Great Movie Challenge



The greatest Podcast ever about movies, life and the pursuit of beverages! LISTEN to talk about movies! TASTE the challenge! your on your own with that one. if you listen to one podcast in your life..well thats silly stop that. listen to the great movie challenge and feel better about your life!!


  • Malcolm Xmas

    Malcolm Xmas

    24/12/2017 Duración: 01h28min

    only once a year can a podcast throw a party, invite everyone from adult film stars to ufo specialists and call it a christmas special. plagued by audio difficulties and drunken guests this is a podcast to remember. dont wait until christmas to open this up!

  • Oceans Eleven

    Oceans Eleven

    20/11/2017 Duración: 01h05min

    The great movie challenge is back and better than ever. well better than not being back. we have comedienne Lisa Corrao joining us to help us with the movie "the thing" along with random thoughts about love robots, crying at comedy clubs and more. if you listen to just one podcast then expand your horizons for gods sake and listen to this one too! you wont regret it!