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  • #214 Bass  Bounce Cast 2

    #214 Bass & Bounce Cast 2

    28/08/2017 Duración: 24min

    ♛ guest mix by Fresh Drop ♛ Hello and welcome to SM97 Show! We’ve got loads of new songs for you today…without further due LET’S GO! @freshdrop MASSIVE THANKS TO ARTISTS AND LABELS FOR PRODUCING AMAZING MUSIC EVERY DAY Download for free on The Artist Union

  • #213 Kork b2b Serioes  Legendaer | Birgit  Bier

    #213 Kork b2b Serioes & Legendaer | Birgit & Bier

    28/06/2017 Duración: 01h09min

    ♛ guest mix by Kork (deep stories) ♛ Actually kork always was a musician. At the age of about 8 he held the violin in his hands for the first time.This instrument should be his constant companion fort he next ten years. His believe in quality playing tirelessly over and over till he succeeded formed his entire personality present till today. He found his second passion at a young age - the electronic dance music. Two years after starting with progressive house he left and let himself be overwhelmed by deep house music at concerts of Boss Axis, Jan Blomqvist or Fritz and Paul Kalkbrenner. Kork was founded and real soon he got attention by the electronic scene. Correctly as he was very succesfull in combining deep house, tech-house and techno music with his very own melodic touch. With his premiere at the Soundwave Radio FM station in London he breaked the record by reaching 16k listeners. Broadcasting weekly his live podcast was listened in over 80 countries simultaneously he decided to leave the spot in 201

  • #212 Mosaic Disco Episode 11

    #212 Mosaic Disco Episode 11

    16/06/2017 Duración: 01h08s

    ♛ guest mix by Decibel IN Scale ♛ There is no real reason we react the way we do to music, but it certainly does something. Everyone has a different flavor, and different music puts different people in different places. When words fail music speaks, good music doesn’t`t have an expiration date. Music is the answer! @decibel-in-scale MASSIVE THANKS TO ARTISTS AND LABELS FOR PRODUCING AMAZING MUSIC EVERY DAY Download for free on The Artist Union