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Frontline Records Rewind airs on internet & analog radio stations and is available as download on iTunes and Episodes include Christian music from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's.

The first host of the show was Brian Healy, known as the father of Christian Goth and a pioneer of alternative 'music. Rewind Episode 33 introduced Les Carlsen, lead singer of the award-winning Frontline Records metal band, Bloodgood, as the new host. Les' style is relaxed, comedic and features rare conversations with artists and musicians. Also contributing to the program is Executive Producer, Adel Meisenheimer, Meis Music Group President and owner of the Frontline, KMG and Damascus Road Records catalog.

The purpose of the program is for nostalgia, re-exploration and introduction with the artist and industry insiders who made it possible. It is entertainment for new and veteran listeners alike. Many episodes feature interview with the artists who provide commentary about the music, background stories and updates on their current activities.


  • REWIND 79: Street Called Straight original member, Scott Frankfurt, continues with his story chronicling his next three albums and life as a producer

    20/04/2018 Duración: 58min
  • REWIND 78: Street Called Straight original member, Scott Frankfurt let’s us into his gorgeous studio in Woodland Hills, CA and takes the time to remember his late wife Jody and their 80s synth pop group.

    16/03/2018 Duración: 52min
  • Rewind 77: Every Day Life (EDL) original members continue with more of the juicy details behind some of their most controversial songs.

    09/02/2018 Duración: 58min
  • REWIND 76: Every Day Life (EDL) original members gather at a rehearsal space, put on a live show just for Frontline Rewind, and give us the inside scoop on the making of their Frontline albums.

    12/01/2018 Duración: 01h01min
  • REWIND 75: Les Carlsen's Christmas Special Extravaganza. Les Carlsen of Bloodgood calls his friends and requests their favorite Christmas songs for the Frontline Rewind Show.

    08/12/2017 Duración: 59min
  • REWIND 74: Crumbacher original members explain their 80s fashion decisions and give us even more of the stories behind the songs

    17/11/2017 Duración: 58min
  • REWIND 73: Crumbacher original members tell us how they got signed, recorded their epic harmonies, loaded up their many many keyboards, and hit the road in their unreliable little bus.

    13/10/2017 Duración: 58min
  • Rewind 72: Shout members Ken Tamplin and Chuck King continue with stories of cleaning carpets, speeding tickets, machine guns, and sandwich-funded marketing schemes, plus more inside looks at the inspirations and origins of their songs.

    15/09/2017 Duración: 59min
  • REWIND 71: Vengeance Rising, Recon, Sacred Warrior, World View, and Chaotic Resemblance members join us in the SoCal Metal Fest green room for exclusive interviews. To close the show Bill Roxx of Roxx Productions pays tribute to Dale Huffman of Metal Puls

    18/08/2017 Duración: 01h02min
  • REWIND 70: Shout members Ken Tamplin and Chuck King share epic tour stories and the unorthodox circumstances that brought them together and ultimately to Frontline Records.

    21/07/2017 Duración: 59min
  • REWIND 69: Sandra Stephens and Allegra Parks talk about doing background vocals for many eclectic Lanny Cordola albums and how they grew into solo artists with albums of their own.

    23/06/2017 Duración: 01h02min
  • REWIND 80: The crew wraps up 6 years of radio/podcast entertainment and closes a chapter on a program featuring music and memories from a variety of recording artists.

    01/06/2017 Duración: 53min
  • REWIND 68: Sandra Stephens and Allegra Parks –background singers and writers for Jon Gibson and Scott Blackwell

    26/05/2017 Duración: 01h11s
  • REWIND 67: P.I.D. original member, Fred Lynch, tells the rest of the P.I.D. story and talks about some of his favorite rhymes.

    17/02/2017 Duración: 58min
  • REWIND 66: P.I.D. original member, Fred Lynch, takes us back to the beginnings of Christian Hip-Hop and kicks out some old school rhymes on this 2 part episode of Frontline Rewind.

    20/01/2017 Duración: 01h01min
  • REWIND 65: Les Carlsen, lead singer of Bloodgood, and our faithful host of Frontline Records Rewind, takes us on a journey through his musical career beginning as a star in the Broadway musical Hair.

    18/11/2016 Duración: 01h03min
  • REWIND 64: Idle Cure original members Mark Ambrose and Steve Shannon give us an inside look into the inspiration behind the songs off their third and fourth albums recorded with Frontline Records.

    21/10/2016 Duración: 59min
  • REWIND 63: Idle Cure original members Mark Ambrose and Steve Shannon give us an inside look into the stories behind the songs off their debut album and follow up album, Tough Love.

    23/09/2016 Duración: 56min
  • REWIND 62: David Portillo, founding leader of 12th Tribe, introduces current crew members who give inspiring testimonies and introduce favorite songs off their new indie album, "Tha G Hits".

    26/08/2016 Duración: 59min
  • REWIND 61: 12th Tribe founding member, David Portillo, gets his latest crew together for an interview with the Rewind crew. David shares his journey of being a 15-year-old rapper performing for crowds of senior citizens, to rubbing elbows with The Newsboy

    29/07/2016 Duración: 59min
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