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Unsolved Mysteries and Paranormal Events from a Biblical Evangelical perspective


  • HRR 03 – Ghosts  Spirit Guides

    HRR 03 – Ghosts & Spirit Guides


    Due to the popularity of paranormal investigation shows like Ghost Hunters, amateur ghost hunting has become rampant in recent years. We’ve moved past the late night seances at a friend’s sleepover to becoming actual hobbyists who work during the day … Continue reading →

  • HRR 02 – Eastern Invasion

    HRR 02 – Eastern Invasion


    (Ganesh/a) Since the 60’s and perhaps earlier, Eastern Mysticism has been creeping into our schools, places of business, and perhaps more alarmingly- even into our churches. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, the influence of Eastern Religions has steadily grown in nearly … Continue reading →

  • HRR 01 – Sleep Paralysis

    HRR 01 – Sleep Paralysis


      Welcome to the very first episode of Highway Robbery Radio. Tonight we’re going to be talking about something that has haunted mankind for as long as we’ve been hauntible. It’s been called many different names in various parts of … Continue reading →