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  • The One With Sandra Bullock’s Marriage Failure

    The One With Sandra Bullock’s Marriage Failure


    This week’s episode of Pop Culture Therapy is sports focused (surprise, surprise!)  News: Vote on Healthcare in House of Reps No Mail on Saturdays?  – Mother Teresa Stamp Outrage Entertainment: Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James cheats Dancing with the Stars? Sports: Joe Mauer gets 23 million a year Tiger Woods back for Masters March Madness […]

  • The Bachelor Fiasco

    The Bachelor Fiasco


    In this week’s shortened episode we will discuss a few topics in the news & entertainment world.  News: Health Care Summit Sarah Palin on Tonight Show with Jay Leno Earthquakes: Chile v. Haiti Entertainment: The Bachelor The Razzies The Oscars Movie/Music Review The Bachelor Fiasco

  • The One With Southwest Airlines

    The One With Southwest Airlines


    It seems the second we finished last week’s podcast there was more news than we could handle coming in.  Here’s a list of the topics we will be covering this week: News: Kevin Smith v. Southwest Airlines Indiana Senator Bayh Small Airplane Crashes: Texas & California Entertainment: Barbara Walters ends Oscar Special Sports: Tiger Woods […]

  • The Olympic Special Part 2

    The Olympic Special Part 2


    In this three part series we will be going over a variety of topics pertaining to the Olympics.  In this week’s podcast we will discuss the following: Canada’s 1st Gold Medal  – Alexandre Bilodeau: Brother was inspiration Hockey Gold Medal Rematches  – Who is going to make it to the Gold Medal round this time?  – […]

  • The One With The Toyota Fallout

    The One With The Toyota Fallout


    There is A LOT of news going on around our country and around the world.  Protests, suicides, health concerns.  Interestingly enough, there seems to be entertainment stories that seem to have a broader reach than just US Weekly, so the entertainment section is more of a less hard hitting version of the news section.  Therefore, we decided […]

  • The Olympic Special Part 1

    The Olympic Special Part 1


    This is part one of our three part Olympic Special.  As you know, the games open this Friday with the Opening Ceremonies and end on Sunday, February 28th with the Men’s Hockey Gold Medal game (and ONLY that competition, says something about hockey in Canada, eh?)  This week we will be discussing the following topics to get […]

  • The One with the Grammy’s

    The One with the Grammy’s


    This week there seems to be so much going on we can’t even handle it.  Here’s the list of topics we’ll be discussing this Saturday. February 6, 2010 News/Politics: Punxsutawney Phil Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Supreme Court Ruling Entertainment: Grammy’s Oscar Nods Razzie Noms Sports: Super Bowl Ad Controversy Super Bowl Pro-Bowl Joe Mauer Signing […]

  • The One With All The Sports

    The One With All The Sports


    Welcome to our 2nd podcast.  In this episode we have guest commentator Jerry Mitchell joining us to offer some differing viewpoints and expertise on a variety of topics. January 30, 2010 Apple Tablet Haiti LOST Avatar Sports: Pro-Bowl Football OT Barack Obama commentating on Georgetown v. Duke game BCS Rules & Standings PGA & Tiger […]