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  • The Good Work - 2

    The Good Work - 2


    Seek God Faithfully. Define Goals Clearly. Inspire People Passionately. Nehemiah 2:18 They said, “Let’s start rebuilding,” and their hands were strengthened to do this good work.

  • The Good Work - 1

    The Good Work - 1


    WHEN YOU CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE Sit down to cry—Kneel down to pray—Stand up and act! Check out the sermon video on YouTube:

  • Revelation 1921

    Revelation 19&21


    Joy to the World is not just a Christmas song.  Joy to the world is a song of anticipation because we know the Lord has come, and the Lord is coming back.  We lift our eyes to the hills, where does our help come from?  Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.  Have you lifted your eyes? Do you believe? Believe and look up!  The Bible says the returning King is coming quickly.  You might feel like Jesus is returning as slowly as an old man driving and looking at Christmas lights, but the Bible tells us to “Behold, Jesus is coming quickly.”  And every moment we have until His return is an opportunity to repent of our sins and go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born & Jesus Christ is Lord.  And when Jesus Christ returns there will finally be the peace on earth that we have been waiting for.  At long last there will be some true joy in this world.  Unending, unmistakable, unspeakable joy to the world.

  • Revelation 14 - Blessed are the dead…

    Revelation 14 - Blessed are the dead…


    Click here for the sermon video:

  • Revelation 12

    Revelation 12


    Charles Haddon Spurgeon ~ "There is something very comforting in the thought that the devil as an adversary. I would sooner have him for an adversary than for a friend.”

  • Al Johnson (Guest Speaker) Lead Pastor of The Well Community Church

    Al Johnson (Guest Speaker) Lead Pastor of The Well Community Church


    Isaiah's insights on the Child born unto us

  • Revelation 5:1-14

    Revelation 5:1-14


    (Heaven is real, relevant, redemptive & responsive) 

  • Revelation 3:14-22 (Lukewarm Laodicea)

    Revelation 3:14-22 (Lukewarm Laodicea)


    Lukewarm indifference doesn’t just break Jesus’ heart, it makes him want to vomit. Click here for the sermon video: 1. What was Jesus’ primary complaint against the believers in Laodicea? 2. What factors might have led to this complacency in the church? 3. Read James 1:6–8. What is the problem with being “lukewarm” in your faith? 4. The citizens of Laodicea were quite wealthy. Given this, why did Jesus call the church “wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked” (verse 17)? 5. What did Jesus say it would take for this church to get out of their miserable state? 6. What do you learn in this passage about who Jesus is and what he does? 7. Why is being lukewarm in your faith incompatible with being a follower of Christ? 8. What are some bold steps of faith that Jesus has called you to take in the past? 9. What characteristics might describe a “lukewarm” church today? 10. Why is it often easier for even believers in Christ to rely on

  • Revelation 3:1–13 (Sardis  Philadelphia)

    Revelation 3:1–13 (Sardis & Philadelphia)


    Do you want a name tag or a toe tag?

  • Revelation 2:18-29 [Thyatira: Trust in God or Tolerate Jezabels]

    Revelation 2:18-29 [Thyatira: Trust in God or Tolerate Jezabels]


    Click here for the PG13 bonus insights:

  • Reid Burkett (Guest Speaker)

    Reid Burkett (Guest Speaker)


    Acts 8:1-8

  • Revelation 2:8-17 [Can’t Compromise Christ]

    Revelation 2:8-17 [Can’t Compromise Christ]


    Revelation 2:8-17 [Can’t Compromise Christ]  Check out the sermon video: 1. What does Jesus say he knew about what the believers in Smyrna had endured? 2. Why did Jesus say the believers there did not need to fear what they were about to suffer? 3. How had the church in Pergamum demonstrated their faith? 4. What fault did Christ nevertheless find with the church in Pergamum? 5. Some of the believers in the church in Pergamum were eating food offered to idols. How was this a destructive compromise? 6. How do you strike the balance between being a part of your community enough to evangelize and keeping yourself separate from sinful practices? 7. What is the promise God gives to all who refuse to compromise their faith in him? 8. Why is it often tempting for people to compromise their values in order to “fit in” with the crowd? What does Jesus’ message to the believers in Pergamum say about this? 9. What are some temptations you deal with on a regula

  • Rev 2:1-7 First Love Forgotten

    Rev 2:1-7 First Love Forgotten


    Revelation 2:1-7  [First Love Forgotten] Watch the Sermon video on YouTube: 1. For what specific things did Jesus commend the church in Ephesus?” “2. How had the church in Ephesus dealt with false teachers in their community? 3. What in particular did Jesus say was lacking in the church? 4. In what ways could the Ephesians reconcile themselves to God? 5. What does it mean that the Ephesians’ lampstand would be removed from its place if they didn’t repent and turn back to Christ? 6. What does Jesus say he will do for those who are victorious in him? 7. Read John 19:25–27. How did John demonstrate that he would always stick by Jesus? 8. In what ways, if any, has your love for God changed since you first became a Christian? 9. What are some ways you have found to reignite the flames of your love for Christ? What direction regarding this can you find in Jesus’ message to the Ephesian believers? 10. Is it possible to keep your

  • Rev 1 (Revealing Jesus)

    Rev 1 (Revealing Jesus)


    Revelation 1 - Revealing Jesus Watch the sermon video: TAKE THE TEACHING DEEPER & FARTHER 1. How does John describe himself to his readers? What is his present situation? 2. Why do you think the seven churches are symbolized as lampstands? 3. What are some of the metaphors that John uses to describe Jesus’ appearance? 4. The image of the sword (see Rev 1:16) is a symbol of God’s divine judgment. Why is it significant that John sees this sword coming from Jesus’ mouth? 5. How do you think John felt to see Christ again? How did he react when he saw Jesus revealed this way in his vision? 6. Why was John instructed to write down the things he saw? 7. How do you know that John had remained faithful to Christ throughout his life? 8. Why does John use imagery and symbols in describing the vision the Lord had given him?” 9. What are some ways the media uses symbols today to communicate an idea? 10. In what way is John’s depiction of Jesus differen

  • Dangerous Prayer - Speak to Me

    Dangerous Prayer - Speak to Me


    1 Samuel 3

  • Dangerous Prayer - Make Me Bold

    Dangerous Prayer - Make Me Bold


    A study in Acts 4

  • Dangerous Prayer 2 - Break My Heart

    Dangerous Prayer 2 - Break My Heart


    Dangerous Prayers 2 - Break My Heart Have you ever prayed this dangerous prayer: “Break My Heart”?  Before this prayer is dangerous - it is hard. It is hard because we are thick-necked, hard-hearted people who pride ourselves on being unbreakable.

  • Search Me

    Search Me


    Start thinking. Why do you think it’s important to ask God to search you? Why do you think we tend to be afraid of God’s searchlight?  Can you think of anything that’s hard to hear about yourself? How might you be living to avoid hearing that thing? Start sharing. Create openness. How does the idea of asking God to search your heart make you feel? Is anything keeping you from praying this prayer? If so, what? Is there anything that seems to cause you constant or unnecessary anxiety? How will you begin to trust God with this fear? What makes you feel most defensive? What do you think the Holy Spirit would say to you about it? Start praying. Be bold, and pray specifically.  Holy Spirit, please show us the junk our lives that offends You. Cause it to offend us like it does You. Let it smell like old trash to us. And Father, help us to trade this garbage for the full life You promised.  Start digging. Read Scripture about reflection.  Jeremiah 17:10     

  • Stead On

    Stead On


    Guest Speaker: Frank Jackson

  • Great in Power

    Great in Power

    28/08/2020 check out the video

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