Wake Up Shift Is Happening



It's Time...for humanity to awaken into the full expression of the beings we have come here to be. We are experiencing an amazing time, as well as a challenging time on the planet...Everyone is at choice point...This show is intended to be unique, dynamic, cutting-edge and most of all inspiring, informative and empowering by bringing you topics, subjects and ways of being with yourself and your world, that may call you forth to be more conscious, loving and even disciplined than ever before!!


  • Special LIVE MerKaBa / Star of David Activation!

    Special LIVE MerKaBa / Star of David Activation!

    30/07/2013 Duración: 01h14min

    On July 29th, 2013 when we will experience a RARE Star of David / Star Tetrahedron configuration in the heavens!It is actually two Grand Trines, one in Water and one is Earth (all feminine) which create this configuration called a Grand Sextile or a Star Tetrahedron. Many names and much symbolism tied into this Sacred Geometry. (very important info / Deb) The essence is that this mystical configuration of Sacred Geometry opens a portal of energy that is accessible for those who choose to tune in to it. That is the key. >>>As with everything, nothing magical is going to happen on it’s own. It is up to us to bring the magic, to add our magic to creation.

  • Contact In Desert Series: David Serada Inventor  More...

    Contact In Desert Series: David Serada Inventor & More...

    25/07/2013 Duración: 01h55min

    I was introduced to David Serada's work last fall.  We met in person several times earlier this year as part of my "rounding up the information & troops" road trip!! I'm excited to be sharing David with you during this 1st show, as we expand the horizons of cutting-edge technology, amazing information and more than that! During the 2nd part of the show, I'll sharing insights & information I've gotten recently that has to do with the SHIFT that is Hitting the 3D Fan! I don't think you'll want to miss this. Remember - We're In This Together - and those words may come to mean more and more as the weeks ahead are revealed. xoxo  

  • Waking Up With Deb - Re-Entry of Broadcasting Shows

    Waking Up With Deb - Re-Entry of Broadcasting Shows

    18/07/2013 Duración: 01h59min

    Woo Hoo!   I'm BAAAACK!!! And boy do I have an earfull for you! This has been quite the year...I can't believe I haven't done any broadcasting since early January...but alas here we go again...and WOW do I have a lot to share! I'm going to kick off the new shows with some overview information and insights about all sorts of things! Guess who's joing me for this new kick-off show...woo hoo...Hopegirl...together again for the first time since December 21st 2012!!   Most of you know Hopegirl from her blog "While You Were Sleeping" and now of course with her "Fix the World Project".  We had a catch up conversation yesterday and decided to be transparent and share some of our personal conversation - especially the part about how much of a ROLLER COASTER we're experiencing again!  I'm going to take some live calls so we can begin interacting again too!Also - I'm announcing the next Telepathic Training Series to begin in August!  Early Butterfly Special and payment plans available...click here here for all the yummy

  • Day 7: 7 Days of Creation-Root Chakra-Igniting Global ReSet

    Day 7: 7 Days of Creation-Root Chakra-Igniting Global ReSet

    14/01/2013 Duración: 01h51min

    Day 7 of our 7 Days of Creation: Igniting & GROUNDING the Global ReSet and the New Paradigm through our Root Chakra!!    

  • Day 2 Its Time: Ignite the Global ReSet-Alan Steinfeld

    Day 2 It's Time: Ignite the Global ReSet-Alan Steinfeld

    09/01/2013 Duración: 02h01min

    Tonight's Show - Cross Convergense Media as Alan Steinfeld fo New Realities TV & Radio and I JOIN our shows as 1 LIVE broadcast!!  How fun will this be?  We will be taking callers as well as discussing & sharing an array of subjects tying into... Beings of Light Unite - It's Time to Ignite, Activate & Unify the Unified Field for Freedom, Truth & Liberation - with the new Timeline of Light.  It's Time...to Command the Global ReSet & Gratitude that it is DONE Take a Stand that Mother Earth is now in the hands of the Guardians and Ambassadors of Beings of Light It’s TIME to take a stand for this planet to be a planet of freedom, liberation, truth and love…just for starters.  Now that you have awakened to deception of the Enslavement Matrix, It’s Time to awaken to your Soul Remembrance and to Unite with the other Beings of Light who are awakening as well. The (ousted) PTB have done a bang up job of destroying life, manipulating the Timelines, raping souls of their Free Will, stealing money, cr