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A podcast about arts, creatives and events in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Also, discussions with the very people that create the art you love. Every artist deserves their dreams. Consuming potatoes in your dreams symbolizes serenity & security. Let's have Taters4Art!Hosted by Terone Allen. Join online at http://www.Taters4Art.com/podcast


  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 018 | Chris James Journey

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 018 | Chris James Journey

    14/01/2018 Duración: 57min

    Sitting with Chris James Journey (Poet, Playwright, Director, Host, Educator). We discuss spinning a globe and coming to Atlanta, letting the youth tell their stories, the importance of doing research, educators failing to connect with students, making poetry cool, the value of entrepreneurship, dealing with people’s emotions, and the bad never overshadowing the good. CHAPTERS0:00 Opening 3:21 Begin Conversation 4:37 The Journey 8:59 Doing Your Research 15:39 Cultural Disconnect 21:24 Still an Educator 26:22 Art Can Change a Kid’s Life 33:55 Big Fish, Small Pond 40:57 The Director Experience 44:54 The Poetrical 48:14 Bring Nem 50:01 Closing 52:45 “Flesh and Soul of the Sun” by Eshe Chantana

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 017 | Joel Byars

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 017 | Joel Byars

    25/07/2017 Duración: 01h14min

    Sitting with Joel Byars (Comedian, Host, Podcaster, Teacher ). We discuss gauging your audience’s response, pulling out the rare words, using social media as a tool, chasing the highs, the fuel of feedback, dream jobs if you hate money, good hosting habits, setting roots in Atlanta, carrying our history with us, your entertainment and your circle being your diet, and making followers hold you accountable. Movies: I Am Not Your Negro The Good Neighbor Here is the book Joel was peddling: Comics Playbook CHAPTERS 0:00 Opening 2:01 Begin Conversation 4:20 It’s All Spoken Word 6:21 Bequeathing Techniques 14:17 Sinbad and the First Romp 18:50 Connecting Your Punches 23:13 Test It & Edit It 28:40 Not Too White to Fail 33:38 The Job of a Host 38:40 Something Special About Atlanta 45:35 Dab Out of the Race Convos 50:50 Diet is Not Just Food 55:28 Vision is Crucial 1:00:08 Workout Plans 1:05:20 Writing Books for Writers 1:11:48 Closing

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 016 | Don’t Call it a Comeback

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 016 | Don’t Call it a Comeback

    10/08/2016 Duración: 06min

    Sitting with myself as I discuss America’s waist trainer popping off, taking pictures of everything, an entrepreneur having an apprentice, new Taters4Art mascots, National Poetry Slam in Decatur, refusing to trade dreams for light bulbs, and wanting to hear from you.

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 015 | Kim Joyce

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 015 | Kim Joyce

    25/05/2016 Duración: 01h17min

    Sitting with Kim Joyce (Singer, Songwriter, Musician). We discuss quitting the day job, life with dreadlocks, singing in church, love and basketball and music, how Atlanta makes you see differently, learning your ‘why’ and accepting it, the duty you have to create and inspire, finding a place where you can be authentic, the power of co-creation, thinking every song you make is going to change the world, garbage-in-garbage-out, definitions of success, listening when energy speaks to you, letting go of control issues, and appreciation vs scarcity. Here are the books we were talking about: What To Do When There's Too Much To Do Nine Fruits of the Spirit   CONNECT WITH KIM JOYCE KimJoyceMusic.com on Facebook on Twitter on Instagram on Soundcloud     CHAPTERS 0:00  Opening   2:03  Begin Conversation   6:27  Love & Basketball & Music   11:29  What Atlanta Did For Me   16:58  We’re Gods and We’re Here to Create   22:20  The Southern Expression 29:39  There’s More to Music Than Music   34:52  Garbage In, Gar

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 014 | Nfared

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 014 | Nfared

    07/04/2016 Duración: 01h03min

    Sitting with Nfared (Poet, Actor, and Host). We discuss being a masterpiece and a work of art at the same time, seeing Cocktails everywhere, starting out with poems about cougars, scaring teachers with your vivid imagination, deciding which to personal stories to share, getting comfortable with getting nervous, wanting to grow up to be on-screen Cosby, getting that first big laugh from a punchline, applying acting to spoken word, working on the things that need improvement, chasing after your first high, and saving lives at Urban Grind.       CONNECT WITH NFARED on Facebook on Twitter on Instagram The Film Black Friday (featured)   CHAPTERS 0:00  Opening   3:14  Begin Conversation   6:23  The Urban Grind   9:54  Works In Progress   15:18  Where You At My Cougar?   20:09  An Active Imagination   25:05  Debating What to Share   32:06  Always Being on the Scene   39:56  The Drama in Spoken Word   45:44  Tying Artforms Together   51:59  Chasing That High   57:51  Saving Lives at Open Mics   1:01:42  Closing 

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 013 | Jared and Mesi James

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 013 | Jared and Mesi James

    26/01/2016 Duración: 01h13min

    Sitting with James and James, LLC founders, Jared and Mesi James. We discuss the tight space of New York, recognizing the business potential in your art, the limits of higher education, witnessing the growth of your event planning, how working for the babies is received by them, focusing on projects while working on several, keeping innovation in your arsenal, never knowing your influence until you put yourself out there, the power we could possess with collaboration, building an empire, and representing your brand.   CONNECT WITH JARED & MESIYoungBlackAndMarried.netArt Heart ATL Radioon Facebookon Instagram   CHAPTERS0:00  Opening  2:08  Begin Conversation  6:29  Being Your Own Boss  12:14  New to the Scene  15:05  Learning How to Sell Your Art  22:18  Why Be Self-Employed?  32:03  More Work Than Hours  40:21  Art Heart ATL  45:41  Rebuilding Black Wall Street  56:13  Leaving a Legacy  1:01:40  Octopus James  1:10:31  Closing

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 012 | DJ Opdiggy

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 012 | DJ Opdiggy

    20/01/2016 Duración: 01h02min

    Sitting with DJ Opdiggy (Turntable Ambassador). We discuss love for monkeys, being allowed to paint on your school walls, looking at the pictures, feeling souls in vinyl, respect in collaboration, being a fan of artists as an artist, changing the rules of art, healthcare reform for mosh pits, being gripped by live performances, envelope pushing, being okay with your releases 10 years from now, Hotline Bling memes, Donald Trump mugs, music, music, and more music. Here's some of the music we referenced:Terone referenced Deerhunter, Bear Hands, and Esthero.Opdiggy referenced Alabama Shakes and Redman.    CONNECT WITH OPDIGGYOpdiggy.comon Soundcloudon Facebookon Twitteron Instagramon YouTube   CHAPTERS0:00  Opening  2:29  Begin Conversation  6:35  Opdiggy Origins  9:53  "Just started booking myself as a DJ."  16:52  Touching Souls in the Vinyl  24:00  Ownership & Collaboration  30:34  The Rules to Art Change  35:00  Mosh Pit Health  39:40  Live Performance Appreciation  45:20  Will You Like What You've Done?

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 011 | TJ Nicole

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 011 | TJ Nicole

    13/01/2016 Duración: 01h08min

    Sitting with TJ Nicole (Spoken Word Poet, Author, Visual Artist). We discuss having different accents in the city of ‘lanta, wild flight attendant stories, how you write when the risk of death is near, why airplanes are really bookstores, creating art as gifts, legitimate puppet fears, reading when you can’t read, figuring out you’re an artist when being an artist isn’t accepted, being a baby poet among the vets, open mic horror stories, applying multiple disciplines to one project, and combining love and light with beastly lyrics. Here are some of the books we referenced:Terone referenced The Art of War.TJ referenced The Artist's Way.   CONNECT WITH TJBlogLove, Light & Lyrics Radioon Facebookon Twitteron Instagram   CHAPTERS0:00  Opening  1:44  Language in 'Lanta5:27  Jet Life14:04  Library Airlines18:22  Gifting the Gift25:50  Fear the Puppets30:15  How to Read35:22  The Artist's Way45:13  Baby Poet Growing Fast51:12  Performance Horror and Glory Stories58:35  There's Magic in Collaboration1:05:22  Clos

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 010 | Marcus Taylor

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 010 | Marcus Taylor

    06/01/2016 Duración: 01h22min

    Sitting with Marcus Taylor (Poet, Author, Educator). We discuss the Facebook grapevine, democracy at its finest, how hood dreams can come true, diversity at GSU, blackface in different countries, being black outside of the U.S., going from religious studies to snap music, cars dying in the middle of nowhere, sharpening skills with battle poems, the girl with angel eyes, rapping Romeo & Juliet, the age we find our voice, how losing art can make kids lose their voice, what defines an artist, sweet-talking a butterfly, and these Benjamins ain’t loyal.   CONNECT WITH MARCUSBrown Eyed Soul Manon Facebookon Twitteron Instagram   CHAPTERS0:00  Opening1:51 Begin Conversation4:08 Baby in a Christmas stocking onesie.9:06 Bring Change to Your Community16:10 Experiences in Blackface25:08 Diaspora and Disparity35:51 Just Along for the Ride45:02 Birth of an Author52:48 The Romeo Rap55:39 Being Allowed to Find Our Passion1:08:55 Pop Quiz: A Poem for a Butterfly1:11:48 Pop Quiz: A Poem for God1:12:18 Pop Quiz: A Poem for

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 009 | Queen Amina and Spooks McGhie

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 009 | Queen Amina and Spooks McGhie

    29/12/2015 Duración: 01h11min

    Sitting with Queen Amina (Singer, Songwriter, Producer) and Spooks McGhie (Rapper, Producer). We discuss husbae and wifey crossover collaborations, fake wedding proposals at Chick-Fil-A, second-guessing your work, how confidence resulting in progress, naming beats after pregnant cravings, the psychology behind the art, planning being fine if His eye is on the stupid little sparrow, the compromise of clashing methodology, consistently producing work, having to peep the new tracks when your water breaks, music helping balance mental instability, and an impromptu acoustic jam session. All supervised by our Executive Producer, Jordan..   CONNECT WITH AMINA Mommy Beats on Bandcamp on Facebook on Twitter on Instagram   CONNECT WITH SPOOKS All We Do Is Pass Cigars Good Day ATL on Bandcamp on Facebook on Twitter on Instagram     CHAPTERS 0:00  Opening  1:04  Begin Conversation  3:48  California Love?  11:50  Cohabiting Coworkers  17:32  Don't Doubt, Be Doperest!  24:59  Olin Origins  38:14  Stupid Little Sparrow  

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 008 | Lee Kendrick

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 008 | Lee Kendrick

    23/12/2015 Duración: 01h10min

    Sitting with Lee Kendrick (Filmmaker). We discuss the original home of Mardi Gras, daring to pack up and move for your dreams, learning a variety of methods you can capture images, rebounding when the vision doesn’t pan out, trickiness of expanding the scenes of smaller cities, the ATL film industry vs. LA, seeing the world is bigger than home, deciding to be homeless, addressing issues of suicide with art, responding to visions, creating art as a community service, planning red carpet events, hunting Jasmine Guy, and giving kids the tools for their own vision.   CONNECT WITH LEEFade Short FilmYoung Lenses Film Campon Facebookon Twitteron Instagram   CHAPTERS0:00  Opening  4:09  Begin Conversation  6:21  Mobilizing Out of Mobile  10:35  Opening Scenes of Filmmaking  15:57  Hometown Growing Pains  25:37  Where Can We Film?  33:37  Wait for Your Second Wind  39:38  FADE.  46:00  Visionary Storytelling  50:46  Young Lenses Film Camp  56:15  High Museum. Red Carpet. Jasmine Guy.  1:02:45  Bigger and Better Nex

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 007 | Christine Job

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 007 | Christine Job

    17/11/2015 Duración: 01h04min

    Sitting with Christine Job (Truth Seeker, World Traveller, Poet, Singer On-the-Low). We discuss the aftermath of SeekerFest, organizing events with lasting impacts, growing up as the oddball, the jerks that kids can be, trading your unborn sister for a kitten, becoming aware of your creativity, not keeping education sectional, trusting the chaos, resisting the urge to argue, and losing the comfort in past trauma. Here are the movies and books we were talking about:The Power of NowFerngully   CONNECT WITH CHRISTINESeekerFeston Facebookon Twitteron Instagram   CHAPTERS0:00  Opening  2:10  Begin Conversation  5:45  Reviewing SeekerFest  10:23  Hosting Events with Lasting Impact  15:15  Christine's Origins  20:20  An Awesome Kid Among the Jerks  25:02  Mean Christine?  31:23  Written History  38:08  Awareness of Your Creativity  44:36  Everything is Connected  49:18  No Need to Argue  55:27  Forgiveness Work  1:01:48  Closing  

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 006 | Kottavei

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 006 | Kottavei

    10/11/2015 Duración: 01h14min

    Sitting with Kottavei (Visual Artist, Painter, Poet, Author, Educator, Designer, etc.). We discuss getting wanderlusty, avoiding trinket cities, hugging rich folks, encouraging students with higher expectations, Amber Rose and the ‘Slut Walk,’ choosing which wolf to feed, scavenging art supplies off the street, unifying your art forms, getting ideas while driving, writing books for your own kids, not doing it if it doesn’t excite you, memories from your ancestors, dying out of a new vagina, onomatopoeia arousal, gangs defending murals, shawty can’t make soap, the Taters4Art vision, welcoming fear to the party, and break-in-case-of-emergency bubbles.  Here are the movies and books we were talking about:The Art of TravelWho Does She Think She Is?Women Who Run with the WolvesThe Diary of Frida KahloWho Fears Death   CONNECT WITH KOTTAVEIsagebelly.comon Facebookon Twitteron Instagramon Pinterest   CHAPTERS0:00  Opening  1:10  Begin Conversation  4:58  Wanderlusty  13:20  An Artist That Happens to Teach  18:56

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 005 | Jamie England Cooper

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 005 | Jamie England Cooper

    03/11/2015 Duración: 59min

    Sitting with Jamie England Cooper (Interior Designer and Founder of Kiwi Vintage and Green Home Market). We discuss shifting from The Columbus to ATL, no more ears ringing at Masquerade, gentrification and the yuppie apocalypse, being confused by the Downtown ATL ferris wheel, running over drunk people, translating art education into an art profession, joining the military during a recession, quitting corporate for dream chasing, vintage love, going green with home furnishings, expanding the dream, and how artists can support each other.   CONNECT WITH JAMIEon Facebookon Twitteron InstagramShop Kiwi Live   CHAPTERS0:00  Opening2:15  Begin Conversation6:02  Choosing Atlanta10:28  The Yuppie Apocalypse14:48  What's in a City's Culture?18:34  Ferris Wheel Confusion25:12  The Psychology of Spaces28:35  Art Profession via Art Education32:11  Join the Recession or the Military?37:25  Quitting Corporate for Dream Chasing41:46   Going Kiwi46:05  When Creatives Collaborate48:40  Dream Expansion53:07  Room for Other

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 004 | Jason Pure

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 004 | Jason Pure

    20/10/2015 Duración: 01h06min

    Sitting with Jason Pure (Singer/Songwriter). We discuss Creepy Woody, commuting in Atlanta, being booed at Apache Cafe, importance of audience-connection, how a team’s work can make your dreams work, critics chipping away at you, carrying the good feelings with you, evolution of your work, digging into what makes your soul shiver, experiencing music instead of listening, Katy Perry making Missy famous, being cautious with your internet searches, singing about being on a boat, delving into other arts, and getting hate mail because you played a villain too well. Here are the movies and music we were talking about:Midnight in ParisCloud AtlasColdplay - X&YLauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged   CONNECT WITH JASON PUREJasonPure.comon Facebookon Twitteron Instagramon Soundcloudon Periscope   CHAPTERS0:00  Opening  2:57  Begin Conversation  6:20  THE FOUR  7:58  Origins  12:30  Producing at the House  15:02  Entering the Atlanta Scene  21:42  Connection with Audience is the Ultimate  26:11  Evolution  31:21  Critics C

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 003 | Van Leeuwen

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 003 | Van Leeuwen

    06/10/2015 Duración: 01h01min

    Sitting with Chase Van Leeuwen (Hip Hop Artist and Sound Engineer). We discuss not being able to read, meeting at a sidewalk cypher, to-pay or not-to-pay at open mics, creating outlets for others back home, freelance service vs. employed service, European drinking genes, delivering art-babies, using our real names, why I blame Obama, past-life philosophy, labors of love, Project Pat in the womb, not limiting the hats you wear, and our upcoming endeavors. CONNECT WITH VAN LEEUWEN on Soundcloudon Facebookon Twitteron Instagram CHAPTERS 0:00  Opening 2:34  I can't read 4:43  Pittsburgh vs ATL 6:50  Open Mic Life 14:41  Studio Werk 18:56  Family Backgrounds 25:01  Delivering Art-Babies 30:10  Variety is the Spice of Music 34:33  Because Obama 38:43  Old Souls 43:17  Love what you do, or don't do it. 48:40  Born Ready 54:25  The VOLTRON Project 58:41  Closing

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 002 | Vee Jovan and Erica McKnight [Part 2]

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 002 | Vee Jovan and Erica McKnight [Part 2]

    26/09/2015 Duración: 46min

    Wrapping up my conversation with Vee Jovan and Erica McKnight. We discuss youth artists giving us life, getting tingles from poets, the inspirational trap, making people cry, listening to that little voice, the Taters4Art origin story, being the first one killed in a scary movie, the world being your skateboard, and what EyeSeeBeauty Magazine and The Matrices Agency are offering you next. Also mentioning upcoming Atlanta indie arts events. CONNECT WITH VEE EyeSeeBeauty Magazineon Facebookon Twitteron Instagram CONNECT WITH ERICAon Facebookon Twitteron Instagram CHAPTERS 0:00  Opening   2:15  This Honey Jack is everything! 7:08  Every artist has their own message 11:20  The night I will never forget 13:10  Internal guidance systems 19:50  What's up with the Tater Tots? 23:47  Don’t get complacent 28:02  Living in a reactive mode 31:51  EyeSeeBeauty Magazine launch 34:55  The F.M.A. Soireé 40:53  Closing & Upcoming Indie Events in ATL  

  • Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 001 | Vee Jovan and Erica McKnight

    Taters4Art Podcast | Episode 001 | Vee Jovan and Erica McKnight

    22/09/2015 Duración: 01h10min

    Sitting with Vee Jovan (Hairstylist & EyeSeeBeauty Magazine Editor) and Erica McKnight (Spoken Word Poet & Founder of The Matrices Agency). We discuss sharpshooting, mentoring kids, migrating to ATL, vision board parties, maximizing your relationships, “reckless Erica,” inspiring youth to inspire yourself, keeping your daughter(s) off the pole, and “Honey Jack” cocktails. Also mentioning upcoming Atlanta indie arts events. Here are the books we recommended during our conversation: Vee recommended The Slight Edge and You're Not Going Crazy...You're Just Waking Up!Terone recommended Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite.   CONNECT WITH VEE EyeSeeBeauty Magazineon Facebookon Twitteron Instagram CONNECT WITH ERICA on Facebookon Twitteron Instagram   CHAPTERS 0:00  Opening   2:10  Begin Conversation   10:49  Being molded in Atlanta   16:24  Projecting yourself in artforms   21:46  Branding an artist   26:00  Breaking the mold   30:00  How Vee & Erica joined forces   41:58  Inspirational books   50:46