Shirvington Hannays is trained and certified in substance use, abuse and misuse; mental health and related illnesses, along with studies in population health and holistic health care innovations. Additionally certified and skilled in suicide ASIST First Aid, prevention and intervention; behavioural and personality disorders. He has also spent over 15 years in research and testing of a wide variety of psycho-spiritual belief and faith base systems, along with their approaches to therapies and healing. Which is reflected in his published motivational magazine articles; inspirational writings for his blog, podcasts; and twitter quotes across all major religions and promotes holistic and practical ways of everyday living, regardless of oneâ??s religious or spiritual belief system.
Shirvington would not say he has a favourite religious belief system but is drawn to the principles of Buddhism because of it psychological and practicality for application to responsible and mindfulness daily living. Thus trained in the area of Buddhism and Modern Psychology through the Princeton University. As a psycho-spiritual cognitive-behavioural therapist and change coach, he is specialized in the Five (5) Stages of Change Model and cognitive-behavioural therapies to motivate anyone seeking to change.
Also crossed trained in information technologies systemâ??s analysis and designs. He has more than twenty yearsâ?? experience working within major corporations. Including FedEx Inc. and IBM Inc., Canadian divisions as a consultant, specialized in end users technical support; DotCOM application implementation and support; and customer experience proactive planning and support. Which he has combined and applied to the online and mobile operations of
In his spare time, is an avid indie filmmaker; creative writer; and theatre director. With a strong commitment to community involvement and voluntarism, he serves seasonally as a volunteer family literacy group facilitator and a residential counsellor in an open custody youth correctional facility. Currently serves as an on-call front line intake and assessment worker at a menâ??s emergency homeless shelter and as a volunteer on various not-for-profit community board of directors.

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