Purpose-centered Life: A Plan For Authentic Living


Bring to light your cherished principles, values, hopes and dreams into a personal plan for authentic living. This is the counter concept to "the purpose-driven life." There is an art to making meaning that isn't taught in any school, church, boardroom or home. Get weekly lessons that help you turn your passion into action and your principles into a life plan you can sustain. Learn how to fill your days with meaning, stop procrastinating, and bring new richness to everything you do.Join Eric Maisel, family therapist, creativity coach and bestselling author, as he spells out the art of making meaning. Life is as worthwhile as you make it. Banish meaninglessness by working some existential magic! If the atheist, rationalist, secular-humanist, skeptical, free-thinking, or existential tradition appeals to you, you will especially appreciate Maisels insights.Learn how to invest meaning, where to put it, how to withdraw it, and what returns you should expect from this practice. Picture one of your typically busy days, where a lot gets done with no sense of accomplishment. Now picture that day transformed, artfully redesigned so that you experience islands of meaning in a sea of hurry.Get your values and your life aligned!Open up to new meaning opportunities!Understand the language of meaning and the dynamics of meaning and learn how to avoid going down the tubes when bad luck strikes.Consciously decide what you want to value and keep on top of your meaning priorities.Meaning is a lens through which to view life: focus your lens on an intentional life.


  • See archives for more.

    See archives for more.


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  • PCL 040: Incantation 10: I Am Equal To This Challenge

    PCL 040: Incantation 10: I Am Equal To This Challenge

    31/01/2009 Duración: 07min

    Today’s episode is episode 13 of the Ten-Second Centering Series We regularly get uncentered in anticipation of doing something that strikes us as hard to do. The thought of that unpleasant task raises our anxiety level, which immediately uncenters us. For many of us, an awful lot of the tasks we face feel hard to do, whether it’s straightening out the garage, talking to our children about their school performance, staying married to our spouse, or getting up to go to work. The more that the things we do feel like a strain and heavy lifting, the more uncentered we remain. Incantation 10 helps remind us that we are indeed equal to these many challenges.

  • PCL 039: Incantation 9: I Am Open To Joy

    PCL 039: Incantation 9: I Am Open To Joy

    24/01/2009 Duración: 09min

    Today’s episode is episode 12 of the Ten-Second Centering Series Joy is the word we use for a certain deep, delicious feeling that sometimes arises in us just because the sun is shining and it feels good to be alive. But because of our frenetic pace, our worried mind, our existential difficulties, and our culture’s injunctions against ecstatic experience, joy is in remarkably short supply. How many times a day do you experience joy? Probably very few—and maybe even none. How often do the people around you look joyously transported? Seldom, I’ll bet—and maybe even never. Use Incantation 9 to bring more joy into your life!

  • PCL 038: Incantation 8: I Make My Meaning

    PCL 038: Incantation 8: I Make My Meaning

    20/12/2008 Duración: 10min

    Today’s episode is episode 11 of the Ten-Second Centering Series Centering and meaning are connected. If your days don’t feel meaningful, an uncentering restlessness and boredom set in, along with existential anxiety and, eventually, a bout of depression. Incantation 8 can prove a great help to you in this regard, because it reminds you of meaning’s central secret, that it is a thing to be made and not found. The metaphor of “seeking meaning” is outdated and no longer viable. There is no meaning to find. There is only the meaning we make.