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  • Stepping into the New

    Stepping into the New


    As we enter 2021 Ps. Matt shares encourages us that God is calling us into more life as we listen and respond to His call. Drawing from Joshua 1, he points out 5 key for stepping into the promised land and the ‘new’ that God has for us.

  • Stocktake Your Life

    Stocktake Your Life


    For the last message of 2020 Ps. Chris asks us "How often do we default to the culture that we live in rather than God's ways?" We are encouraged as we step into 2021 to do a stocktake of our lives and to be a 'Culture Challenger' just as Jesus was.

  • Immanuel - God With Us

    Immanuel - God With Us


    At our Christmas morning service we heard a very special message from Kim Berry. She unpacked the meaning of Immanuel - God With Us, and its significance not just during the festive season but in our every day.

  • He Does Reign

    He Does Reign


    Ps. Graham continues our He Shall Reign series taking a look back at the year of 2020 and challenging us on how we would personally sum up this year in the light of a God who reigns.

  • Living In Victory

    Living In Victory


    Ps. Andy continues our He Shall Reign series, and asks the question - Knowing that the victory has been won by Jesus, why do we still sometimes live like the war is not over?

  • Ive Had Enough

    I've Had Enough


    Ps. Andy unpacks the story of God's provision for Elijah from 1 Kings 19, and encourages us that when we've had enough - God is still enough for you.

  • What Is The Fruit You Will Be Known By?

    What Is The Fruit You Will Be Known By?


    Finishing up out Fruitful series, Ps. Graham asks the question "When your time on earth is finished, what is the fruit you will be known by?". We take a look at some of the 'Heroes of Faith' listed in Hebrews 11, and then at the life of our own founding pastor, ps. Hal Oxley.

  • The Comeback

    The Comeback


    In this season of life opening back up Ps. Andy asks the question, when we have been knocked down and we are ready for a comeback what do we do in that moment of critical decision?

  • Redeem the Time

    Redeem the Time


    Continuing our Fruitful series Ps. Chris takes a look at how over time our healthy and unhealthy decisions have an impact on how our 'fruit' looks.

  • Patience



    Continuing on in our Fruitful series, Nic focused on the fruit of Patience. She shared the need for followers to have both daily patience and long term endurance, and encouraged us that even during the times of waiting that nothing is wasted in God and there is opportunity for growth and purpose.

  • Fruit Power

    Fruit Power


    Continuing our Fruitful series, Ps. Andy looks at the difference between 'Cultural Kindness' and 'Christ Kindness' and encourages us that being kind is not just something we do, but is part of who we are in Christ.

  • Salt + Light

    Salt + Light


    Guest speaker Martyn Iles (Managing Director of ACL) delivered a brilliant message out of Matthew 5:3-16, and encouraged us that as followers of Christ we are different to make a difference.

  • Fruitfulness in Heaven from the Seeds Sown on Earth

    Fruitfulness in Heaven from the Seeds Sown on Earth


    Continuing our Fruitful series, Ps. Graham delivers a thought provoking message on the rewards and crowns received in heaven, and encourages us that the way we live our lives on earth will bring fruit in Heaven glorifying God.

  • Fruit for Generations

    Fruit for Generations


    Ps. Andy continues our Fruitful series encouraging the generations of our church that your do not graduate into purpose - it is always there, and that you may be able to retire from a job but you cannot retire from purpose!

  • Fruit of Love

    Fruit of Love


    For our Fruitful series, Ps. Chris takes a look at the fruit of a love that does not envy, is not self seeking, keeps no record of wrongs, does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth and always perserveres.

  • Peace



    With the second message in our Fruitful series, Ps. Nic shares about the importance of walking with the Holy Spirit to produce inward fruit in our lives. Focusing on the fruit of Peace she looks at how we are affected when we allow the peace of Jesus to rule our heart, guard our heart and calm us in any and every situation.

  • Fruit Bearers

    Fruit Bearers


    Beginning our new series 'Fruitful', Ps. Andy takes a look at our outward fruit-being good works, whose purpose is to be displayed and tasted. We are encouraged to be much fruit followers of Jesus!

  • Fathers Day

    Father's Day


    For our Father's Day message Ps. Matt encourages us to be present and proactive, to show and example what has value and to forgive and let people know they are forgiven.

  • Signs Of The Times

    Signs Of The Times


    Ps. Graham wraps up our Good News series unpacking the parable of the wise and foolish virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) and paralleling it with the times we find ourselves in.

  • Benefits of Bible Study - Part 2

    Benefits of Bible Study - Part 2


    Guest speaker Ps. Mark Hodgetts continues our Good News series with part 2 of The Benefits of Bible Study, unpacking the bibles ability to deter sin, deploy discernment, define beliefs, deepen character, develop growth, dilate faith, dispense power and determine destiny.

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