Anchorage Memories



Anchorage Memories is a fun collection of stories about life in the last frontier.


  • The 4th Avenue Theater - Hold the Butter

    The 4th Avenue Theater - Hold the Butter


    A most embarrassing moment while on a date at the 4th Avenue Theater in downtown Anchorage, Alaska

  • Falling Down the Stairs

    Falling Down the Stairs


    Michael R Dougherty tells his fun story "Falling Down the Stairs" about the time Mike and his family were living in a small log cabin with a steep set of stairs in Wasilla, Alaska.

  • The Oil Soaked Waiter

    The Oil Soaked Waiter


    Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond, presents "The Oil Soaked Waiter." Have you ever changed your order in a restaurant because of the way your waiter looked?

  • The Popeye Effect

    The Popeye Effect


    "The Popeye Effect" by Michael R Dougherty, professional storyteller, writer and humorist tells the story of when 5 year old Mike tried to run through the wall of his families log cabin in Anchorage, Alaska - all because