Places Like This: Wiretaps From Tomorrow



New York City, 2064. From the crowded shores of Hell's Kitchen Sink to the semi-submerged office towers of TriBeCa Bay, life is a lot like how you remember it: The subway still smells, your job still sucks, and no, that guy you went on a date in the cloud with last week still hasnt returned your jab.How do we know so much about our not-too-distant future? Its all thanks to a wormhole in the Gowanus Canal and an experimental NSA program designed to wiretap said wormhole (because hey, its what they do).Now that an anonymous whistleblower has started leaking these wiretaps from tomorrow you too can find out what the future has in store. There are breaking news alerts, private captures from mid-centennials just like you, and even an interactive last will and testament.Meet Jeb, Fitz, Opal, and their friends, and let them introduce you to... PLACES LIKE THIS.


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