Mortgage And Personal Debt Elimination



Tri-Star Consulting Group, LLC is a financial services company that provides through strategic partnership with Financial Freedom International, Inc and United Credit Education Services, Mortgage Acceleration, Personal Debt Elimination, Credit Education and Credit Restoration. On this show are main topics will be; how you can accelerate the pay off of your mortgage through the PayAccel HELOC strategy. We will also discuss the PayAccel Plus program which will help you pay off your personal debt in record time. These programs are not debt elimination or debt management programs. We will also interview representatives and owners of other types of debt programs to keep you informed on the different types of programs that are available. Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy.
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  • EPISODE12 - Mortgage and Personal Debt Elimination

    03/12/2007 Duración: 42min
  • EPISODE10 - Interview with the Entrepreneurial Pastor - Ced Reynolds

    15/09/2007 Duración: 37min
  • EPISODE8 - Interview with Steven Ciantro of American Debt Enders

    09/09/2007 Duración: 32min
  • EPISODE7 - Tri-Star Interview with Kelly Shelton, CEO of FFII

    02/09/2007 Duración: 29min
  • EPISODE6 - Mortgage and Personal Debt Elimination

    26/08/2007 Duración: 34min
  • EPISODE5 - Interview w/ Carlos Martinez - Operations Manager for FFII

    19/08/2007 Duración: 29min
  • EPISODE4 - Tri-Star Consulting Group, LLC

    12/08/2007 Duración: 26min
  • EPISODE3 - Intro to Tri-Star Consulting Group, LLC

    05/08/2007 Duración: 26min
  • EPISODE1 - Client Presentation

    07/06/2007 Duración: 13min