Up And At Em With Jack And Ben



Good morning Twin Cities! Up and At Em! Jack Tomczak and Benjamin Kruse are here to wake you up with their entertaining take on current events.


  • 1048: Arbiter of Journalistic Ethics

    1048: Arbiter of Journalistic Ethics


    Local journalist snipe at each other on Twitter, the pillow guy recommends marshal law, and the most obscure and convoluted rules in sports.

  • 1047: Gary Backbacon

    1047: Gary Backbacon


    Diana Withers tells us why public schools should ask online schools for advice on distance learning. Plus, your voicemails.

  • 1046: Rapscallion

    1046: Rapscallion


    Ben and Matt discuss the finer points of ice fishing while the president gets impeached again.

  • 1045: Future Very Imperfect

    1045: Future Very Imperfect


    The mood inside the state legislature isn’t great given than most people aren’t at the Capitol. Plus, Right Up My Alley.

  • 1044: Polyclonal Response

    1044: Polyclonal Response


    Dr Mike reëxplains coronavirus variants. Plus, legislative online meeting shouting matches and more stolen police cars.

  • 1043: Hipster Chickens

    1043: Hipster Chickens


    Woodworking, online family reunions, and our core identities. Plus, the ethics of digital fish.

  • 1042: The Reverse Snow Day Scenario

    1042: The Reverse Snow Day Scenario


    Melissa Sauser shares why kids desperately need to get back into the classroom. Also, undercover postal inspectors and your voicemails.

  • 1041: Insurrection

    1041: Insurrection


    Ben reacts to the unfathomable coup attempt at our Nation’s Capitol.

  • 1040: Ketchup is Minnesota Spicy

    1040: Ketchup is Minnesota Spicy


    Senator Michelle Benson gives us a preview of the new legislative session and some stress baking tips.

  • 1039: Florum

    1039: Florum


    What do Bob Hope, Whitney Houston, and Abe Vigoda all have in common? Plus, the importance of open meeting laws.

  • 1038: You Don’t Wanna Have Empty Pockets When the Turnip Lady Shows Up

    1038: You Don’t Wanna Have Empty Pockets When the Turnip Lady Shows Up


    Ben returns for the new year with a better understanding of the Animal Crossing economy.

  • S20: Belated Christmas Voicemails

    S20: Belated Christmas Voicemails


    Ben fully committed to checking out this Christmas. Here's the voicemails you should have heard last week.

  • 1037: Speechless

    1037: Speechless


    Ben previews what we’ll be talking about in the new year, but not before you listeners do something that puts him at a loss for words.

  • 1036: The Cutting Edge

    1036: The Cutting Edge


    It has become apparent that Ben should have stopped recording shows a week ago.

  • 1035: You Can Add the Nuance

    1035: You Can Add the Nuance


    Senator Mark Koran is running for MnGOP chair. Plus, bad photoshop in scientific studies with Dr Mike Carpenter.

  • 1034: Flabbergasters

    1034: Flabbergasters

  • 1033: Outdoor Dining

    1033: Outdoor Dining


    Ben’s brain is broken, but he can still talk about The Fifth Element, puppies, jewelry ads, and NAND gates. Oh, and Governor Walz extended the lockdown.

  • 1032: Raw Meat Sandwich

    1032: Raw Meat Sandwich


    Ben and Barbara disagree on how to fight the pandemic, but they agree Walz screwed it up. Plus, a biblical Right Up My Alley.

  • 1031: Is 2022 the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime?

    1031: Is 2022 the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime?


    Political consultant Billy Grant and new MnGOP Secretary Dave Pascoe discuss how the 2020 election will change the strategies for 2022.

  • 1030: Twenty-First Century Fat-Ass

    1030: Twenty-First Century Fat-Ass


    Don Grant is old, he’s a man, and he loves newspapers.