Uplift Our Youth



Specifically designed for teens to young adults (and parents), this shows main focus is on the Law of Attraction and how to use it to create a joyful and fun-filled life. The Law of Attraction states that "like attracts like," meaning that what you are thinking and feeling today equals what you will see and live tomorrow. We intend to also explore alternative healing treatments, esoteric teachings, and other metaphysical/spiritual ideas that will allow you to glimpse outside of mainstream thinking. So come co-create and have fun with us as we investigate the laws of the universe that are sure to empower you for your entire life!

Show hosts Shante & Bridgette are dedicated to bringing uplifting and enlightening information to those who are ready and willing to live their highest path.


  • EFT & Breathing Meditations

    23/09/2010 Duración: 01h00s
  • An Hour With Rama

    19/08/2010 Duración: 01h00s
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

    12/08/2010 Duración: 01h00s
  • Reassessing New Year, New You

    22/07/2010 Duración: 01h01min
  • What's on our minds?

    08/07/2010 Duración: 01h00s
  • Rama Returns

    17/06/2010 Duración: 01h00s
  • Finding your life's Purpose

    27/05/2010 Duración: 01h00s
  • Meditation: Insight Found Inside

    20/05/2010 Duración: 01h00s
  • Ever New Joy With Rama

    13/05/2010 Duración: 01h00s
  • Reading Is "Fun"damental

    29/04/2010 Duración: 30min
  • Core Beliefs

    08/04/2010 Duración: 45min
  • Joy Of Visualizations

    25/03/2010 Duración: 01h00s
  • "Receiving" Your Good

    11/03/2010 Duración: 30min
  • "Believing" In Yourself And Your Dreams

    04/03/2010 Duración: 30min
  • "Ask" for what you want

    11/02/2010 Duración: 30min
  • Law of Attraction

    28/01/2010 Duración: 30min
  • New Year, New Voice, Your Future

    15/01/2010 Duración: 30min