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We hope you are encouraged and enjoy our Sunday messages. Southland Church is a pentecostal church in Batemans Bay, NSW Australia. Our vision is to be a church without walls, a church open to our community. A church/people that represent Jesus well, as we have a positive impact to those we meet.


  • On The Way

    On The Way


    In life we can meet things that are in the way that hold us up and hold us back. 1 Peter 2:1-8 MSG talks about Jesus being the stone that the builders rejected becoming the cornerstone but "For the untrusting it’s a stone to trip over, a boulder...

  • The Crowd or The One

    The Crowd or The One


    John the Baptist was gaining momentum in his ministry preparing the way for the messiah. There was a transition time when Jesus took over the work started by John the Baptist and the momentum continued in Jesus ministry, so much so that Jesus always...

  • Double It

    Double It


    "Please let me receive a double portion" Elisha did receive a double portion of Elijah's spirit and went on to perform twice the amount of miracles. This was dependent on the way Elisha sort after the spirit of God that was in Elijah...

  • Performance to Grace

    Performance to Grace


    Peter was one of the closest of Jesus disciples, he was called and chosen as the rock Christ would build His church on, yet in a moment of weekness he pulled back denied knowing Jesus and went back to his previous life based on his failure to perform...

  • Living Stones

    Living Stones


    You are Gods very own possession! You build a house and chose how it's built and what goes into it. Think about this, God could have used anything and chosen anyone else, but He chose YOU to make a Home for Himself!

  • The Price Equals the Value

    The Price Equals the Value


    The price of our salvation and our freedom cost God His own son. Because we are worth it! Your value equals the death of God's son!

  • His Light In Us

    His Light In Us


    God placed His wonderful glorious light inside us - old broken clay jars. His grace is sufficient because in our weekness He is made strong and through our brokenness and cracks He shines His light through!

  • Nothing Wasted

    Nothing Wasted


    The life of Moses is so encouraging! We see the truth that the way we start our life doesn't have to be the way we finish. Moses was born into a disadvantage, he was an outsider with a case of lost identity, he was rejected and judged by his own...

  • Freedom pt 2

    Freedom pt 2


    The old has gone the new has come! Veils separate us from the clarity of what's behind it. The temple curtain - veil was torn in 2 - unveiling of the glory of God, now able to enter into the fullness of God. The only reason people don't...

  • Theres Always Something More

    There's Always Something More


    Elisha said to him, 1. Take a bow and arrows - Arrows represent what we possess under our ability/covering 2. Open the window and Shoot! - The Unknown. Sometimes we just need to trust God in the Unknown. What did he do with the rest - strike the...

  • Encourage Yourself

    Encourage Yourself


    Fan into flame the gifts on your life. Timothy 1. Guard your heart and celebrate the stages of your life. Parents celebrate their babies first step and they do not walk well! However they realise the importance in celebrating the small...

  • Bride of Christ

    Bride of Christ


    We are the bride of Christ! Ephesians 5 teaches how a husband and wife should love and treat one another. This is a beautiful picture of Christ's unfailing love and absolute grace for His church - You and me are His church.

  • Expand Your Capacity

    Expand Your Capacity


    Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge the place of your tent" You have everything you need! Push through the past, fear, hurt, intimidation. "Do not hold back!" "Lengthen your cords" Increase your circle of influence. "Strengthen your...

  • Key Elements of Authority

    Key Elements of Authority


    '..They were amazed at his teaching, for he taught with real authority..' Mathew 7:28-29 Key elements of authority 1. In Jesus name - power of attorney 2. Obedience - operating in the flow of God 3. We have authority over the devil/demons

  • The Believers Authority

    The Believer's Authority


    Authority comes before power Authority = lawful right to invoke obedience and obedience brings order. 1. God chose us - He laid down His blood for us - He has made choices for us We need to make a choice now for Him "I call all but only...

  • Our Position

    Our Position


    ​In Him there is no darkness! And He is in us.. Therefore we are holy/saints. His love is not dependent on us and what we do. Don’t forget who you are. Christ is in you, you have a new identity.

  • Blessed



    Living in new covenant blessings means that we don't need to 'buy' our forgiveness. What was cursed under the old covenant is now blessed in the new covenant, Jesus' death and resurrection paid for it all and instantly brings us...

  • Honouring God

    Honouring God


    ​King David honoured God throughout his life 1. In Worship 2. While he stood humble with his brothers 3. In battle 4. While serving king Saul 5. He finished his life with honouring God by establishing the first house of God on earth.

  • Moving from Comfort to Faith

    Moving from Comfort to Faith


    One of the great 'moves' in the bible was the Exodus. 1. God gave Moses His vision of delivering Israel, not Pharaoh - There will be opposition to the move God is calling you to But He will make a way where there is no way! 2. God's...

  • The Principle of the Portion

    The Principle of the Portion


    God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! His Principles do not change. All throughout the bible God makes it clear, what He gives us we must give a portion back, the first portion. Prov 3:9 Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the best...

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