Cdh Channel - Talking About Making A Difference And Having Your Say.


This podcast is a for people to have their say. Tell us about your company, charity, events and options. We will be a regular little podcast about disability issues and holidays. Join in!


  • Episode 3 Can Do Holidays Alliance

    Episode 3 Can Do Holidays Alliance


    This podcast covers: Accessible holidays, My travels The new edition of PosAbility magazine, Dementia Adventure Interview about Whizz kidz Your letters Events and dates for your diary Alliances with Avalon Freedom and holidays4the disabled Winning accessible property of the Month

  • Episode 2: Your views

    Episode 2: Your views


    Welcome to the 2nd edition of Can Do Holidays Podcast or CDH for short. I am Lisa Newton you host and the founder of CDH In this podcast we are talking about: SO CALLED ACCESSIBLE HOLIDAYS, The impact of the weather, PC words, events, Your stories, Holiday accommodation of the month what we will be talking about in the next podcast. If you would like to advertised on this podcast of be a sponsor of the month please e-mail or ring me. Please enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback.

  • Episode 1: Making a difference and having your say.

    Episode 1: Making a difference and having your say.


    Welcome welcome welcome to the first edition of Can Do Holidays pod cast and I'm delighted you've chosen to listen to me today. I am Lisa Newton the Founder of Can Do This Pod cast is for people who have an opinion and interest about disability/ability's. Have your say and find out what is going on in the big wide world. Get in contact and tell me your thoughts. xx