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strictly vinyl passionately believes in the magic of vinyl and intends to convey the timelessness, warmth in sound, and unique beauty of vinyl. strictly vinyl podcast provides vinyl only mixes of invited black gold diggers and wax enthusiasts.


  • Ben Buitendijk (SVP.020)

    Ben Buitendijk (SVP.020)

    28/09/2015 Duración: 01h26min

    Strictly Vinyl Podcast 020: Ben Buitendijk Artist Link: Ben Buitendijk: "What I love about vinyl is that it's a timeless medium. You can go to a record store, find a record from the early 90ies and it could blow most modern releases out of the water. Especially in today's society where everyone is just consuming instead of properly enjoying something (streaming in 128kbs quality…), this really appeals to me. A file is just a file, but that moment you get a record you've been searching for ages is very special (I've yelled a couple of WOWWWs and OH SHITTTs in record stores) and I doubt someone has ever had that with a file." //

  • Johanna Knutsson (SVP.019)

    Johanna Knutsson (SVP.019)

    26/01/2015 Duración: 01h04min

    Strictly Vinyl Podcast 019: Johanna Knutsson Artist Link: Johanna Knutsson: „For me, vinyl is the most fun medium to work with, watching a screen or looking in a CD-case never did it for me. I noticed that I never remembered the names I read on a CD, a name of a track/artist on the CD didn ́t mean anything to me. Now when I have played a vinyl record once I can remember how the track sounds by just looking at the label/sleeve, since I have a photographic memory. I also really enjoy working with my hands, I have always had jobs like that (pizza baker, hairdresser/makeup artist and now DJ). It has so far been the only interest that I have kept interested in, and it will forever me my number 1 hobby to collect and play vinyl. This mix is a special after-hour/post-party mix, suitable for dark winter days. This mix is dedicated to Mika who had an unfairly rough year behind him: you are an inspiration to so many of us!” //