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  • Season 2 Episode 4: It’s a Winter Classic Special!

    Season 2 Episode 4: It’s a Winter Classic Special!


    It’s been a while, but the boys from Bruins&2Beers are back and for the first time in the same studio (kitchen)!  On this installment we discuss the upcoming winter classic, the B’s return to form and hunt down the legendary Heady Topper.  We also welcome Rick “Nifty” Middleton aboard Thorty and Tuukka’s Love Boat. Give … Continue reading Season 2 Episode 4: It’s a Winter Classic Special!

  • Season 2 Episode 3

    Season 2 Episode 3


    Holy smokes, the boys from Bruinsand2Beers are back for another week!  On this episode Matt and Kyle drink a few beers, discuss how the 2015/16 B’s stack up statistically against prior seasons, gush over Loui and welcome Lyndon Byers aboard Thorty and Tuukka’s Love Boat.  As always, you can find us on twitter @bruinsand2beers. *editor’s note: … Continue reading Season 2 Episode 3

  • Season 2 Episode 2

    Season 2 Episode 2


    On this week’s episode of Bruinsand2Beers the guys drink beer, attempt to make sense of a rocky start to the season for the B’s and further explore a fledgeling collective man crush on Kevin Miller.  Give it a listen and follow us on twitter @bruinsand2beers!

  • Season 2 Episode 1

    Season 2 Episode 1


    At long last the boys are back!  It’s been a long and busy summer and we’re back (with actual microphones this time)and ready to talk hockey and drink a few beers. On this week’s episode we discuss offseason moves, preview the season, gush over the return of Jagr’s mullet and welcome Sergei “Mighty Mouse” Samsonov aboard … Continue reading Season 2 Episode 1

  • Episode 7!

    Episode 7!


    OMG the guys from Bruinsan2Beers are back!  We needed a few weeks to cope with missing the playoffs but no need to worry, we’re back and better than ever.  On this weeks installment the boys drink beers, Kyle sings Frozen and they ultimately end up discussing the NHL playoffs, attempt to put a positive spin on an exciting … Continue reading Episode 7!

  • Episode 6!

    Episode 6!


    The Boys are back with another installment of Bruinsand2Beers, the People’s Bruins Pod.  On this week’s episode we feature some tasty local New England brews, discuss healthy line combinations, Brett Connolly’s ceiling and potential, playoff predictions and first round matches as well as unconventional Eastern European offseason training regimens.  Additionally we welcome fan favorite PJ … Continue reading Episode 6!

  • Episode 5!

    Episode 5!


    OMG, we’re back yet again with episode 5 of Bruinsand2Beers!  On this week’s installment we recap an exciting week in Bruins land, discuss scoreboard watching etiquette, ice time, and our love of Pasta and Spoons.  We also welcome aboard an exciting and controversial new member of Thorty and Tuukka’s Love Boat.  As always, this week is slightly … Continue reading Episode 5!

  • Episode 4!

    Episode 4!


    Ladies and Gentlemen we’re back again!  On this weeks installment we continue on our quest for acceptable mediocrity discussing the dismal week that was, inconsistent play, defensive pairings, the playoff picture, David Kreji’s impending return and podcast pants etiquette.  Finally we channel a bit of 2011 spirt by welcoming Tim Thomas aboard Thorty and Tuukka’s … Continue reading Episode 4!

  • Episode 3!

    Episode 3!


    Bruinsand2Beers is back for thirds!  In this weeks installment we talk power play, Tuukka time, Marchy’s tackle and Adam “Lone Wolf” McQuaid enters our hypothetical Thunderdome to battle a large mammal.  Boner talk is down from last week but fear not ladies and gentlemen we more than make up for it with this week’s inductee to the … Continue reading Episode 3!

  • Episode 2!

    Episode 2!


    We’re back with episode 2 of Bruins&2Beers!  On this week’s installment we recap the week that was, look ahead to a tough weekend road trip, discuss the 4th line, defensive tactics and awkward high school boners.  We also welcome Hal Gill aboard Thorty and Tuukka’s prestigious love boat.  Give it a listen, it’s slightly less … Continue reading Episode 2!