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An art history podcast brought to you by hallucinogens with Maddalena De Beni, Suerynn Lee, Grant Lindahl and Lizzy Mazzucchelli.Intro by Nerve Leak


  • Interview - Lisa Hammer

    Interview - Lisa Hammer

    16/05/2017 Duración: 58min

    Filmmaker, musician, and actress Lisa Hammer spoke to us about her awesome life. From her very early films made possible by editing video for an s&m company to her career as a medieval shoegaze singer and so much more! 1:00 "That kids going places” - how Lisa feels about Grant 4:30 Lisa went to Emerson College 9:30 Lisa loves silent and exploitation films 12:30 Bizarre Video - editing s&m 15:20 "On God’s Day he would write porno descriptions” 16:00 Pus Bucket 18:30 Lisa got prison mail! 24:30 Pox 25:30 Lisa moved to LA and worked at THX 27:00 Star Wars inside gossip 32:20 Lisa falls in love! 36:30 Requiem in White 37:55 Metallica dug it 41:50 We listen to Lisa’s new track! 43:10 Maybe Sunshine 46:30 Fuck cancer 51:00 Wilson Arts Diversified 54:30 Cleaning human feces and needles

  • Beatrice Wood

    Beatrice Wood

    25/04/2017 Duración: 30min

    This is a backlog episode that we decided to release in conjunction with the Duchamp episode released recently. Beatrice Wood was a muse and collaborator of Marcel Duchamp and Henri-Pierre Roche. This episode is primarily about her relationship with the Avant Garde movement, specifically Dada. And honestly what it was like being a fun and cool woman in the early 1900s. 1:30 Who is Beatrice Wood? 3:00 She trembled at Manet... 6:50 Edgard Varese (the man with the broken leg) 8:30 Blind Man Magazine 9:00 Roche’s entrance 13:25 Un Peu D'eau dans du savon 15:15 Roche's exit 16:30 Vaudeville 17:20 The man who falls off tables 18:20 If I am killed, Paul has done it 18:50 Reginald Pole 20:50 Have you ever had a one night stand where you brushed a stranger’s teeth? 22:40 Byron fell out of love when he saw the woman he loves eating 25:00 Beatrice talks about her pottery 27:00 I Shock Myself 28:00 Rose DeWitt

  • Interview - Leslie Xia

    Interview - Leslie Xia

    18/04/2017 Duración: 34min

    Graphic Designer Leslie Xia sits down with us to talk about her experience at MICA, teen magazine aesthetic and her childhood. :50 This is the Vice Mice Podcast 4:30 Leslie and Grant went to school together! 5:00 Leslie was a child spy 7:00 I THINK they're talking about GOYA 8:30 Cooper Union has a stressful application process 11:30 Stop motion animation wunderkind 15:15 "Use the grid and you’ll figure it out" 16:00 J14 is unapologetic 19:45 Entering the SPD student design competition 21:00 Leslie skateboards into VICE everyday ;) 24:00 Working towards the Cooper Union Typography Intensive 27:00 Look out for Xia Tea (hehehehe) 28:15 Grant is reading a lot of Steven King 31:00 Say Their Name!! >>

  • 12 Minutes with - Marcel DuChamp

    12 Minutes with - Marcel DuChamp

    11/04/2017 Duración: 16min

    The Dropout Gang discusses the entire lifework of Marcel Duchamp in only 10 minutes. 0:20 Welcome Suerynn! 3:00 Duckboat is a good band name 5:20 Marcel Duchamp was, YES, a well known chess player 6:45 Marcel Duchamp was a shy guy 7:30 Nude Descending a Staircase 8:10 Retinal art // bad 10:30 Marcel Duchamp the bad boy of the art world 11:15 Dada 12:20 The Readymades 13:30 "The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even” or as Suerynn likes to call it “Face Torture” 14:30 “Imma play chess” - Marcel Duchamp 15:15 Étant donnés