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Welcome to Your Toddler, the last in the series of Bounty guides designed to bring you expert help and advice on pregnancy and parenting. We hope youre still enjoying all the benefits of being a Bounty Club member.We have put together this guide especially for parents of one to three year olds. In this podcast series we talk about toddler development, from those first steps to potty training. Listen on to find out more about nutrition, sleep, safety and tantrums, and enjoy those precious toddler years.Dont forget, for more tips and advice, just visit to chat to other mums like you. You can trust Bounty for the right advice at the right time. This podcast was recorded and produced by All material is copyright.


  • Toddler development

    Toddler development


    During the second year, your toddler will continue to learn new skills every day. Here's how to keep up with her new achievements and keep her safe.

  • Home safety

    Home safety


    Your toddler will see your whole house as her playground and beyond, if she gets out of that door. So it's up to you to set limits on where she goes.

  • Food



    The toddler month provide an opportunity to encourage healthy eating and teeth-cleaning habits that will last a lifetime. We show you how...

  • Health



    Sleep and teeth problems can cause as much disruption in the toddler years as the baby ones, but as least now your toddler can talk to you about it!

  • Holidays



    It's a good idea to give some thought to child's safety when planning a holiday whether it be summer or winter.

  • Toddler toys

    Toddler toys


    Play is how toddlers learn, and their toys have an important role in this. That needn't mean a lot of expense, and a few toys will prove a good investment.

  • Out and about

    Out and about


    Remember that other people's homes may not be as 'toddler-proof' as yours; keep a careful watch on your toddler to make sure he doesn't get into danger.

  • Playtime



    While he's playing, he's learning. You can be the best teacher your child will ever have and it can be done through play.

  • Tantrums



    Tantrums can start before the 'terrible twos' and are easier to cope with when you know why they happen. Here we tell you all you need to know.

  • Potty training

    Potty training


    The 'right' time depends on the child. Here's how to tell when your child is ready and how to take the best steps to dry days... and then dry nights.