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  • 2021 01 05

    2021 01 05


    sent $$$ this week to Crisis Club Gallery and freak art space in /“Project goal: Create a gallery that showcases bay area artists that are often overlooked (whether we be too political/raunchy/unmarketable to be shown in more traditional spaces) and provide a storefront where the community can sell their wares; to create a space that can have showings for rotating artists and, when it’s covid safe, hold events for the community to organize and engage with each other directly whether it be through classes, readings, mutual aid meetings, etc.”DOWNLOAD RECORDINGsubscribe to the podcast here: by omar)tony peachka “Gossip Girl” goodbye tonyplutoness “DON’T I KNOW YOU” MOVIE MUSICremambran “cast about” peace child musicTOY “3.” Live at curry nightPlexi “Rafters and Walls” B R A I N B O P STable Sugar “Dog D-Log” Collected

  • 2020 12 29

    2020 12 29


    sent $$$ this week to The DEEP Grocery“The DEEP (Deep East Oakland Empowering the People) was birthed from a group of young people who saw a need and stepped up to make a lasting change.Our vision and commitment is to open a grocery store that is conveniently located to Deep East Oakland residents. Our store will source organic produce and pantry items made from ingredients you can actually pronounce. We will partner with local Black and Brown farmers and creators as much as possible to keep our dollars circulating with people of color.It’s gonna take a whole lotta work to bring this project into fruition. And we’re fully committed to doing the work. ”DOWNLOAD RECORDINGsubscribe to the podcast here: by omar)gorgeous bully “Inertia” closurewetter “a surprise” people you may knowBlack Sandwich “End of Pretend” Arrogant AlienNice Try “Talk Tonight” Nice TryDouble Grave &ldq

  • 2020 12 22

    2020 12 22


    sent $$$ this week to Arm The“Arm The Girls is a Bay Area mutual aid initiative putting power and safety directly into the hands of black and indigenous queer and trans femmes of color.This community lead initiative will equip bipoc queer & trans femmes with emergency funding support, holistic health and wellness resources, paid self defense classes, and self defense kits in a designer bag.The compounding discrimination and violence that come with the experience of intersectional identities, especially for black and brown trans women, has been exacerbated by the covid-19 epidemic. 2020 has been the most fatally violent year for Black and Brown Trans & Gender Non-Conforming people. 41 deaths have been reported so far. This number is believed to be even higher, because many stories go unreported or misreported.Queer & Transphobia, along with Capitalism, Misogyny and Racism are part of the white supremacist legacy of colonialism. One of the proven ways that we can fight

  • 2020 12 15

    2020 12 15


    sent $$$ this week to Norcal Resist’s Bail Fund.norcalresist.orgnote from @juicesacramento: “Law enforcement is actively allowing proud boys roam our city looking for activists to jump. Law enforcement arrests the victims of brutal attacks, and allows attackers to go free. Once again law enforcement has shown they are not here to protect the community. Instead they protect property and uphold white supremacy. We must stand up against The corrupt systems that are holding us down. Donate to @norcal_resist to support the movement.”DOWNLOAD RECORDINGsubscribe to the podcast here: by omar)Shutups “Looks Like Lemons” The Fourth EP by ShutupsPicky Bunches “Able To” 3PGeneral Baby “Wishy Washin’” Chicken by the SeaPhet Phet “Bass and Drugs” Beach Desperatespring onion “i dreamed a dream” i did my taxes for free onlinenamesake “Lavender” 4 songsHeavy Steps “Trash Wednesday&rdq

  • 2020 12 08

    2020 12 08


    sent $$$ this week to Save the Omni /“Four years ago, the collectives that make up the Omni Commons obtained a loan to purchase the building at 4799 Shattuck Avenue in North Oakland. Since then, we have offered event space to the wider community and workspace to collectives on a sliding-scale basis. The Shelter-in-Place order issued in mid-March in response to the pandemic, as well as subsequent restrictions, have prohibited the gatherings that rent our event space and provide half of the income to make our monthly loan payments and keep the Omni Commons open.We have been able to keep the building open for the essential services that some of our collectives provide to the community. Additionally, we collaborated in forming the North Oakland Mutual Aid Drive together with other community organizations. The Omni has become a local distribution site for the curbside and low-income communities, disproportionately people of color, in North Oakland. We’re using our

  • 2020 12 01

    2020 12 01


    sent $$$ this week to TAJA’s Coalition - Trans* Activists for Justice and /“In order to end the violence, we empower our community in navigating housing, medical services, legal services, and the workplace. We organize Trans women of color to demand better services from our city by advocating for themselves and for each other. We regularly train agencies in the SF Bay Area to broaden their understanding of Trans communities and on ways to make their services safe and welcoming to Trans people of color.This coalition came together in response to the murder of Taja Gabriella de Jesus, a community member who was killed in February 2015 by her partner in San Francisco. We do this work in her name because we are not willing to lose any other members of our community due to anti-trans violence.We understand how important it is to promote leadership, to increase collaboration, and to strengthen the capacity of Trans communities and organizations to end tra

  • 2020 11 24

    2020 11 24


    sent $$$ this week to Brown Recluse Zine Distro in addition to buying a bunch of“Brown Recluse was created to support + center zines written by queer and trans people of color. Brown Recluse was born in the spirit of visibility + in the spirit of celebrating our cultures. Brown Recluse exists to strengthen our ties + highlight our intersectional, relatable experiences. Collective members read submissions, print zines, run social media, send out orders, write descriptions, table events around the country, answer emails, hustle money, and deal with all the day to day operations. BRZD has operated out of Coast Salish and now Ohlone Lands.”DOWNLOAD RECORDINGsubscribe to the podcast here: by omar)Cat Cat “Slime” Treeshigh bloom “halloween” implied sunGABI “two e’s” crushes.Cassie Lopez “lying to ya” cowboyThe Baddest Beams “I Can’t Die” It’s A Curse!T

  • 2020 11 17

    2020 11 17


    sent $$$ this week to the Sacramento Neighbor Sleeping Bag and Tent /“Sacramento Neighbor is a community organization committed to serving the people of Sacramento. Through the Sacramento Neighbor Program, we believe it is our duty to love and care for our neighbors - and we have chosen to do so by providing mutual aid to our community in the spirit of the Revolution!Sacramento Neighbor is made up of a group of Sacramento Area community members who share a common goal of distributing needed food, supplies, and services to unhoused and other members of our community. Sacramento Neighbor was formed to organize and grow ongoing community work at a large-scale.Twice a month (mid-month and end-of-month), Sacramento Neighbor organizes food and supply distributions for our unhoused community and other community members who are often ignored and neglected via the Sacramento Neighbor Program. We also partner with local neighborhood groups and non-profit organizations wh

  • 2020 11 10

    2020 11 10


    sent $$$ this week to North Oakland Mutual“The number one request from last Free Store and yesterday’s distro were TENTS ! We got all our inventory of tents out to the community yesterday, so today we’re asking for donations so that we can purchase a supply of tents to offer at this Sunday’s Free Store!We’re trying to buy a minimum of 10 tents at $25 each, plus adding a buffer for sales tax. Any extra money raised will buy more tents!”DOWNLOAD RECORDINGsubscribe to the podcast here: by omar)Bacchae “Burn” BacchaeFractal (Ptero)dactyl “A Very Short Tail” Fractal (Ptero)dactylHavania Whaal “Spiral Out” Elaborate Minor CrisisSpecial Moves “I Don’t Have Any Other Words” AprilBaby Jessica “Perfect Yann” Naked SolidarityHeavy Pockets “Radical Truth” Pure Evilyee grlz “imposter syndrome” brainwashedthe root bee

  • 2020 11 03

    2020 11 03


    sent $$$ this week to Oakland Workers“We are a group of Oakland food service workers led by BIPOC + QTPOC womxn and non-binary people who have been drastically affected by the COVID-19 crisis, the Bay Area shelter-in-place and statewide business closures. We represent hourly workers including bussers, hosts, dishwashers, line cooks, servers, baristas, prep cooks, and more. It is our mission to support, uplift, and aid fellow Oakland food service workers and their families during this global pandemic.Hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops and catering companies have all shut down or drastically reduced hours due to the COVID-19 crisis, leaving thousands of Oakland food service workers unemployed and without means to pay their bills + rent!! In some cases, businesses-including restaurant kitchens-have continued to operate, leaving their staff with the unfair choice of risking their health/their family/their community’s health and safety in order to work for p

  • 2020 10 27

    2020 10 27


    sent $$$ this week to the Indigenous Women Rising Abortion“Indigenous Women Rising is committed to honoring Native & Indigenous People’s inherent right to equitable and culturally safe health options through accessible health education, resources, and advocacy.This abortion fund is open to all Indigenous people in the United States and Canada who have the capacity to become pregnant and seeking an abortion in the United States.”DOWNLOAD RECORDINGsubscribe to the podcast here: by omar)thanks for coming “human being” back at it againGrave School “Jason” Strange RoutineSkelevision “Baby Jelly” WaveVision: The Onenessvbleu “hero” Monoculture EPcruel sport “left said” shoelacestender perennial “oops i did it again” 2018 demofirst pet “stretch mark” fuck pop noodlesFime “S.O.S.” Dininganna ladd “kohl’s cash” glory daysMan Made Hill &

  • 2020 10 20

    2020 10 20


    sent $$$ this week to BlackOUT“Join The BlackOUT Collective for a free virtual training on Action Safety, De-escalation, and Physical and Digital Security. The training will be offered three times during the month of October (10/20, 10/22, 10/27) so make sure you register for a session and share with your comrades!BlackOUT Collective is a radical full service direct action organization. We build organizations’ capacity to execute creative and effective direct actions in service of their organizing and advocacy work. We do this through providing personalized direct action trainings and on the ground action support. We see ourselves as a “Liberation Lab"- a container for experimentation, deep space visioning and learning.The BlackOUT Collective’s mission is to train 10,000 black people in the next 4 years to be direct action practitioners and strategist through campaign, abolitionist and rapid response frameworks. Given BlackOUT Collective’s analy

  • 2020 10 13

    2020 10 13


    sent $$$ this week to DEFEND OODHAM LAND Bail“Tohono O'odham, Akimel O'odham and Hia-Ced O'odham tribes have thrived and existed in the Sonoran Desert long before borders were established in the so called Americas. The U.S / Mexico international border cuts through ancestral O'odham homelands. Trumps border wall is now desecrating those homelands by blasting grave sites, depleting scarce water resources for construction, posing threats to endangered species and committing colonial violence on indigenous lives.O'odham land is being encroached upon by the Trump Border Wall.The wall itself symbolizes white supremacy, xenophobia & disrespects ancestral Tohono O'odham & Hia-ced O'odham land, natural resources, sovereignty & self-determination to protect their ancestral homelands.Funds are needed to support O'odham and allies as they protect their homelands from the devastation Trumps border wall poses to O'odham sacred sites and O'odham lives. Costs include; immediate bail rel

  • 2020 10 08

    2020 10 08


    sent $$$ this week to an internet music friend in some bands i like very much that is in need of a stable housing situation. help out if you can ! RECORDINGsubscribe to the podcast here: by omar)CONDITIONER “ALRIGHT” CONDITIONERVictory Shoes “Sundowning” OShady Bug “Toughest Part” tbh idkPlush World TV “Besame” Virgen LoveAdrian Teacher and the Subs “Anxious Love” Anxious LoveComfy “Heart of Hearts” Thanks For the Rideif i die in mississippi “mushy” holographic heartacheBEUATIUFL “i sent an email to myself that said” a lovely angelbenno, va “#3” sketches #1-5Collate “Eyes” Material InspectionMrs Dangerous “The First Bear to Become a News Anchor” Sleepless (improvised doodles of songs)Nanny “Time Theft” NowhereThe Switzerlands “Speedlust” Anthology ‘16-'18Planted “I’m Alive (I

  • 2020 10 01

    2020 10 01


    sent $$$ this week to the Bay Area Workers“We are Bay Area Workers Support, a peer-led, resource organization. We work for the health, safety, and livelihoods of people in the sex trade. In the face of criminalization, stigma, and inadequate resources, BAWS mobilizes. We harness our community power to provide material resources, information, advocacy, and support. We are building our community capacity, increasing our social support, making local partnerships, and bolstering our community care structures to bring strength, justice, and love to our communities.While our government is busy legislating against us, WE are organizing our resources and power to set up community care systems.It is our goal to provide sex worker communities:- Information & resources- Mutual aid- Strategic action around sex worker safety, media advocacy, and local policyBAWS recognizes and welcomes diversity among all sex workers. We believe in the importance and power of intersectionality w