Str1ker's Wolf Den



STR1KER has seen her fair share of stations, has gathered many loyal WolfPack Members over several years, and continues to throttle the net-waves with ecclectic curveballs during her shows. It's why it's called WHITEWATER in the STREAM. How many OTHER DJs do you know that can go hellbent with neo-thrash-metal-punk-death-rage-style material and then throw in some butterflies, pussycats, and bunny rabbits? Not many. Come to the shows, you'll understand why the WOLF leads a pack of wild loveable freakshows of her own!


  • 4/20/15 STR1KERs WOLF DEN LIVE!!

    4/20/15 STR1KER's WOLF DEN LIVE!!

    21/04/2015 Duración: 02h07min

    STR1KER'S WOLF DEN is broadcast LIVE on Monday nights at 8pm EST U.S. time on: XTreme XFactor Radio: RNWZ Radio: