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Kent based DJ Jon Blackman first real interest in music was for Drum N Bass, Garage & Reggae. His first influence for the want to be a DJ was when he discovered two turntablists , DJ Hype, the scratch artist from the Drum n Bass scene and Garages chop it up stylist DJ EZ. Amazed by their skill, he knew he wanted to be able to mix tracks together.When Jon first discovered House, he wasnt particularly sold on the idea, not until local parties in a small intimate club in Kent called Pulse in 2006 where he found himself bouncing to filthy beats and the heavy bass of dirty electro house. His determination and drive to DJ found himself getting an opportunity to perform sets locally in 2007. This progressed onto bigger things, a season in Kavos 2009, Greece and a send off party @Hidden 2008, London for Funkin Serious & Club Trinity. Those where special moments for Jon.Moving on from Funky and Electro House he has developed a mixture of sound that is energetic, upbeat, underground, vocal, groovy and melodic within House & Techno. From 2012 to date he has received opportunitys to play at Mojos, Chatham, Source, Maidstone, Egg & Cargo, London where his style has shown to bring people to the dance floor for a bounce.


  • Techno Series 001

    Techno Series 001

    27/06/2017 Duración: 01h08min

    This is the first of the Techno Series, mixed by Jon Blackman.June 2017 Each mix will be released at the start of every other month In these series of mixes you will find his wide selection of Techno In this mix there is a selection of carefully picked tracks that are uplifting with melody, joined with the heavy rolling bass of the underground, Designed to create a mood that will take you down into the depths of groove, then pick you up and take you off into the motion Tracks included from the following Labels featured in this mix are :- Toolroom, Intec Digial, Nervous, Be One Records, Eichtal Recordings, Kraftek, Suara, KD Music, Minus, Etruia beat Tracklist:- 1- Behind - Metod Hristov 2- Botafoch - Sidney Charles 3- Corruption - Nicola Baldacci 4- Think - Rafa Ortega 5- Metro - Fuma Funaky 6- Hey Yeah - Lisa Lashes 7- After 5 Days - Fuma Funaky 8- Free Your Mind - Drexler 9- Tarantula - Pleasurekraft 10- Porcelain - Moby,Julian Jeweil 11- Signs of Happiness - Nakadia, Hollen 12- Kingswing - Matado

  • Tech House Series 002

    Tech House Series 002

    09/06/2017 Duración: 01h07min

    Tech Series. This is the second of the Tech Series, mixed by Jon Blackman. In these series of mixes you will find his wide selection of Tech House sound. In this mix you will find a selection of rolling bassline beats, with a groovy melodic and uplifting style. Artists featured in this mix are :- 1 - Wade - Keep Pushing 2 - Miguel Bastida, Wade - Come on Everybody (Wade Remix) 3 - Fancy inc - Acid Jack (Orignal Mix) 4 - Bontan - What You Want 5 - Filthy Rich - Rendezvous (nathan Barato Remix) 6 - Pirate Copy - House Music (Original Mix) 7 - Waitz - Aus Swindle (Original Mix) 8 - Louden - Come Back (Orignal Mix) 9 - Eli Brown - Tech This Out 10 - Riva Starr - Another Dimension (Original Mix) 11 - Patrick Topping - Yes Chief (Original Mix) 12 - De La Swing - No Rules (Max Chapman Remix) 13 - Mhod - Feel The Groove (Original Mix)