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We are Cultural Leftovers, a podcast where old friends digitally touch helmets.From random thoughts and wacky news to the latest on television or all things pop culture, we're here to entertain.More updates to come, so stay tuned. In the meantime, visit our MySpace and friend us!- The guys from Cultural Leftovers (Ryan, Vance, and Kevin)


  • Cultural Leftovers Show # 8 The Ocho

    Cultural Leftovers Show # 8 The Ocho


    Cultural Leftover Show number 8 "The OCHO" is now online\After a 2 month absence, the Cultural Leftovers Show is back!!Weekly UpdatesRyan gets a new tattoo and rocks out with Jory Lee of the Martini ShakersVance gets married and gets moved inKevin updates the world on Jon Lovitz’s careerWacky News Dad makes sure son is a Packers FanTwo guys take dead roommate to cash his social security checkCouple argue over dog in bathroomGameTheme songs of the 70’s and 80’sWhatcha WatchinAmerican GladiatorsAmerican IdolLittle People Big WorldOutro Song This weeks song is “After the Goldrush” a Neil Young song covered by Val Kilmer culturalleftovers@gmail.comadd this feed to your feed getter use this one : itpc:// go to to download directlythanks from theCultural Leftovers ShowRyan Flynt

  • Cultural Leftovers Show # 7 Blazin 777

    Cultural Leftovers Show # 7 Blazin' 777


    show number 7 “The Blazin’ 7’s Spin and Win Lucky sweepstakes show” Weekly UpdatesRyan gets then quits a new jobVance installs a toiletKevin crams and then gets ready to hit the HAMWacky NewsHomeless man uses church phone to call sex hotline sheriff's bulletin warns of purported new human waste high bones down on 92 year old ladies corpse has the game this weekWill Ferrell's movie quote gameWhatcha WatchinWriter’s Strike and how it will affect our tv watchingDog the Bounty Hunter's racismClosing. SongKevin: This weeks song is “Blue Nakedness” by Chrome Heart from Montgomery Alabama

  • Cultural Leftovers Show # 6

    Cultural Leftovers Show # 6


    Cultural Leftovers Show #6This show is dedicated to the memory of Mr Robert GouletWelcome to show number 6 “The Special Halloween Spooktacular”We learned of Goulet's death as we sat down to record the show, so it steers us in that direction immediately.Weekly UpdatesRyan buys new car and it quits running on way homeVance buys a house, sworn in, other things I am sureKevin discovers bar triviaWacky NewsVictims Make Burglar Clean Their House:,,30200-1289144,00.html?f=yahooChuck Norris makes his pick for President,2933,304096,00.htmlGameNo Game due to technical difficultiesWhatcha WatchinLa Ink, Dog the Bounty Hunter, other Fake DramaListener FeedbackJoe from Birmingham’s emailI'm sad that there wasn't a dropped call this week.And...what's up with no game? That totally blew. Betta be two gamesthis week. Betta.Closing. culturalleftovers@gmail.comOutro Song Impossi

  • Cultural Leftovers Show #2

    Cultural Leftovers Show #2


    Its the second episode of the Cultural Leftovers showWeekly UpdatesRyan gets back on skatesVance has engagment picture woesKevin discusses tazing protesters at UFWacky NewsChinese place for sale;_ylt=AmCc0gvWIyEuFO7T4YpxA0YZ.3QAMan suing after Brut fire has the game this week. Its Yanni song of Fabio book covers. Winner to receive one slice of pizzaWhatcha WatchinNew tv showsGeico commercials