Out Of The Comfort Zone



There is no growth in comfort and no comfort in growth. Business today typically values and promotes leaders for their subject expertise. Leaders who have command of the details and execute based on knowledge and experience are highly respected. However, to grow as a leader you have to get out of your comfort zone that means learning to lead without just being the expert. Learn to gain the trust and respect of a team that might know more than you do. Get comfortable with ambiguity and with not having all the information. Develop the skills and confidence to lead in a different way. For female leaders, subject expertise is usually the source of their confidence. Learning to lead outside your comfort zone is one step for breaking through the glass ceiling. The shows purpose is to give you tips on how can you develop the capability to lead to get out of your comfort zone?


  • Insights from Mentors with Scott Miller

    19/11/2021 Duración: 56min

    Often there are people who have an influence on our lives, our thinking and our careers. We call these people mentors whether they know their impact or not. Interviewing leading thinkers on a weekly basis means that you meet a lot of mentors who leave you with key insights. Tune in to hear the mentors my guest has met and the lessons he has abstracted from a few key individuals.

  • Good Talk with Daniel Stillman

    12/11/2021 Duración: 56min

    Conversations are ultimately essential for business – maybe for life as well. Some conversations are exciting and inspiring, some are difficult and others cover a whole range of emotions. Ineffective meetings, where most conversations happen, cost $37 billion a year. Tune in if you want to know how to have better conversations, breakthrough conversations and effective meetings.

  • How to Inspire and Engage with Joel Schwartzberg

    05/11/2021 Duración: 56min

    Your job as a leader is to inspire and engage people. Communication is the means of accomplishing those goals. What do you need to do differently to inspire and engage more? Tune in to hear how.

  • Achieving Audacious Goals with Brad Borkan

    29/10/2021 Duración: 56min

    In history, leaders have achieved incredible goals usually in spite of a lot of public criticism and strong oppositon. The advantage of looking at history is that we know the results, often decades later, had the impact the leader had hoped it would, perhaps even more so. For example consider the building of the Panama Canal. It was a near disaster and it costs lots of lives, but the ultimate impact has been enormous. How did the leader perserve, what kept him going and what really led to success? The lessons are powerful for today.

  • Becoming a Leader with Angie Morgan

    22/10/2021 Duración: 56min

    Whether you manage a team or not, you are leading when you influence people and outcomes. How do you become a spark in your organization regardless of your title and seniority? How do you create a culture of accountability and feedback? How do you create alignment? Tune in to hear these are more.

  • Work Made Fun with Bob Nelson

    15/10/2021 Duración: 56min

    Have you stopped to think about how much fun you have at work or how much fun your team would like to have? What would be the impact on productivity and engagement if you increased the amount of fun? How can you do so even if you are not a funny person? Tune in to hear why and how.

  • Influence and Woo with Richard Shell

    08/10/2021 Duración: 58min

    This is the second in a two-part series on influence. You have decided what needs to happen; now how do you “sell the idea” or even yourself? Tune in to hear what research and experience says are the key factors in your ultimate outcome.

  • Conscience with Richard Shell

    01/10/2021 Duración: 57min

    This is the first of a two part series on influence. We begin with looking at the toughest cases of influence – those that put pressure on you to go against your core values whether that’s because everyone else is doing so, because no one else has spoken up or because a person of power is applying pressure. How do you think through these situations? What do you do? Tune in to evaluate your approach to your ethics.

  • Talking to People Who Drive You Crazy with Mark Goulston

    24/09/2021 Duración: 55min

    Everyone at some point deals with team members, peers and even bosses who act “crazy”, irrational and even hostile. It’s the biggest source of stress at work. What can you do to talk to someone who is acting crazy and without becoming crazy yourself? Tune in to hear insightful tactics.

  • Leading with Allison Arzeno

    17/09/2021 Duración: 57min

    In this interview with an entrepreneurial leader, we focus on the leadership journey, the transition from being the expert to leading at a larger scale and the experiences and insights along the way. Tune in to be inspired about your own career.

  • Facilitating Breakthroughs with Adam Kahane

    10/09/2021 Duración: 54min

    When there is tension and conflict, what can you do to facilitate a better conversation and reach a breakthrough? Tune in to hear more about why facilitation is essential for managing conflict and how you can get better.

  • Tough Conversations with Roberta Matuson

    03/09/2021 Duración: 57min

    Regardless where you work or what your level of responsibility, everyone has to have a tough conversation occasionally from finding the courage to ask for a raise to saying no or dealing with a difficult peer. Tune in to learn how to have these difficult conversations in the best way possible.

  • The Culture Puzzle with Mario Moussa

    13/08/2021 Duración: 58min

    Where ever you work, whatever you are trying to accomplish in your business, culture comes first. Tune in to hear why that is true and to learn what to you can do to foster a better culture.

  • Saving Face with Maya Hu-Chan

    06/08/2021 Duración: 55min

    Whereever you work, you probably interact and collaborate with people from a range of cultures. What do you need to do to insure that you are being culturally aware and helping people “save face”? Tune in to learn what this concept really means, what it doesn’t mean and what you can do be a great colleague, fabulous leader in all cultures.

  • Inclusive Cultures with Stefanie Johnson

    30/07/2021 Duración: 01h02min

    As a leader, you know the value of hiring great talent – talent with diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds. The power of the team you have assembled now depends on your ability to create an inclusive culture which balances uniqueness with belonging. What does that look like? What do you need to do? How can you take steps today to move in the right direction? Tune in to hear more about the latest research and advice.

  • Changing Culture with Kevin Oakes

    23/07/2021 Duración: 56min

    Many leaders talk about changing the culture of their organizations. Few succeed. Tune in to learn about best practices of the companies that do succeed along with advice on how to return to the office and not destroy your culture.

  • Convergence with Deborah Westphal

    16/07/2021 Duración: 56min

    There are so many forces shaping the future of your business. What are they? What’s unique today? How are they impacting you as a leader? What does it mean for how you interact with customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the larger community? Tune in to hear more.

  • Mental Health and Anxiety at Work with Adrian Gostick

    09/07/2021 Duración: 56min

    Increasingly, headlines are noting the impact of the last year on mental health. Employees are quitting in record numbers. Every level within the organization seems to be experiencing higher stress than the year before. What is happening? What can you do about it as a leader? How do you build a culture that minimizes anxiety and supports mental health? Tune to hear more.

  • Meaningful Work with Wes Adams and Tamara Myles

    02/07/2021 Duración: 57min

    The current corporate trend is to articulate a purpose statement as a way to provide a sense of meaning and purpose for employees, to create pride in the company and to connect with customers. Having a sense of purpose does seem to be an important part of feeling connected to and having a sense of fulfillment from the work you do. From a comprehensive study, we can now identify 10 principles that are important for making work meaningful. I think you will be both surprised by the results and not surprised at the same time.

  • Selling Virtually with Jeb Blount

    25/06/2021 Duración: 01h02min

    Whether you are a salesperson, a leader or an individual contributor, you are selling something all the time – a product/service, your capability, your idea or even your personality. And in these times, all of that “selling” is happening virtually. We have no option but to master how to convince people in a virtual setting. Tune in to hear how and learn the secrets from the experts?

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