What Do You Do?



Ever get into those situations, usually on an airplane, where someone asks you, "So...what do you do?" just before you were about to put your headphones in?Well I'm usually that guy. My name is David Kendall Casey and I host the podcast, "What Do You Do?" I interview everyone from all walks of life simply to find out what it is that they do, and not just for a living.As annoying as that guy is, more often than not, he walks away with a new career option, a hobby, a cocktail party fact, and everything in between. After listening to the podcast, maybe, maybe, you will too. Enjoy!Get show notes and more at WDYDpodcast.wordpress.com


  • 1. What Does an SLP Do?

    1. What Does an SLP Do?

    27/05/2017 Duración: 01h06min

    27 May 2017 In attempting to find out what an SLP does, I spoke with Debbie Casey (yes, relation) who knows a whole lot about what ails one of the most integral parts that makes us human: Speech. My research coming into the podcast was intensive; I watched The King's Speech a whopping one and a half times, so pardon my expert knowledge on the topic. The audio on my end, as I found out after recording the podcast, could have been a lot better. However, Debbie's content on SLP is hopefully enough to make up for it. Enjoy the sweet irony of a podcast on speech disorders while my new host skills reveal I may, in fact, have one.

  • 0. Intro to WDYD

    0. Intro to WDYD

    27/05/2017 Duración: 01min

    Introduction to "What Do You Do?" Notes on WDYD's content, future, and contact info. Enjoy!