Lotus Talks



Lotus Talks aims to dive into our human and spiritual experience. We will be covering several topics and explore the different viewpoints surrounding them. From an esoteric perspective to real world examples, join us as we bridge the 3D to 5D in our conscious evolution and explore the scope of all we experience.


  • Lotus Talks - Accelerate Talk w/ Ayla Rose and Aaron Abke

    30/01/2019 Duración: 39min

    Lotus Talks - Accelerate Talk w/ Ayla Rose and Aaron Abke by Live Lotus

  • #10 - Lotus Talks - Inner Rhythm - Ayla Rose, Sarah Coronado, & Hamid Martin

    03/01/2018 Duración: 48min

    The Mystery, the Presence and the Movement of Inner Rhythm. We sat down in a live podcast interview with Hamid Martin of Inner Rhythm and explored the terrains of how Inner Rhythm came to be. Hamid shared, very intimately and eloquently, the process that he had to go through in order to make himself fully available to offer Inner Rhythm in a way that not only aligned with his core values, but also in a way that would invite others into their own exploration of the Mystery. In the presence and movement of what was shared, we danced in conversation and touched the spaces of surrender, vulnerability, safety and groundedness. Shoutout our media magician AJ Orbit and to all of you who joined in live on FB and IG. Experience Inner Rhythm: Every Thursday from 8-10pm 418 Front St, Santa Cruz hamidmartin.com FB: Hamid Martin of Inner Rhythm SC: Hamid Martin

  • #9 - Lotus Talks with Ayla Rose Feat. the Live Lotus team

    12/11/2017 Duración: 44min

    Hooray!!!! We're back! This is our first podcast that was recorded Live on Facebook and Instagram. The Live Lotus team gathered around the mic to talk about risk and fears. What purpose does fear serve? How can you be courageous in the presence of fear? Explore this topic with us as we take on questions and comments from our Facebook and IG community.

  • #8 - Lotus Talks With Rosey G. Feat. Rico Fajardo , Sarah Coronado, & Hermes MTIX

    08/03/2017 Duración: 26min

    This week we discussed 'Free Will' and dove into the ethical, existential, metaphysical, scientific, & day to day implications we experience regarding this topic. We even touched a bit on AI! Joined by the usual suspects Sarah and Hermes - will also had Rico partake in the organic unfolding of this conversation. Special thanks to our media magician Aj Orbit for handling the technical end of things! Interesting in podcasting with us or have a topic suggestion? Comment below or send an email to rosey@live-lotus.com