Turning Points is a program that airs thoughtful conversations about issues, events, and stories that matter. A tuning point is a moment when a critical decision is needed or when major personal or collective change is about to happen. Such moments take place everyday and generally cant be predicted. Democracy itself turns on the quality of its participants discussion and action. In order to help preserve what author Terry Tempest Williams calls the open space of democracy, we promote spirited talk, insightful reflection, and informed decisions. This program exists as a creative space to explore the stories and ideas of people who come from a range of perspectives as theyand all of usstrive to live with dignity and integrity in these times. In the midst of increasing complexity, rapid change, and an often rancorous and narrow public discourse, Turning Points seeks to support listeners in their desire to find ways they might contribute to our shared life, to the common good.


  • Turning Points Announcement

    Turning Points Announcement