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New Show - Light On Living Abroad with Lisa, Will Dean: Living, Investing, Retiring Made Easy - Every Monday at 2pm pacific/ 5pm eastern. A spin off of her "Light on Living" radio show... Lisa Berry is now joined by co-hosts Will Roadhouse and Dean Studebaker partners in the #1 real estate consulting company! Learn about international living and travel. Living abroad at a reasonable rate is more doable than ever! Learn how to explore what's possible in living life in a whole new way.Light On Living with Lisa Berry Friday at 9am pacific / 12pm easternLights, microphone, and action!!! Thats right were putting the spotlight on what you need and want to hear about. How to experience life in the happiest and healthiest way QUICKLY. Theres an entire cast of information and techniques running around backstage but you just want to be dazzled by hearing the stars of the show.What script are you following? Are you directing?Light on Living truly lightens the load of lifes challenges by clearing all the extras and bringing you just the winning acts that make the biggest difference. Behind the scene your host, Lisa Berry, spends her days researching, learning, and experimenting with the the leading, top notch topics involving everything healthy." She then casts and brings you only the stars as she puts the spotlight on what she knows will improve your life the fastest.**Whats very different about this show is YOU are always MORE than just the audience. You will get to VOTE on your favourite show every month so Lisa can take it to the next level and bring you an extended version. A class will be created based on the winning show from your votes and you can go deeper to get bigger results.How you perform in life stems from how well your mind and body perform inside. To hear about nutrition, body mechanics, mindset techniques, mood enhancers, wealth and abundance vibrations.More About Lisa - Lisa Berry is an expert in breathing life into the dreams of those wanting to live vibrantly, energetically, happy and fulfilled while standing confidently and strongly rooted in their personal power.Turning up the natural light of hundreds of clients by helping them move through inspiration, motivation, and creation, Lisa fulfills her commitment as a Transformational Life Coach and Holistic Nutritionist. As a soul beaming with light and celebrating life with others, Lisa recognizes her mission to find, help and connect with those who need and want to shine. She knows that having clarity of a big dream, dissolving the blocks that stop it from becoming reality and mastering personal creation are the ways to an incredible, happy, confidant and successful life! Enthusiastically and optimistically Lisa begins each conversation by offering a safe place to dream, share, believe and create.


  • What’s Balance Got To Do With It? - Heather Andrews and Sarah Konelsky


    Beyond The Chapter Interview Series Episode Two brings a difficult and what seems like a challenging task of asking for help and support to light. These two authors share how asking for help was what they needed but in the beginning judgement, shame, expectations, and superhero syndrome kept them from being able to do so. Learning how to wisely reach out for help opened doors to overcoming a lot of pain and prevented living a future life full of resentments.When we dont or cant ask for help we end up writing our own story differently than we want. We lose connection, not just with loved ones and community but also we become disconnected from our passions, our purpose, and our selves.By asking for help, often in non-conventional ways, I have learned to cope restore my sense of balance ~ Sarah KonelskyHealthy balance comes from ongoing awareness of what you tell yourself in the story of your life ~ Heather AndrewsWhether you need help while caring for another; an elderly parent, children, someone with an illne



    THE 3rd AND 4th ESSENTIAL POWERS OF MASTERING YOUR MISSION FOR LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD EPISODE 2 of 4 Pamela Plick and Conni Ponturo The Essential Power to Master Your Worth Every moment we have the ability to choose to recognize and honor our own unique zone of worth our sense of clarity, our range of focus, our gifts we are bringing to the world.Written by Pamela Plick The Essential Power to Master Your Why Your Motivational Why is the reason you are here to shine, dont be afraid of your light.Written by Conni Ponturo ABOUT PAMELA PLICK Known as the Money Mentor for Women, Pamela Plick specializes in helping women find their money power: providing the education, strategies, and tools to grow financial confidence, security, and freedom. Pamela is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner and Certified Money Coach (CMC). As a speaker, author, and popular blog contributor, Pamela empowers women to achieve personal and professional success. Her work has been highlighted on The Huffington Post, Investoped

  • Family Day – Family Yoga: Finding Balance Together with Melissa Ross


    Why teach kids yoga? Because they need it! Children are naturals when it comes to yoga. However, kids today dont move as much as they should. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity thats non-competitive. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity thats non-competitive. Kids love yoga!

  • Transforming Spiritual & Healing Practices Into A Career – Joanna The Medium


    Joanna is here to guide, enlighten, expand your understanding, and awaken your Souls greatest potential. Do you have the desire and the calling to begin using your spiritual in a career? Joanna found herself at this deciding moment of heeding the call and left her mainstream career to accept and embrace her successful position in the spiritual world. Maybe you have shut down the thought that you would be accepted, that you could have a successful spiritual practice, that youre abilities are sharp enough. It was years before Joanna said yes to fully embracing her position in her spiritual business after a lifetime of having this powerful connection to Source. She joins us to share her experience of making the shift and offers a vision of whats possible for you. While listening to Joannas messages you will find yourself experiencing that feeling that shes speaking directly to you! The accuracy of her messages offer a trusted feeling while holding you in a place of comfort to allow expansion as you explore new i

  • The Kaleidoscope of Meaningful Money with Lisa Berry


    Shifting ideas, endless symbols, and transforming perceptions of money. The value of abundance is different for us all yet money is a part of all of our lives. Do you make money, generate income, exchange value, create wealth? Which vibration of money are you more in tune with and is that the frequency you feel every day?Today Ill be sharing my view of what I see in my money kaleidoscope and 2 of the affirmations I wrote and used to successfully increase and intensify my money patterns.As you reflect on your life can you see a change in the colour and patterns of your own money kaleidoscope? Are you ready for a new design, excited to see a new picture, willing to turn the lens and shift your mindset to one of meaningful money?Lisa Berry, your host of Light On Living, knows the importance of having a healthy relationship with money and extends that into all of her relationships. Feeling good about money affects all areas of life and can make the difference in your health. She is excited to bring you 2 of her m

  • Replace Your Fictions with Truth for an Audacious Transformation - Tomás Garza


    I Cant, Im not good enough, Im stuck where I am, Its a waste of time are all fictions, untruths, that cover up your true all powerful self. To experience a life full of happiness, abundance, prosperity and deep connection with others, all fictions MUST be replaced with truths. What story are you living by? Believing in ? What life are you creating? You can Decide right now to choose an audacious transformation from feeling limited, incapable and fearful to living as an all powerful Being. Toms Garza, the author of Decide: How To Replace Your Fictions with Truth, Go Big in Life, And Transform Audaciously, co-hosts todays show and takes us through a meditation exercise of opening up to a place where you can begin this very transformation. We will learn how to replace 4 specific fictions (limiting beliefs) with truths that offer you an alternative happy ending to your challenges. Toms Garza, began a personal meditation practice in the mid-1980s, and has seen firsthand many ways that human beings stifle themselve

  • Start and Get Your Book DONE! - Lee Pound


    So many of us just cant figure out where or how to start our book. We know its in us and maybe weve even started it but its no where near finished. My guest today, Lee Pound, works with professionals and entrepreneurs to help them write books and articles that establish them as the go-to experts in their markets.Lee is a writer, editor, book publisher and seminar producer. He joins me today to show you that there is a way to get your book written.This is a show that will not only help you understand HOW to write your story but how to get you closer to holding your book in your own hands.

  • David Essel - And then a “Saint” Showed Up!


    With special guest David Essel in honour of and celebrating the life of his Saint. Some times when we need to be saved ourselves, the right angel shows up in fur and helps us by allowing us to rescue them.Unconditional love breaks through all limiting beliefs, all judgements and separations. It calls us into action of love that surprises us. The bond that is created with patience, with humbleness, and with a great respect for comfort and joy comes with no price tag, and only the requirement to allow love and deep friendship to penetrate ones soul.Join us today as we honour such a bond, an angelic friendship, a timeless connection and help those who might be suffering or sad from the loss of a fur friend. David Essel, Author, Life Coach, leader in Focussed Living and even more sacred, the father of the very recent late Saint, a sweet Italian Greyhound who captured Davids heart.A conversation that may just offer you the support you need to reach out and create your own special bond by adopting a fur friend and

  • Magnetic Entrepreneur - Ronda Lauer and Holly Anne Kline


    Ronda Lauer is truly a female warrior. Her journey in life has been tumultuous to say the least, yet her determination and grit to be all that she can be, has launched her into another fabulous entrepreneurial adventure, one that truly resonates with her soul. She is supporting and encouraging others in her coaching business, in order to help them gain the wisdom and momentum to create true inner happiness and peace. She loves pointing her clients towards abundant living and helps them to get out of their heads and maintain a level of resilience that is unmatched to that of their past. She is a Certified Coach and runs her business as an enthusiastic and charismatic leader in the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation and would love to connect with you, to help fulfill your dreams. She is a magnetic entrepreneur and you will find her on Facebook. Your clock is ticking!! Being You No Matter What Any One Else Says Holly Ann Kline Since her accident, she has achieved partial recovery from her injuries. She also h

  • Magnetic Entrepreneur – Shirley A Connolly


    The Cost Of Staying Stuck In The Story Shirley A Connolly Stop spending your days suffering, its time to save your life.Shirley is showing up and saving lives!!!Yes that is a bold statement and its true. Shirley A Connolly is a vigilant woman, a leader to those who want and are ready for the transformation from giving up to giving it their all.Horrific abuse, brutal rapes, near death motor vehicle accident, loosing two of her four sons and attempting suicide herself, Shirley comes from a place of deep desire to outlive her remaining boys. To OWN her life. To live with such personal power that she knows she decides her worth.Shirley reaches out , she invites, she searches for anyone to come to her and begin by simply making the decision to not stay in any abusive situation be it from another or yourself.Her past is shared just enough so you can see how far shes come. Shirleys how is delivered in a way that she leaves no one out.Join us as we begin the Interview Series Of Magnetic Entrepreneur Women Leadershi

  • How To Deepen Your Acceptance


    What would it take to love you more and feel more loved by others? Self-acceptance is a powerful practice that allows the ego and ones surroundings to be transformed, while judging yourself keeps you from accepting love from others.Through self-acceptance, you can experience more love in your life.But, how do you fully accept yourself when you dont know how?Joining us on todays edition of Light On Living is psychotherapist, soul healer, and the author of the new book, An Intimate Dialogue With God: The Miraculous Power Of Unconditional Self-Love, Noemi Grace, to share how to deepen your acceptance of self, others, and life.Noemi channels new perspectives from God on unconditional self-love, forgiveness, divine grace, and lifes purpose. Her new book is the first in a series of books that shares her transformative communication with God and her experience, as she learns to apply the divine messages to her life. Her passions include sharing these beautiful uplifting messages and helping people heal their minds,

  • How to Find Ways to ALWAYS Feel Better with Lisa Berry


    I just want to feel better. How many times have you made that statement? Now youre not asking for the moon and the stars you simply want things to feel better than they do right now. How do we do that? Does someone else do it for us? Do we hold the capability of shifting our mood and ways of thinking? Are some situations just impossible to improve or can things truly ALWAYS get better? Join me today as I offer you new perspectives, new ways of experiencing your current life and sharing experiences that always lift no matter where youre at. Todays show is about Lifestyle Love Stories and how to write your own happy living not ending.

  • Marsh Engle - Amazing Woman Nation


    The one who took inspired action and compiled the stories of 8 incredible woman to help change the conversation about the feminine leadership role and how to begin creating a legacy. Her interview with Lisa gives Marsh an opportunity to share how this all began and the impact her mission has had across the world. Marsh Engle is a pioneer and leading authority in the field of womens success by bridging creativity, personal power, and achievement. A multi-published author of the AMAZING WOMAN book series and award-winning entrepreneur, her work and multi-decade research promote practices that lead women to succeed with influence and impact.ABOUT AMAZING WOMAN NATION:In 2001 Marsh Engle founded AMAZING WOMAN NATION which is a diversified education, live event, media, and merchandising company providing a resource of education and training.The AMAZING WOMAN NATION philanthropic initiative joins women in a collective intention to create a more empowered future for the next generation of amazing women. Together we

  • Hope & Healing: Co-Creating Your New Life After Loss with Misty Thompson


    Today we visit the positive side of grief as Misty Thompson, author of From Grief To Acceptance, shares with us the 5 Encouraging Phases of grief. Her book and her words teach us an active process for healing while honouring our loved ones. She is able to do this so compassionately as she found a way to truly heal after experiencing her own traumatic loss of a loved one. Im so looking forward to having this conversation with Misty because once I finished reading her book something very unexpected happened to me personally!!! I experienced healing that I didnt even know had to be done and I was left with a sense of peace and joy that I never even knew I was missing.My wish, my intention for you, our very important listener, is that after todays episode with Misty that you too will have some pain lifted and that hope and healing will enter into your new life.About MistyMisty is dedicated to helping people find their path, feel validated, and obtain clarity with the different speed bumps that provide us with opp

  • Fellow Breathers This Breath Is For You


    Learn the truth about the breath, about yourself and your purpose on this beautiful planet from Principal and Founder , Father at The Breath Center in California, Michael Brian Baker. Expansion is here for you.

  • A Rice Conversation for National Rice Month


    Did you know that every year, the average American consumes 25 pounds of rice, while Asian Americans eat close to 300 pounds? Rice is a staple food for more then 2/3 of the worlds population, and in celebration of National Rice Month (September) and International Rice Month (October), We are pleased to cordially introduce all our listeners to one of the nations leading rice providers, Ken LaGrande!!! With National Rice Month coming to a close, Ken would like to help generate awareness of the uses of rise in everyday life, including brown and sprouted rice as part of a healthy diet. Ken is the President of Sun Valley Rice and the founder of the LaGrande Family Food Group. Kens family has been in agriculture in the Sacramento Valley for more than 100 years. He is the author of the new book, A Rice Conversation, which cleverly integrates the history of rice with everyday uses, including healthy, wholesome, rice-based recipes for salads and hot meals.

  • Wishes Fulfilled with Jonathan Masiulionis


    Imagination, wishes and reality, can we really fulfill our hearts desires ? You must attach yourself spiritually to what you have placed in your imagination as a future fact, and never allow anyone, anything, any circumstance, no matter how persuasive their case, to alter what you know to be your destiny. Dr. Wayne Dyer reminded us that our lives can be a voyages of discovery, where we can begin to tap into the amazing manifesting powers that we possess within you and create a life in which all you imagine for yourself becomes your present reality. By rewiring our subconscious mind, we are encouraged to not only place into our imagination what we would like to manifest for ourselves, but also follow our heart and our intuition for the next steps in realigning our life, so that we can live our highest calling and stay connected to the true source of our being. So, how can we live from our highest self and attract our deepest desires to create a life of wishes fulfilled? Join me today as we have a deep conversa

  • SPECIAL Artist Guest Tobin Springs


    Whether or not you can carry a tune music sure can carry you away. The rhythm of a song has the power to move you, get you up on the floor or take you back in time with memories.Lyrics help you to connect and to relate or to express and feel understood.A strong beat can lead you to take new steps, layered harmonies to a new a level and angelic choirs to a experience a fullness in lifeLisa and Eric bring you a show that puts the spotlight on songs of influence, words of inspiration, lines of love and verses of humour and joy.Join them to explore emotion and climb the scale of good vibration while jumping from one song to another as we play musical chairs. Helping you to choreography a dance you will want to perform in this life.

  • To Be Replanted


    Youve set roots. You have growth experience. You have expectations of when youll be watered and fed. And then it all stops. Youre no longer aligned with your soul and no longer soak up the rain and nutrients. Youre dug up and transported to a new land, a new pot.What does this do to you? How does your life force change? Are you resilient? Can you experience a new synergy? How long to mourn the loss of what was?Todays show is deep. Todays show is directional. Todays show is healing.Please join an energetic friend, a gift to our soul and the journey it takes as it finds the force.Courtni Hale and Finding The Force takes us on the journey of a self-guided map translating ancient wisdom into a system for modern spiritual awakening.

  • Powerful Fun & Games with Rosalyn Fung


    Do You Love Yourself? Do you love your thoughts and your feelings?Do you love where youre taking your life and feel aligned with your Inner beings desires?Do you take care of YOU first and with that take responsibility for your well being?The launch pad for an amazing, happy and fulfilling life is the firm cushion of self love.Self love is what gets us through blame, judgement, disappointment,hatred, sadness, pain and guilt.We declare August as Self Love Month and to support this we are offering an exclusive series featuring the anthology book Whats Self Love Got To Do With It. Lisa Berry of Light On Living is interviewing 13 incredible authors as they share their life lessons and mindset tips to help you connect to yourself on a deeper level and experience your own love, your own appreciation and express your value from your heart by simply being.Listen in to each show and comment on Lisa Berrys Face Book page to enter a draw to WIN your own copy of Whats Self Love Got To Do With It. Theres a winner for EVER

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