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  • GlimmerCast Episode 10 - The Decasode

    GlimmerCast Episode 10 - The Decasode


    We're back with episode 10 of the GlimmerCast, and we are joined by special guest Junior class president Brad Arthur to talk about goings on in ASC and biscuits/gravy deals around town. In this episode we talk about how we so badly need some new segments, prompting us to brainstorm new ones. Heres some new segments in this episode:"What'd we do this weekend?""Brainstorming for Segements segment""Secret Segment""Prop's and Boo's"so...yeah, if you have any ideas for new segments, send em' along.As always, contact me at shale2@olivet.eduCheers!-Scott

  • GlimmerCast Episode 9 - The Fanfare

    GlimmerCast Episode 9 - The Fanfare


    Hey this is episode 9 of the GlimmerCast - The Fanfare.In this episode we sit down and interview Jessica Shumaker, the executive editor of the GlimmerCast. Due to the length of the interview and the utter lack of olivet-news to discuss, we've kept the rest of the episode pretty light this week.In announcements, we're looking for new segments/new helpers with the show, so if you have any ideas or would like to be a part, let me know at shale2@olivet.eduAs an update on those of you waiting for the 4th episode of the's not coming, sorry. Basically, we must have stopped recording before we were actually done, so it awkwardly ends mid-sentence. If you have an insatiable addiction to our cast (which im assuming most of you have) I can e-mail the mp3 of unfinished 'lost chronicle' to you. Lastly, Jessica's email is just in case you didnt catch it in the interview.Cheers,Scott

  • GlimmerCast Chronicles Day Three - Day 3 - Perry (Again)

    GlimmerCast Chronicles Day Three - Day 3 - Perry (Again)


    So it's day three (saturday) of winter break and we're continuing on with our travel chronicles...sort of.See, basically, it snowed, and my car can't handle that very well, so we weren't able to make it as far north as we wanted...but we can pretend, right?In this episode we talk about what it would be like to be in the UP, interview some locals, and compare the Mackinac bridge to the proposed Olivet bridge.FOR THOSE OF YOU NEW TO THE GLIMMERCAST:If you would like to listen to older episodes, check our blog at . If you're reading this on a facebook note, click "view original post" right below this text and it will take you there where you can listen to it. Also, the easiest thing to do is probably just to subscribe (it's free!) in iTunes by searching "GlimmerCast" in the itunes store and clicking "subscribe"Also, add us as a fan on facebook and check out the pictures from our trip and stay tuned with goings on at the GlimmerCast.Enjoy!-Scott

  • GlimmerCast Chronicles Day 2 - Perry, MI

    GlimmerCast Chronicles Day 2 - Perry, MI


    It's day TWO of the epic GlimmerCast Chronicles as we wind our way through michigan. On today's podcast we explored the small town of Perry, northeast of lansing, Josh bought a donut, and flipped through the latest edition of the glimmerglass.Tomorrow we're getting up early and driving up to Houghton to stay the night at Michigan Tech...we'll be podcasting along the way, and taking a pit stop in Mackinac to interview some locals and see some sights. With any luck I'll find a spare michigan license plate along the way to start building my collection of a license plate from every state.Add us as a fan on facebook (search glimmercast) or check back the blog for photos uploaded soon, and we'll be uploading tomorrow's cast tomorrow night if we have internet access.Enjoy!Scott

  • The GlimmerCast Chronicles - Day One

    The GlimmerCast Chronicles - Day One


    It's officially winter break and Dustin and I have taken our beloved podcast on the road...more specifically, to Michigan, the U.P., and (later) Wisconsin. Dustin, Myself, and our cohorts Josh Hjort (yort) and Alex Green are taking the computer and microphones (and cameras) everywhere we go, talking about whatever we see. In this episode we make a pit stop in Olivet, MI, and finally land at home "base" in Perry, MI where dustin and Alex reside. We'll be uploading as often as we get the chance and pictures will be forthcoming (I forgot to bring my cable with me, so that will probably wait until we get back to Bourbonnais).Tell your friends!

  • GlimmerCast Episode 8 - The Runt

    GlimmerCast Episode 8 - The Runt


    GlimmerCast episode 8 is here!We're starting a new trend with shorter episodes this week, and we're going to be releasing them more often. This week we bring back skimming through the glimmerglass, and we announce our plans to take our podcast on the road this winter break.As always, feel free to e-mail me your thoughts at!-Scott

  • GlimmerCast Episode 7 - The Untitled

    GlimmerCast Episode 7 - The Untitled


    Alright! It's been a long Christmas break (and then some extra days off at the end of it) but the GlimmerCast is BACK! We've got some new theme music for our introduction that we've put together, so we hope you like that.Unfortunately, there hasn't been a whole lot going on around Olivet lately (that we really knew about) so we filled a bit of this episode with long overdue movie discussion, so we hope you liked that. Also, in this episodes "If I were in Charge" -- Olivet's Open House Policy.We hope you like the episode, let us know what you think! My e-mail, as always, is, so let us know what's going on in your world, and we'll talk about it.-Scott

  • GlimmerCast Episode 6 - The Live One

    GlimmerCast Episode 6 - The Live One


    Ok so here it is (finally) --our 'live' episode of the glimmercast.Basically, Dustin and I set up shop outside of the comfort of glimmercast studios (aka my apartment) and took our microphones down into the red room on monday, Dec. 8 and recorded our podcast in front of a crowd. If you weren't there it might be hard to track with everything that was going on, so I apologize in advance for the craziness of the audio in the episode. In the future when we do live podcasts we will make sure to set up crowd mics to pick up what other people are saying better, along with organizing the format in a stricter way so we don't get a ton of people talking over one another.Regardless, it was a fun night and we talked about a ton of different stuff to close out the podcasting before break.Here in the next week or so I'm going to record a small episode to tide everyone over until we all return to Olivet in January.Enjoy!-ScottEDIT: It seems that for whatever reason the audio completely tanks after about 18 minutes. I went b

  • GlimmerCast Episode 5 - The Call Out

    GlimmerCast Episode 5 - The Call Out


    So it's thanksgiving break and we decided that that's not going to stop us from releasing a new episode of the GlimmerCast.Now, I know last episode we promised to come at you with an interview with Brandon Bauman (of the collapsed lung variety), but we had to rush this episode out the door a little bit. See, usually we record on monday nights, but I decided to sluff off and head home early on friday afternoon so we had to record thursday night instead. I promise you that at some point in the future we WILL have that interview, and various other special correspondences. Additionally, we have gotten quite a bit of feedback lately that I left out of this episode, but I promise that the listener feedback segment will be back in Episode 6.SPEAKING OF EPISODE 6!! It's going to be LIVE! Yes, thats right, we're going to record a live episode in the red room on our regular date of recordings, monday night. This will be Monday, December 8th.Other things to note: Our listener contest is halfway through, and we have 47

  • GlimmerCast Episode 4 - The Crystal Ball

    GlimmerCast Episode 4 - The Crystal Ball


    Wow...we're already done with the 4th episode of the GlimmerCast...unbelievable.In this episode, Dustin and I discuss a myriad of topics, including:Reviewing episode 3 (namely, our predictions of how particular events would transpire)'Flipping through the Glimmerglass, which included a detailed piece on collegiate endowmentsand a discussion on how chapel has been so far this year.We also had recorded a segment of "If I were in charge", but technical difficulties put an end to that.Below, you'll find a link to the list of endowments by college in 2007 if you want to take a look at that.In the future we'll have more installments of our various segments, plus some new ones, and some guests on the show to diversify things.ADDITIONALLY, take note of our LISTENER CHALLENGE! It's like the 3rd thing we talk about in the episode so just tune in and we explain the whole deal there.Lastly, if you have a comment or want to get involved, shoot me an email at, or add us on facebook (search "glimmercast").

  • GlimmerCast Episode 3 - The Suggestion Box

    GlimmerCast Episode 3 - The Suggestion Box


    Hey all!Episode 3 is finally here, after taking a week off for the busy homecoming weekend.This week we bring you a few new segments, and an actual news story.Don't worry though, all the rumoring and speculation you've come to love is not lost.In this episode you'll find:Upcoming Events(p)Reviews of events that have/are/will be/did happen/happeningNew Segment: Flippin' Through the GlimmerglassBig Sodexo news report and general discussion about recent drama regarding thatNew Segment: If I were in chargeAnd quite a bit more in between.Now, for those of you who tuned in last episode and heard me plug an interview with Jake Smith for the "Better Know a Major" segment, only to be let down by it's absence, I would like to apologize. I recorded the interview with him, but it just didn't turn out very well because I wasn't as prepared as I probably should have been. There are plans to re-record the interview and go forward with the segment as planned in a future episode.Also, WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK!At this point in th

  • GlimmerCast Episode 2

    GlimmerCast Episode 2


    So it's fall break now and we've decided to post the hotly-anticipated second episode of the GlimmerCast. In this episode you'll find Dustin and I discussing:Upcoming EventsHidden Cove--what happened?The DQ Crosswalk of Death and Doom and DeathWickedThe News (yay or nay?)Bikesand a quick story about cowboys in the capital.Remember to subscribe via iTunes (just search "glimmercast" in the itunes store) or to make it easiest, simply click on the "subscribe" button to the right of the words you are reading right now.If you want to get involved in any way, email me at, I'd love to hear your feedback, comments, whatever, and if you would like to do a segment or have any ideas for new segments, send those my way too. I've gotten a few e-mails so far and I intend to respond to them shortly. We want to get as many people involved as possible to make this as fun as it can be for everyone.Remember- Tell your friends! (or go subscribe to it for them on their computer)-Scott

  • GlimmerCast Episode 1

    GlimmerCast Episode 1


    This is the first episode of Olivet Nazarene University's "GlimmerCast," sponsored by the student newspaper, the GlimmerGlass. Hosted by Scott Hale and frequented by many guests, check back every two weeks for new episodes, or subscribe to it by clicking the "subscribe through a reader" button on the right. This will bring you to another page where you click "subscribe with itunes." This will automatically download the new episode for you when it is released. Shortly we will have it in the itunes store, so all you will have to do is open itunes and search "glimmercast" in the store.If you have any comments about the show, ideas for new segments, or would like to appear on the show, email me at