury and discuss how fondness for the 80s is so prevalent in today's modern culture.  Stanton is so moved by the project that he convinced Davis to provide running commentary for the film.Somehow, every aspect of 80s action iconography is successfully portrayed in a comedic, over-the-top masterpiece by David Sandberg. (Twitter - Instagram)This leads to further discussion of 80s fun and style that surprisingly fits into one Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeIf you have not done so, please go watch Kung Fury now.If you like the music, buy the soundtrack.Also if you like this music style, check out Kavinsky.If you like 80s villains, check out William Zabka.And for great examples of the pixelated nostalgia, check out Bro Force or some 8-bit Cinema!Practice your moves, and keep listening! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0030: Happy Geek Pride Day!

    Episode 0030: Happy Geek Pride Day!


    Hey everyone, in honor of today's double holiday, and in order to do lots of extra geeky stuff through the week, Stanton and Davis decide to share a mini-episode of shout-outs from all the friends and contributors to the Awkward Social hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeEnjoy the geekitude and keep listening! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0029: Simpsons Geeked It

    Episode 0029: Simpsons Geeked It


    Stanton and Davis talk all things The Simpsons after the dust has settled on Harry Shearer leaving the show.  The guys wonder what the future holds for the beloved characters Shearer has voiced for over 20 years.This brings on much talk about the cultural impact the show has had, and the ways in which it has affected the guys, other televisions shows, entertainment in general, and geekitude itself!Finally, the guys talk (and laugh about) their favorite episodes and moments of the show.  And despite enough examples to fill ten episodes, they fit it all into one Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeCome and find us online and keep listening! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0028: The Geeky Return of TV Shows

    Episode 0028: The Geeky Return of TV Shows


    Stanton and Davis are joined by special guest Cooper to run down some upcoming TV shows that are returning after several years away.  In some cases, these shows have come back after decades, and the guys wonder what all the fuss is about.After Cooper lists his geek cred, the real discussion begins covering everything from the X-files to the Muppet Show.  Stanton researches some less-well-known TV sequels that emerged after many years off air, and the guys also talk about some that never were, but should be - all in one fast-paced Awkward Social Hour!Also, the Dark Crystal rocks.MP3 DownloadYouTubeCome and find us online and keep listening! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0027: Geek Fights, Geek Thoughts, Geek Toys

    Episode 0027: Geek Fights, Geek Thoughts, Geek Toys


    Funko doesn't cancel things too early...Stanton and Davis are a little tired after all the movie talk from the last episode, and decide to reflect on a few recent events, and a few other thoughts that have been rolling around their brains.They start off talking about a recent boxing match that brought a huge demand for pay-per-views, and whether the sport and the media platform are doomed to extinction.This leads to a discussion about technology and memory, and how one man's use of twitter could be the precursor to entirely digital memories for all of mankind.The guys soon get off track, giggling about a pretty dark (and hilarious) web comic.Finally, they tie up the conversation with why adults should still play with toys... especially ones with licenses for nostalgia.  And they are able to get all these topics into one Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeCome and find us online and keep listening! (subscribe!)YouTube Cha

  • Episode 0026: Fandom Geekgasms Galore

    Episode 0026: Fandom Geekgasms Galore


    Stanton and Davis are back with a huge episode, diving into massive amount of fandom news!First the guys recap Davis' facination with pro wrestling stemming from the last episode, including getting into a little trouble with his wife over this new interest.From one fandom to another, the guys have an excited analysis of the new Star Wars trailer and share their thoughts on why the franchise is relying on a Christmas opening, hopes and fears for the franchise, and why exactly Matthew McConaughey likes it so much...Stanton then brings up his excitement for all the rest of the intriguing films with established fandoms that he is looking forward to seeing.  Everything from The Avengers to Ant Man to Tomorrowland, with a VERY impassioned rant about the Jurassic Park franchise, with hopes for Jurassic World.Then Davis expresses little excitement, but plenty of hope for Batman v. Superman and lots more!Looks like the theaters are gonna be thriving for quite some time, much more than a solitary Aw

  • Episode 0025: The Geeks Take on Wrestlemania

    Episode 0025: The Geeks Take on Wrestlemania


    Stanton and Davis start off the show with plans to discuss various thoughts that have cropped up during the week.  Very quickly though, Davis learns he has many questions about the world of professional wrestling.  This leads to an brief history lesson about sports entertainment amidst Davis' watching of Wrestlemania 31.The guys segue into a discussion of the latest episode of SNL, hosted by one of the most famous pro wrestlers of all time - The Rock.In what was meant to include many topics somehow centered around the crazy world of sports entertainment, and all in a complete Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeCome and find us online and keep listening! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)Did you fall for our April Fool's Day prank?The links above have been replaced with the real show about Wrestlemania.Here are the links that originally appeared with the prank show, including some

  • Episode 0024: The Geeks Go Grisly

    Episode 0024: The Geeks Go Grisly


    Stanton and Davis take a darker turn this week as they look into the fascination with murder and serial killers in fiction as well as the real world.  With recent news about The Jinx on HBO, the guys talk a lot about the Durst case as well.This leads to some philosophical and psychological jibber jabber between the two non-experts sharing their interesting opinions on the subject.Somehow they find a way to add a geeky spin to this Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeAnd because the main subject of our show is a little creepy, here's David Tipton playing Wrecking Ball on a Chapman Stick to put you back at ease.Please find us and feel free to contact us.  We really want to hear from listeners! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed (subscribe!)

  • Episode 0023: The Geeks Guide to Books

    Episode 0023: The Geeks' Guide to Books


    We'll be exploring books in an 87-part series...Just kidding.  But why books?  Something of a broad topic right?Stanton and Davis decide to talk about something they both enjoy - reading.  Though they've spoken of a considerable number of titles and series over the course of the show, they haven't talked much about why books are so important to them, and Geek Culture at large.The guys talk about what makes reading fun and what makes it a chore.  They also chat about the difference between paper and e-readers, whether so-called "Bookworms" are a sub-category of geekdom, and wax poetically about books in general.They also go off on a few tangents, making this an extra long episode, as Davis describes his renewed love and appreciation for SNL, Stanton wonders about the future of Star Wars cannon, and the guys eventually chat (for quite a while) about reboots and film series.Somehow, it all becomes a "casual" conversation at the Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeAnd because why not, go wa

  • Episode 0022: Geeky Tribute to John Hughes

    Episode 0022: Geeky Tribute to John Hughes


    After being inspired by a recent episode of The Goldbergs, Davis wants a Tribute to John Hughes movies.  Stanton agrees to lead the conversation, and the guys delve deep into Hughes' filmography.With discussion of the cinematic achievements aside, Stanton and Davis examine their favorite John Hughes creation - Ferris Bueller's Day Off - with a breakdown of the casting, favorite memories, and much more in this extra long version of the show.In addition to their take on the many films, they go off on some strange tangents including everything from Michael Keaton's saddest moment to playing Skyrim to weather-related panics and Snow Cream.MP3 DownloadYouTubeAs mentioned during the show:You can rate your favorite movies with Flickchart.Read about the sale of Cameron's iconic house from the film.Don't forget all the other places to reach us.  We'd love to hear from you! (subscribe!)YouTube Channel (subscribe!)RSS Feed&nb

  • Episode 0021: The Geeks Return in 2015!

    Episode 0021: The Geeks Return in 2015!


    Happy New Year everybody!Wait, why are we saying that at the end of February?After a long holiday hiatus (and some new day jobs for the hosts), the Awkward Social Hour is back on track for a second season!  The guys look over what they've missed (not much) during the break, and discuss a few other geeky matters.Stanton and Davis also discuss the varying reactions to snow across the country, and as children of the Midwest, how a lot of people are wimps when it comes to precipitation.  Stanton goes on a rant about the value of vaccines to public health.  Davis complains further about the popularity of Gotham.  And both chat about the 40 Year Anniversary of Saturday Night Live.MP3 DownloadYouTubeStay tuned for all new episodes every week, and reach us in all the usual (subscribe!)YouTube (subscribe!)RSS (subscribe!)Jelly of the Month Club (subscribe!) ... Wait, no.  That's not us.

  • Episode 0020: Merry Geekmas!

    Episode 0020: Merry Geekmas!


    Stanton and Davis conclude their four-part series (I know, really?) on Christmas and holiday memories with a discussion of the most memorable aspect for most kids growing up (or adults who still love it) - Christmas morning.  The guys talk prepping for Santa Claus, tearing through presents, and those special unforgettable gifts.Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Everyone at the Awkward Social Hour!MP3 DownloadYouTubeWe'll dispense with all the usual subscriptions details - don't worry about that today, just go enjoy the holiday...... watch this video if you need some heartwarming Christmas joy ...... then come back and subscribe to all of our stuff!

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