Creating Clients



A podcast for web creators who want great clients.


  • Entrepreneurial Burnout


    Burnout is a big deal and people in the entrepreneurial space are particularly susceptible to it, Both Jonathan and I [Luke] have been there - more than once. In this episode we tackle the topic and how to avoid it and how to recover when you do experience it.

  • Managing the freelancer feast & famine cycle


    The feast and famine cycle is one of the biggest reasons people are afraid to start their own business. While there is an element of risk with all businesses, there are definitely things you can do to give yourself the best chance at success. In this episode we pool our 25+ years of combined experience to dissect the problem, the causes and the solutions, including how we structure retainers and recurring income.

  • Community Spotlight: Kaleb just closed his first $2000 Project


    This is our first community Spotlight episode where we look at the experiences of our Creating Clients Coaching Community members. Today we are talking to Kaleb (18) about his first $2000 sale.

  • How to Move from 6 to 7 Figures


    We often focus on what it takes to get started but there is a legitimate barrier when you hit the early six-figure territory so this episode is all about how to scale beyond that barrier.

  • How to Select a Niche


    Defining who you are serving allows you to serve them better, it also lets you find more of the right clients. In this episode we talk through the different kinds of niche and how you can pick the best one for you.

  • How to go from WordPress Novice to turning over hundreds of thousands/year – Jonathan Wold’s story


    In this episode Jonathan shares his story from his first entrepreneurial experience selling Banana bread door to door as a child, through to WordPress development and working with Fortune500 Companies.

  • How to close 80%+ of your sales


    Jonathan, and I interview veteran agency owner Chris Swemba and explore his sales process.

  • New Year Q&A Session with Luke and Jonathan


    In this episode we get together to talk about how to get the most out of the new year as well as answer a load of questions from our community.

  • What should you be charging?


    The questions of "What should I charge?" is one that seems to show up in my inbox all the time. So in order to answer that very question for you, I invited Tim Bouchard, one of the great thought-leaders in the area of pricing to share his answers to this sometimes thorny question.

  • How to Handle Difficult Clients


    There is nothing that will destroy your entrepreneurial energy, effectiveness and confidence quite like a terrible client experience. That is why in this episode we have focussed in on how to identify difficult clients and then what you can do about it that will serve both you and the client in the best way possible.