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Music By Marina is a musical blog ( which was created in January 2011 by a party girl living in France, Paris. Marina is full of contradictions: she loves rock, was born in Marseilles (a town where hip hop is king) and has been dancing in clubs for nearly 20 years.Her hobbies :- Studying the discography of a very famous artist such as Madonna or The Beatles in order to find gems unknown by the public and that could become today’s hits.- Finding on the net new artists who will experience a pretty nice success few months later.- Contacting her favourite electro artists, from Paris to Manchester, including Stockholm, Buenos Aires or Milan, to ask them to prepare special Music by Marina mix tapes and to give people the opportunity to discover their favs.The mixtapes are posted with an interview of the artist and are downloadable on Itunes.Since 2012 The Showcase (biggest club in Paris) has granted her an all access to meet the artists, to get interviews, pictures and mixtapes to enhance her blog.The rock band INXS label having loved her playlist « Music by Marina presents INXS », decides on their European Tour in December 2011 to win concert tickets via her blog.INXS grants her an exclusive interview after their concert in Paris and advertises her on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Music by Marina presents Sonns

    Music by Marina presents Sonns

    13/03/2014 Duración: 01h24min

    J’ai découvert la musique de Sonns il y a 3 mois par hasard sur le net. Le seul truc qui m’est sorti de la tête à ce moment là a été “t’as raté des wagons.” Après avoir écouté en boucle toute une soirée son Soundcloud (avec pourtant des remixes de Kasper Bjorke et DC Salas, que je pensais suivre régulièrement!), je me suis demandé si je n’étais pas un peu trop souvent dehors à prendre des photos, au détriment des découvertes que j’aimais bien faire pour ce blog. Alors Sonns (de son vrai nom Alexandre Mouracade) est un producteur français qui habite Los Angeles depuis tout gamin. J’ai vu qu’il avait crée son propre label, qu’il est connecté avec beaucoup de djs en Europe (ça sert de voir les amis en commun sur Facebook), que quand il mixe régulièrement dans les soirées Making Shapes (réputée en Californie pour être les meilleures soirées électro) ou au Mexique, c’est avec Rebolledo, Matias Aguayo, Ewan Pearson ou - excusez du peu - DJ Harvey, et que même Pitchfork commençait à parler de ses remixes, bref, je

  • Music by Marina presents Morgan Hammer

    Music by Marina presents Morgan Hammer

    31/12/2013 Duración: 56min

    A friend talked to me about this young french girl last year, then I started to listen to her tracks, often played by my favorite english djs or Ivan Smagghe. I met this summer Zombies in Miami and I know they worked together too… But each time she played in Paris (she lives in Spain, Barcelona), I missed her dj set. So this month, I decided to invite her for a “special NYE” set and an interview to know her more. Interview (in english only) at Tracklist : 01- Codes – Shadow coat 02- Chemistry – Release 03- Iñigo Vontier – Horror VI 04- Rheinzand – The first time ( Avanti remix ) 05- Q2 – Kann denn liebe synthie sein ( Lokier remix) 06- Franz Ferdinand – Right Action ( Matias Aguayo remix) 07- //TENSE// - Pulse Beat 08- Strobocop – Love is music / Music is love 09- Canyon Cosmos – Fear of Plastic ( Pilooski remix ) 10 – Mansisters - Bullschnitzel ( Jennifer Cardini remix ) 11 – Juan Soto – Magica Musica Mistica Take good resolutions for now : click on play, turn up

  • Music by Marina presents DJ Hell

    Music by Marina presents DJ Hell

    01/12/2013 Duración: 01h20min

    I was a fan of DJ Hell. I wanted to take some pics of him earlier this year for my blog when he played at Nouveau Casino in Paris, his label was ok, and Hell invited me. Everybody told me before coming to the club "Be careful, this guy is very difficult, he acts like a diva, always asks for some special champagne, blah blah". I arrived there 5 minutes before him, the backstage was empty. The promoter asked me to go out the room. "I'm waiting for Hell, I'm a photographer, he invited me". "Are you sure? Because the label asked us to keep his backstage empty..." Hell finally arrived in the backstages, said hello. And was surprised when I answered I was the photographer. "You look young, and all your pictures...". He was excited to have his own portrait "Have you got any ideas for your photos?" "I want to see you in this mirror, want a B&W portrait, that can be cool". I took my bag and got out my dear Sony compact. Surprise again and huge smile. "Do you know who I am? You want to take photos with that? A compa