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While the electronic music scene continues to grow, at Mind The Funk we strive to bring you undiscovered artist as well as known dJ's and producers that are really making a difference and are contributing to the true sound of underground electronic music. We not only wish to take you through music indulging journeys but hope to educate is some minuscule form the way you hear music in the way our guest hear it and produce their sounds. I thank you for taking the time and hope you keep coming back for more. Keep it moving, Keep it grooving, until next time!


  • Mind The Funk Podcast - Bebetta - Special Edition 01

    Mind The Funk Podcast - Bebetta - Special Edition 01

    11/07/2013 Duración: 01h21min

    Since 2008 does the sympathetic Bremen girl spin the turntables and has already lost the status as a secret favorite. Only one year later Bebetta won the „Tresor Newcomer-Award“ and travelled since then with her record case from Frankfurt throughout the world. Special stations are the Greenspace Festival Hanoi, Fusion Festival, Nature One as well as the Dr. Sax in Turin. The elapsed time was well used since then: In 2010 Akai Professional appoints Bebetta as one of its prestigious pro-artists and she wins Numark and Ortofon as her sponsors. Bebettas radio show „Straight Night Radio“ on Play.fm went on air in the same year together with her party „Heimlich“ in the Hanseatic city of Bremen. „Heimlich“ is not only about partying itself, its a platform for Bebettas secret favorite artists. Bebettas sound ranges from melodic house rhythms of driving techhouse to straight techno. Dubby sounds and refreshing surprise moments harmonize in a clear structure. Her light-hearted set lacks neither charm nor the good mix

  • Mind The Funk Podcast - 004 - Andres Aguirre

    Mind The Funk Podcast - 004 - Andres Aguirre

    11/07/2013 Duración: 01h32min

    Andres Aguirre is a curios soul, whether it comes to recording live instruments or sounds of any kind, to his track selection when preparing a set. Having the opportunity to “jam” with Andres in several occasions, his positive energy is one that anybody can feed off of and the creativity becomes limitless. Having resided in Austin for only a few years, Andres has definitely made a name for himself. While attending school, Andres held an electronic music radio show for over a year and in 2010 released his debut EP under Urban Torque Recordings. Today, Andres has had the opportunity to remix for artist such as Mastercris, El_Txef_A, and Andre Guarda & Moskardi (Dashdot) to name a few. Currently, Andres is one of the hosts to Resurgance monthly foortop parties and founder of a new weekly party, Demente Funk. Intro Track: Christian Thomas - Laced (Angel Brizuela Rework) Interview Background Track: Andres Aguirre - El Puerto (Original Mix) Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/andresaguirre Beatport: http://www.be

  • Mind The Funk Podcast - 003 - Mario Maroto

    Mind The Funk Podcast - 003 - Mario Maroto

    11/07/2013 Duración: 01h10min

    Mario Maroto doesn’t stick to one style of music, his distinguished sets have led him to play events at the biggest clubs in Costa Rica, Miami, and Oregon to big events like Sonar in Barcelona. Maroto’s Productions have also been supported by high end DJ’s including Johnny Cruz, Mario Miranda, Steve Lawler and Dubfire to name a few. His Productions go back even before 2009 and has had solid releases under 220V Recordings, Wehppa Music, Logical Records, Killing Machine Records, Seta Label, and many more. Although Mario is now residing in Oregon, which he claims to be a more relaxed setting, he continues to stay busy in the scene and continues to deliver great productions. As time progresses, you can be sure that his name will be coming up more and more, so keep your eyes peeled, he will be releasing a three track EP under Neim Records early this summer! Intro Track: Christian Thomas - Laced (Angel Brizuela Rework) Interview Background Track: Mario Maroto - Break It Down (Max Chapmann Remix)

  • Mind The Funk Podcast - 002 - Aileen Castro

    Mind The Funk Podcast - 002 - Aileen Castro

    11/07/2013 Duración: 01h05min

    There’s no doubt that Aileen is definitely on her way up, receiving great support from known DJ’s as well getting good response from music lovers in different parts of the world, she is becoming one of the most sought-after underground DJ’s in Miami. Aileen’s musical style has put her in clubs such as Mekka, Eden, Love Hate, and Eve and the Station, her musical selection is largely compiled of undiscovered talent and is one of many reasons she’s maintained a unique sound. There is no stopping her now, Aileen will continue to play her favorite funky tunes to show that there’s a lot more out there than what is on the radio. Intro Track: Christian Thomas - Laced (Angel Brizuela Rework) Interview Background Track: Deep Edit - Koffer (original Mix)

  • Mind The Funk Podcast - 001 - Bare  Kind

    Mind The Funk Podcast - 001 - Bare & Kind

    23/03/2013 Duración: 01h50min

    To launch our first episode, we chose an individual that although has not been in the electronic music scene for many many years, he has developed a particular taste for electronic music. His curiosity has lead him to not only work in music production but take on the challenge of creating sound in one of it's purest forms. As Alex talks and describes Bare & Kind's view towards music, you'll hear one of their tracks "Perso Nel Pensiero" and be able to form your own opinion of what this duo has to bring to the table. I hope that you enjoy this exclusive all vinyl set as much as I did, make sure to follow us and join us next time!