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  • Hate the Beach

    Hate the Beach

    13/08/2020 Duración: 23min

    So for the first time in a long time I was up so late perfecting this episode. I thought I'd had the music part done several times. One time I even saved it for publishing. Thing is, it didn't feel right, the next few drafts didn't feel right either. It took time, but "Hectic Planet" is one of my favorite and well missed comics of all time. Trying to capture what I like about the book using the music I dig most highly, and trying to promote a load of current ska bands, it is something that needs perfecting and perfection. If you've never read "Hectic Planet" you owe it to yourself to dig up the 3 collections out there and enjoy. And if the art looks familiar, it should, "Hectic Planet" artist and writer Evan Dorkin did a host of ska compilation covers throughout the '90s. He's a staple of the scene and a staple of my life. 00:00 - We Are The Union - What's Wrong with Me? (Self Care '18) 02:23 - Kill Lincoln - Denial (Can't Complain '20) 06:01 - Upbeat Allstars - Breaking Point (Wake Up '12) 08:26 - Fishbone

  • Covert Action

    Covert Action

    06/08/2020 Duración: 22min

    So, uh, why comics for the theme of the 19th Session of 23min of Ska? Honestly, because I l dig them. Comics were my first pop culture love. Sure, television and movies were OK, but I never had strong allegiances to any show or franchise. But then I found comics... oh man, it was on! I was mostly a news stand kid before eventually finding my way to the specialty stores, one of which I ended up working at in my 20s. A few years later I got into ska, so they're both foundational blocks of who I am, so why not combine my love of each, for better or worse, over the next few months! So yeah, these are my favorite comics I'm paying tribute to, with my favorite bands. If you haven't heard of either, go check them out! 00:00 - the Pomps - Resistance Grifter (Drums & Liars '19) 03:51 - ghost tones - Who Saved Who (Who Saved Who '20) 08:00 - BowCat - Catch 22 (Dangerously Close '20) 12:01 - Cosmic Shuffling - Eastern Ska (Eastern Ska / Western Ska '20) 14:51 - the Ladrones - Rudy's Voodoo (Salve '18) 20:06 - Burn It U

  • A Finer World

    A Finer World

    30/07/2020 Duración: 22min

    Have you ever tried hard not to make a ska pun? I'm fighting it right now... and I even hate ska puns, but you know... some days... Any way, here we are, another set of great ska, reggae and ska/punk songs for you to enjoy, with just a hint of a theme going on... kinda. So yeah, this is what you can kind of expect for several of these episodes, kinda, sorta, maybe based on some of my absolute favorite comics. And yeah, I may start slightly bending some of my rules on replaying songs here, because if you are doing a show about "the Authority" and you don't include "Jenny Drinks" you are messing up! 00:00 - James Shaw - Whiskey Devils (Go Rude Boy Go '20) 02:54 - No Authority - Be O.K. (This is Your Time '19) 06:40 - Catbite - Midnight Eyes (Catbite '19) 08:36 - the Punchers - Apollo 11 (Hey, Apollo! This is Horror! '19) 13:48 - los Aggrios - Alcohol (Alcohol / Manten La Fe '20) 16:27 - Brehdren - Midnight (Pacific Sound System comp '14) 20:11 - the Interrupters - Jenny Drinks (Say it Out Loud '16) Visit the

  • 23 Minutes of Four Color Ska

    23 Minutes of Four Color Ska

    23/07/2020 Duración: 23min

    Ok, here we are, ready to start another 23 episode cycle of 23min of Ska! As always, I hope you are ready to join in on music, find some new bands, and remember older ones... but not too much older. As you can see from this playlist, I try to keep it pretty current with just a handful of tracks from the past. So yeah, in the next 23 episodes you're going to hear a lot of new ska, and yeah, there's going to be a bit of a "comics" theme going on (hopefully not too annoying) but I hope you stick around if it's your first time listening, and if not, thanks for coming back, I mean that! Thanks for listening and keeping up with the show! 00:00 - the Bruce Lee Band - Superman (the Bruce Lee Band '97) 01:15 - Ongoing Issue - No Worries (No Worries '20) 02:50 - the Bandulus - Flash Flood (Love a Woman '19) 05:40 - OMNIGONE - On Wednesdays I am Going to Make it (No Faith '19) 06:44 - Reel Big Fish - Punisher (Candy Coated Fury '12) 10:43 - Jim Murple Memorial - Funnel of Love (4 '20) 14:46 - Dan P. - Brain Scrambling

  • Mix Tape : the 10s Side B (part 2)

    Mix Tape : the '10s Side B (part 2)

    16/07/2020 Duración: 23min

    …And we’re at the finale! Woo hoo! You’ve lived through the 2010s via ska music, once again! We’re closing it out with another load of fantastic tracks! Most of these are songs I was surprised to find that I hadn’t played earlier for all y’all! So, let’s get real… I’ve done these “mix tapes” for the 1960s – 2010s now, I’ve done 18 sets of 23 episodes for a total of 414 episodes, and there’s a handful of episodes over at GeekNerdery that I’ve done (but I repeat songs on that one… so… it’s not “cannon?”) and I’ve tried various interview shows over the years (the most recent being “the Ska After Party” and if you’re up for it, I’m still doing that with co-host Matt Vest on “On the Upbeat”), so it begs the question… where do I go from here with 23min of Ska? Is there still gas left in the tank? I sure hope so! I have some ideas, hopefully you’ll come along with me, but do me a favor, tell your ska loving friends about this show… Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of folks saying “Hey check out this band, I just disco

  • Mix Tape : the 10s Side B (part 1)

    Mix Tape : the '10s Side B (part 1)

    09/07/2020 Duración: 22min

    Awww yeah, now we're on the flip side! This episode is a little more international than the last few episodes on this mixtape. I've always wanted more and more international bands on this show, and as I keep doing the show, I'll keep trying as I continue making the show to keep in as international as possible. Ska isn't just an English speaking country thing and I need to get better at keeping this show as varied as possible. So yeah, go around the world and back in time a bit with this episode, and enjoy it! 00:00 - the Bohunks - As Is (In the Waiting Room '11) 02:21 - Last Edition - Playing with Fire (Playing with Fire '11) 05:43 - DiscoBalls - Time (Dance Like Nobody's Watching '14) 08:59 - les Skalopers - Ya Vendra Mi Turno (Ya vendra mi turno '11) 12:36 - LODD - La fin du monde (Et Pourquoi? '11) 16:10 - Smerin's Anti-Social Club - Schizo (Primordial Cordial '13) 21:07 - Skalapper - Looking for My Soul (find a new world '10) Visit the website at to find links to band websites and s

  • Mix Tape : the 10s Side A (part 2)

    Mix Tape : the '10s Side A (part 2)

    02/07/2020 Duración: 22min

    Woohoo, here we go with part two! So many of these bands are ones that I miss all the time. It's a bit more punky than the last one was, but that's what we all love about ska, right? It's multifaceted! I know for a fact that a number of the bands on this episode are not officially broken up but on hiatus, and hey, the Bosstones were on hiatus for 8 years and that wasn't code for "broken up" so I shan't push that narrative here! All I know is that I want more from every single one of them! And if there is... tell me, because I want to hear it and it's obvious that I have managed to miss it! 00:00 - Chase Long Beach - That's No Moon it's a Space Station (Gravity is What You Make it '11) 03:05 - Wobbly Bob - Let's Get Wasted (Life Lessons for Losers '11) 06:19 - Must Build Jacuzzi - Everything's Coming Up Milhouse (Last Place '18) 10:07 - Small Town Get Up - Wild Like We Were (No Trade Backs '13) 13:51 - Do it with Malice - No Music (the Burned-Over District '10) 17:35 - the Closers - Casualties (the Closers '1

  • Mix Tape : the 10s Side A (part 1)

    Mix Tape : the '10s Side A (part 1)

    25/06/2020 Duración: 22min

    It’s been a minute since I set up a virtual 90min mix tape (split across 4 episodes) dedicated to a decade. One reason it’s been awhile is well… I ran out of decades… but hey, look, we’re in 2020, the 2010s are behind us! Let’s go! Like always, this isn’t a “Best of 2010s Ska” at all, it’s a just a bunch of great music from that decade. I also made it a special point to play bands that I haven’t played in a bit, but were always really rad! When I switched over to trying to keep as current as possible, some of these great bands fell by the wayside, as they either broke up, had trouble recording new material, moved away from being a ska band, or put out great new material that superseded their older, yet still great work! Enjoy this episode and for the next 3 weeks some more gems that we shouldn’t leave behind as we continue on into the 2020s! 00:00 – the Fabulous Lolo Meets King Kong Girio – I know What I’ve Go (My Favorite Heart to Break ’15) 03:12 – Kevin Batchelor’s Grand Concourse – Leave it Alone (Kevin

  • Keep On Truckin

    Keep On Truckin'

    18/06/2020 Duración: 22min

    Alright, so how could I close down this last 23 episodes? A set of episode influenced by trucker slang? I think you know! Then on to some topical songs, then some flat out great songs and ending it, remembering a friend. Honestly, I had a lot of fun over these last 23 weeks, had those 7 great collaboration episodes too, those were great, right? This now marks twice as many episodes as I was originally planning to do and am I stopping? Oh heck no! I'm gonna keep on truckin'! See ya next week! 00:00 - Johnny Socko - Full Trucker Effect (Full Trucker Effect '97) 03:53 - Grey Matter - Not My Friend (Climbing Out '20) 05:49 - the Bruce Lee Band - Stand Up for Justice (the Bruce Lee Band '95) 07:03 - OMNIGONE - Horizontal Aggression (No Faith '19) 08:15 - Alla Spina - Obrigada (I Don't Give a Damn) (One More Thing '19) 11:37 - the Void Union - Wash Yo' Hands (Return of the Super Vape '19) 16:23 - the Stingers ATX - Sing for Me (This Time Around... '08) 19:46 - the Soul Brothers - Lawless Street (Ska Club '67 comp

  • Watch Out for Smokey

    Watch Out for Smokey

    11/06/2020 Duración: 22min

    This episode was a lot more... let's say laid back when I started it... but, it couldn't stand... it just didn't feel right. So I started switching out songs, and switching out more... and more... and eventually I had an all different episode... and episode that feels right, I hope you all agree. Keep fighting the good fight. I love you all. 00:00 - Dang!t - Kids in Cages (What do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol. 4 comp '20) 03:01 - Thirsty Guys - Quarantine (Quarantine '20) 06:05 - Bruce Lee Band - It Never was Quite Like This (Rental!! Eviction!! '19) 07:33 - Big D & the Kids Table - Try Out Your Voice (Strictly Rude '07) 10:17 - the Suicide Machines - Babylon of Ours (Revolution Spring '20) 12:49 - Abraskadabra - the Dream (Welcome '18) 15:09 - Call Me Malcolm - a Beginner's Guide to Fighting a Losing Battle (Me, Myself and Something Else '20) 19:22 - the Slackers - Walking On (Wasted Days '01) Visit the website at to find links to band websites and songs featured in this episode. Fi

  • Both Feet on the Floor

    Both Feet on the Floor

    04/06/2020 Duración: 22min

    When I started this episode, and finished it a few weeks ago (sorry I've been working ahead a bit, I have been busy with my essential job (second aside: I don't come into contact with many people, so don't worry for me)) I didn't expect the world to go to hell... I almost scraped this for a more pointed episode addressing America's dire situation... but in the end this episode that I had assembled kept bringing me joy as I listened to it, and I want to bring you all joy as well in these, now very, troubling times. Be well my friends, take care of yourselves and care and help out others in need. 00:00 - the Players Band feat. Steven Jackson - Get in the Van (Skamörgåsbord '20) 02:33 - Dan P. - Heartbeat Survival (Heartbeat Survival '20) 06:04 - Half Past Two - Lyin' Eyes (Lyin' Eyes '20) 09:17 - Millington - Let You In (Beatdown Generation '20) 12:56 - los Kurados - Cows Can't Read (Rabia Ska '20) 14:52 - the Planet Smashers - What's Going Down (Too Much Information '19) 18:07 - Hobo Chili - Hobo Chili (Salt

  • Dixie Cup on a Clean Channel

    Dixie Cup on a Clean Channel

    28/05/2020 Duración: 22min

    When you're home a bit more, and you have more time to think about your hobbies... and then you think "Hey, let's do that follow up episode that you teased moths ago!" And in my silly way, I figured that this would be the best place for it. So yeah, it's the "rude girl" episode... no, not all the music is performed by women, but it's more about the song name, much like the the "rude boy" episode was. So enjoy it rude ones, it's for you! 00:00 - the Skallions - Rude Boys and Girls (Skallion Battalion '20) 03:06 - Sally and the Monkeys - Ruder Than You (Monkey Business '20) 05:39 - Skolers - Rude Girl (American Skathic comp '94) 07:41 - Lone Raspberry - Rude Girl (slow) (Children of the Horn '96) 09:59 - Juantxo Skalari & la Rude Band - Rudi Not Dead (RUDI RECORDS '14) 14:20 - Undercover S.K.A. - Rude Girl (We've Come for Your Daughter '95) 18:44 - the Doped Up Dollies - the Rude (the New Way Out '14) Visit the website at to find links to band websites and songs featured in this episode.

  • How Many Candles You Burning?

    How Many Candles You Burning?

    21/05/2020 Duración: 23min

    It’s my birthday early next week, so I thought I’d dig around in my records crate and pull out some tracks for an all vinyl episode of 23min of ska. Some of these tracks were later put out digitally, but I don’t have them. So yeah, there’s some clicks and pops and other random record sounds, this is mainly because I do only a small clean up of the music after the transfer. This is because I dig those little imperfections that come with vinyl and I don’t really want to remove that from the final product. 00:00 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – I won’t Go Out Like That (What the World Needs Now is Love ’17) 03:24 – Alex Desert & Greg Lee with Western Standard Time – All of Me (All of Me / Free Form ’15) 05:41 – Johnny Too Bad & the Strikeouts – St. Paul St. (Johnny Too Bad & the Strikeouts ’96) 08:35 – Blue Beat Makers – You’ve Been So Nice (You’ve Been So Nice / My Own Way ’14) 11:31 – the Snails – Washington Bullets (I Saved the Snails ’14) 13:55 – Crazy Baldhead – Cutback! (Occupy! ’12) 16:44 – the Kinky Coo

  • Starving the Bears

    Starving the Bears

    14/05/2020 Duración: 22min

    So in "Trucker Slang / CB Slang" the term "Starving the Bears" means to go the speed limit so that the cops won't pull you over and give you a ticket. And slowing down a bit seems like not too terrible of an idea right now. We're all in a rush to get back out into the world, but maybe we should take a minute to pause and see if that's the best idea. All but one of these tracks has been released since we've been in quarantine, hell, some were written and recorded directly because of it! I can't wait for this lockdown to end, but I don't mind waiting a bit longer if it means not feeding the bear. 00:00 - the Bar Stool Preachers - State of Emergency (Soundtrack to Your Apocalypse '20) 02:47 - Cale Wilcox - Going Mad (Pacific Sound System IV: Quarentunes comp '20) 06:30 - the Holophonics - Don't Buy the Hype (Sunk Cost '20) 08:14 - Esaopa - Escoria Humana (Stage 1 '18) 11:23 - the JB Conspiracy - Falling Down (Guiding Lights '20) 15:15 - Something To Do - Stay Inside (Stay Inside '20) 17:35 - No Villains Left -

  • Jackknife in the Circle City

    Jackknife in the Circle City

    07/05/2020 Duración: 23min

    So each year, a few friends of mine celebrate "Johnny Socko Day" which is on May 6th, so this podcast, unfortunately, misses the silliness by a day. Basically, all we do is make Socko references to each other on social media and listen to Johnny Socko while we do our day jobs, you know some real corny goofball stuff. Anyway, I decided to make this episode of 23min of Ska in the same Socko celebration spirit! This is an episode that is chock full of Indiana's finest ska and ska/punk bands, from way back when to the present day. So put on a pair of comfortable shoes, cut a rug and be the freakiest freak on the dancefloor! 00:00 - Johnny Socko - If I didn't Have a Girlfriend (live) (Triple Live '02) 02:50 - the Operators - Hybrid Moments (Hybrid Moments '20) 04:55 - Pro Midgit Mafia - Babydoll (the Beat Inside My Head '97) 07:07 - Lockstep - Riot in the Club (It Happened in the City... '10) 09:54 - Green Room Rockers - I'll Make Love to You (Sweat Steady '17) 13:15 - the Circle City Deacons - Say a Prayer (Welc

  • 10-23, Stand By

    10-23, Stand By

    30/04/2020 Duración: 23min

    Well folks, looks like you're once again stuck with me, RJ Phoenix to prepare, mix and then cast this show back out to you. I'd like to once again thank the other folks who made the last 7 episodes so fantastic! But I've prattled on enough, get to the music you magnificent folks! 00:00 - the Makeways - Feelin' Good (Feelin' Good '20) 04:14 - the Twilights - Panic Attack! (Panic Attack! '20) 08:03 - the Bandulus - Trust (Love a Woman '19) 11:23 - the Soulsteppers - Victory Dance (Bout Time / Victory Dance '11) 13:54 - the Revivors - Medical Operation (Reggae Fever / Medical Operation '11) 16:55 - the Impalers - Mr. Uppercut (Mr. Uppercut / Uppercut '11) 19:49 - the Prizefighters - a Fist Full of Credits (the Prizefighter Beat '20) Visit the website at to find links to band websites and songs featured in this episode. Find & follow the show on: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Stitch

  • Convoy : Lockdown and Loaded

    Convoy : Lockdown and Loaded

    23/04/2020 Duración: 22min

    About the Tracks: Nathan Leigh and the Crisis Actors - This Machine Kills Centrists Nathan Leigh and the Crisis Actors are an interesting project that tends to play punk-influenced folk and rock music, but has been known to pull influences from all over the map ranging from swing to ska, to country and beyond. They pulled yours truly into play trombone on this record and it's one of my favorite projects I've been a part of. Their new album, "Myths, Conspiracy Theories and Other Things I Made Up to Sound Interesting" dropped last week, and it even had a ska song on it, lamenting an all too familiar attitude in our political discourse. The Autocratics - Brainwashed Friend The Autocratics, from Tokyo, Japan, are what would happen if you took bands like Bad Manners, Madness, and the Specials further refined that nutty two tone sound to its apex. Fronted by Shuhei Yokota (Rude Bones), The Autocratics have been carrying the two tone torch in Japan for over a decade now and have developed quite a fanbase, and yet r

  • Convoy : This is Your Brain on Ska Box!

    Convoy : This is Your Brain on Ska Box!

    16/04/2020 Duración: 22min

    Hey, guys! This is SKA BOX- an all ska subscription box, sending music, merch and more- straight to your door. Bringing you great ska bands, brands, and labels from around the world.  SKA BOX is owned and ran by Cassie and Becky. Made for ska fans by ska fans, boxes are curated each month to fit various themes.  Boxes come with 5+ items, such as stickers, download codes, CDs, pins, etc., and always include a t-shirt and music. The most recent box was Women in Ska, highlighting women in the ska scene- including artists, musicians, and vocalists. The next box will be the Ska Parade Tour box, highlighting Tazy's 30th Anniversary Tour, the Ska Movie Bluray Release Party, and the great bands that were part of the tour. Boxes are $35 a month, with free domestic shipping. One-time purchases are also available. The order deadline is the 5th of each month. Boxes ship the 15th of each month.  Song Selection: Soul Ska- Propaganda Soul Ska was in our most recent box. They are a super soulful, rocksteady- heavy band f

  • Convoy : Lady Luck Just Slapped Me in the Face

    Convoy : Lady Luck Just Slapped Me in the Face

    09/04/2020 Duración: 22min

    Hey all, this is Jr Ska Boss of Viva Ska Radio where every Wednesday my killer partner in crime Selecta Scream & I try to bring the best in Ska. Old and new and whatever else we can throw in to get your toes tapping. It's a radio show out of Las Vegas, NV and you can check it out on 7pm-10pm Pacific on Wednesday evening! Let's dance people! 00:00 - Wank - Blue Skies (White Knuckle Ride '20) 02:59 - Joker's Republic - Falling Behind (Falling Behind '19) 07:23 - the Dendrites - No Money (Lunchin' with the Dendrites '20) 11:02 - Mr. Kingpin - Ease Your Mind (Ease Your Mind '19) 14:24 - the Sheldons - the Shit is Going On (the Sheldons '19) 18:05 - the Zero Class - Main Street (Main Street '16) 20:25 - Happy Drunk Cartel - If You were an Animal (the Rinsed Years '20) RJ sez: Jr Ska Boss sent me a killer line up for this episode, witched I goosed with tracks from the Dendrites and the Sheldons to send it over the top. It's easy to do when I'm starting with quality picks. See, Jr Ska Boss

  • Convoy : Nobody Knows Me in this Big Windy Town

    Convoy : Nobody Knows Me in this Big Windy Town

    02/04/2020 Duración: 22min

    With all of the craziness surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic, I've found myself listening to a lot more ska. It's hard to put my finger on why, but I'd liken it to my favorite type of comfort food: not only is it good for the soul but it provides a bit of certainty in these uncertain times. To that end, I picked out a few upbeat tunes that I'm hoping will help provide at least a small distraction. Stay safe out there, and keep washing your hands! 00:00 - the KING LION - Skatman (Blank '19) 03:06 - the Kubricks - Criminals (Criminals '20) 05:51 - Roland Alphonso w/ the Skatalites feat. Don Drummond - Nimble Foot (Nimble Foot / Love is Stronger '65) 08:53 - the Radiation Kings - Murder (Early Years '99) 13:19 - Deal's Gone Bad - Be Mine Tonight (Guide to Boat Drinks & Cruise Cocktails '02) 17:19 - North East Ska Jazz Orchestra - Hard Man fe Dead (Stompin' & Rollin' '15) 20:55 - the Operators - 6 Month Blues (Ain't it Obvious / 6 Month Blues '19) RJ sez: Jim is one half of the very excellent Windy City S

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