Gary & Larry Podcast



When it comes to sports talk radio, there's no other talent quite like Gary Radnich. A veteran of 24 years behind the mic at KNBR, Gary has a style of interviewing and conversation that you have to hear to fully appreciate. He's a true conversationalist, works his guests and callers like nobody else, and you can never predict what he'll say next! If youre lucky enough to ever see Gary on the street, ask him for a ride in his Bentley. Hell say no, but its fun to ask. While Gary provides the wit and humor of the show, his partner in the 9a-12 time slot, Larry Krueger, uses his almost encyclopedic memory to deliver the in-depth sports knowledge on the show and to keep Radnich off-guard. Krueger works more hours than most, as he spends his weekends hosting the 49ers pre and post game shows, and also hosts the Stanford football pre-game show. Garys more old school, Larry is more new school, but they blend together to make a perfect radio show.


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