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  • Jeepneyfied Promo

    Jeepneyfied Promo

    19/08/2006 Duración: 29s

    You can now download my promo and play it in your podcast! YAY! It's weird but hey! XP If you do play it, please let me know.. Thanks!

  • Jeepneyfied - Episode 8 - Sticky Philly Porn

    Jeepneyfied - Episode 8 - Sticky Philly Porn

    19/08/2006 Duración: 01h05min

    This episode is a bit looooooooooong. Sorry folks. Also, it's explicit! Yipes. Everytime I record with my friends, we always seem to end up talking about explicit stuff. Well then, ya'll have been warned. If you've listened to episode 6 then you know what I mean. Oh also.. the first 10 minutes I think was recorded with just me talking.. but after that you'll hear the rest of the crew. Technical difficulties, sowie.

  • Jeepneyfied - Episode 7 - Basically um whatever ya know

    Jeepneyfied - Episode 7 - Basically um whatever ya know

    17/07/2006 Duración: 31min

    "This crap is mine, damnit!" --- Anime Expo 2K6 Stickam Jeepneyfied's Stickam Profile My personal profile at Stickam Cello trailer So I posted the 2 profiles I have in stickam. Feel free to check it out. I have photo's there XP Yeah, for those who are new to the show - that girl on a yellow background is NOT me. That's Inoue Mao from Hana Yori Dango. Check the earlier episodes for info. I've decided to take out the Name That Tune segment because it bombed XP I'm drinking Caprisun orange.

  • Jeepneyfied Special Episode 6 - Mishi with guests

    Jeepneyfied Special Episode 6 - Mishi with guests

    07/05/2006 Duración: 48min

    Finally huh? This episode is purty long so sorry to those who don't like long episodes. The audio quality is not as good but I think its ok. So hope you enjoy this episode. Don't expect long episodes like this though XP Sorry I didn't get to play promos for this episode. Gizmo was acting up and we were talking a lot and forgot to do a break also.

  • Jeepneyfied - Episode 5 - Chic-chic-chic-KEN

    Jeepneyfied - Episode 5 - Chic-chic-chic-KEN

    17/04/2006 Duración: 17min

    "This crap is mine, damnit!" --- Not Telling wins! The song title is "Sweet Soul Review" by Pizzicato 5. Show notes will be added later. Promos played: Tara Let's Otaku Generation Email me at: Voicemail: 206-666-3742

  • Jeepneyfied - Episode 4A - Tagalog Lesson with Mishi

    Jeepneyfied - Episode 4A - Tagalog Lesson with Mishi

    09/04/2006 Duración: 03min

    "This crap is mine, damnit!" --- NOTICE: Listen to Episode 4 first before you listen to this. For real Tagalog Lessons, go to Manuel Viloria Tagalog Lesson 1 - Puto script Aba 'tol! May dala kang puto! Wow girl, you brought a man-whore. Oo, binili ko tong puto kanina sa tiyange. Yes, I bought this man-whore a while ago at a store. Pahingi naman ng puto. Give me some man-whore. Hoy, huwag mong hipuin yang puto ko. Hey, don't touch my man-whore. Mainit yung puto mo. Your man-whore is hot. Gusto kong ipasok sa bibig ko itong mainit na puto. I want to put this hot man-whore in my mouth. Nakakaingit. Patikim naman ng puto. I'm jealous. Let me taste that man-whore. Sige na nga. Alright. Email me at: Voicemail: 206-666-3742

  • Jeepneyfied - Episode 4 - Were Hunting What?

    Jeepneyfied - Episode 4 - We're Hunting What?

    09/04/2006 Duración: 14min

    "This crap is mine, damnit!" --- Obet wins. The song title is "Ragamuffin Girl" by Apache Indians Mishi-nary word of the week Listener Feedback Puto Man Whores Anime made into Live-action movies Neon Genesis Evangelion Saikano You're gonna need your Loincloth and Spear again Name that tune Listener Survey - will be read or played on the next episode 1.] Which anime would you like to be turned into a live-action movie or series? 2.] What prize should the winner of "Name that Tune" get? XP (creative ideas that does not involve much cash please) O.o What to expect next week? Well, I'm hoping to record again soon and not try to be so late in releasing a new episode. There will be a Top Ten. Topic suggestions are appreciated. BTW, there will a be a short Episode 4a coming out in a bit. Email me at: Voicemail: 206-666-3742