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  • Be Aware of Proper Authority

    Be Aware of Proper Authority


    The destructive nature of false teaching is often underestimated by many Christians. Scripture is replete with warnings about false teachers/teaching and the destruction that results. One of the many manifestations of false teaching is a misunderstanding and misappropriation of authority. Listen, as Pastor Bob continues in Jude vv. 8-10, notes the warnings, and then points to the One who has all authority in heaven and on earth.

  • Be Reminded of Gods Judgment

    Be Reminded of God's Judgment


    There are many things that can distract us from contending for the faith once for all delivered to the saints (v. 3). Pride, arrogance, materialism, immoral pleasure, and the like are all rooted in disbelief. Here, in vv. 5-7, 11, Pastor Bob preaches of God's judgment upon these sins and the necessity of faith in Christ Jesus.

  • Be Alert for Ungodliness

    Be Alert for Ungodliness


    The Scriptures remind us often that right/healthy doctrine (orthodoxy) leads to right/healthy living (orthopraxy). So, the authors of Scripture do not shy away from reminding believers of the truth of the gospel and its benefits for our lives. Yet, there are always those within and without who seek to distort the truth and encourage believers to stray from sound doctrine and obedient living. Listen as Pastor Bob begins the book of Jude and calls believers to be alert for those who may lead astray...

  • Avoid Those Who Are Evil

    Avoid Those Who Are Evil


    Perhaps many people forget that Scripture urges us to be on guard against those who would seek to damage the body of Christ from within. Listen as Pastor Bob preaches from 3 John, giving careful warnings about those who would selfishly seek to destroy the church.

  • Defending the Truth

    Defending the Truth


    One of the most common warnings in God's Word is to be aware of false teachers/teaching. It's of vital importance because there are certain beliefs that are saving and others that are damning... Are you able to know the difference between truth and error when it comes to your Christian faith? Do you know the difference between truth and heresy? Do you know why you believe what you believe? Listen as Pastor Bob teaches from 2 John 7-13 and provides practical guidance for how you can know and stand firm for truth.

  • Living and Defending the Truth

    Living and Defending the Truth


    Legalism is often marked by obedience which flows out of self-righteous duty. However, when the Christian is told to walk obediently in the truth, it should flow out of a loving delight that responds to God's grace toward us in Christ. Listen as Pastor Bob continues our Small But Not Forgotten series by looking to 2 John and addresses how we are to walk obediently in the Christian life.

  • The Foundation of Truth

    The Foundation of Truth


    Pastor Bob begins a study of John's second letter. In it he examines the importance of the truth of God's Word and several ways that truth impacts our lives and community. Text: 2 John 1-3

  • Philemon: From Useless to Useful [Part II]

    Philemon: From Useless to Useful [Part II]


    Pastor Bob continues to examine the relationship between Philemon and Onesimus, drawing out principles for our relationships with one another and our relationship to God in Christ.

  • Focused On Outward Things Rather Than God

    Focused On Outward Things Rather Than God


    Our human minds and hearts often betray us. The flesh desires to focus on the immediate and circumstantial, while forgetting the many promises God has made to be with his people and provide for them. Listen, as Pastor Bob teaches from Numbers 13-14 on the necessity of choosing a God-focused, vertical perspective as we live our lives.

  • Every Pastors Dream

    Every Pastor's Dream


    A common complaint many people have with churches/pastors is that they are "always asking for money." While some approach the subject void of a biblical foundation, the Scriptures do give us direction for how we are to handle our finances. In this message, Pastor Bob expounds Exodus 36:1-7, noting that our giving is to be joyful and generous, and is reflective of the condition of our heart before the Lord.

  • Can My Sin Really Be Forgiven?

    Can My Sin Really Be Forgiven?


    Sometimes we face moments of doubt as to whether God really will forgive all of our sin. While the promises in Scripture are myriad and the atoning work of Christ is sufficient, many still wrestle with fears of unforgiveness. Listen as David Wisdom brings a special message on the authority and willingness of Jesus to forgive sin. The text is Luke 5:12-26.

  • The Power of Peer Pressure

    The Power of Peer Pressure


    1 Corinthians 15:33 says, "Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”" Listen as Pastor Bob teaches from Exodus 32 on the power of peer pressure as it was displayed in the lives of Moses and Aaron.

  • Ministry Expanded

    Ministry Expanded


    Sadly, there are many people within the visible church that believe that all ministry and service are the responsibility of the pastor(s). However, that is far from the biblical portrait of how the people of God are to carry out the ministries of the church. Listen, as Pastor Bob preaches from Exodus 18:13-27 on the importance of each and every follower of Christ rolling up his or her sleeves and doing the work of the ministry.

  • Gods Provision Today

    God's Provision Today


    God is faithful. He is faithful to deliver on the promises he's made to his people. Though this is fully and finally seen through the salvation he's worked for us in Christ Jesus...we often forget that he is faithful indeed. Listen, as Pastor Bob recounts God's faithfulness to Israel in Exodus 16.

  • Dont Doubt in the Darkness What God Has Shown You in the Light

    Don't Doubt in the Darkness What God Has Shown You in the Light


    Sometimes our responsibilites feel like more than we can bear. And, often, we try to "white-knuckle" our way through life only depending upon ourselves. Yet God has promised his presence and provision for the mission he's given us. Are you living in continual dependence upon him? Listen as Pastor Bob preaches a message from Exodus 5...

  • Our Burning Bush Moment

    Our Burning Bush Moment


    Listen as Pastor Bob teaches about the importance of serving God from Exodus 4:1-17...

  • Finding Out What Pleases the Lord

    Finding Out What Pleases the Lord


    The Scripture says that before God sovereignly gives new life to a person, they "walk in darkness." However, after a person is graciously "born again" (regenerated) by the Holy Spirit into new life in Christ, they are to "walk in the light." What does it mean to "walk in the light" and so please the Lord? Listen, as Pastor Bob preaches through Ephesians 5:7-10.

  • Imitators of God

    Imitators of God


    While there are some attributes of God that people are unable to imitate (incommunicable), God does have attributes that his children are to mimic (communicable). Listen as Pastor Bob teaches through Ephesians 5:1-2 on becoming an imitator of God.

  • Kind to Others

    Kind to Others


    For those who are believers in Christ, their position ("in Christ") before God the Father does not change. However, Scripture is clear that our actions—and our words—can grieve the Holy Spirit. Listen as Pastor Bob carefully considers the weight of our words from Ephesians 4:30-32.

  • Having Graceful Speech

    Having Graceful Speech


    The words we speak are incredibly important and God's Word has a lot to say about the significance of our speech. As followers of Christ, there should be a marked difference in the way we talk. Listen as Pastor Bob continues in the series. The Character of Christians, from Ephesians 4.

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