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  • APRIL FOOL’S – D2: The Mighty Ducks

    APRIL FOOL’S – D2: The Mighty Ducks


    APRIL FOOL’S! D2: The Mighty Ducks is Joe’s third favorite hockey movie. In this episode, Joe and Naaim discuss the movie under the pretense of doing a hockey podcast–which might actually come to fruition? We’ll talk about it at the … Continued




    Merry Christmas! In this, the second annual Real View Mirror Holiday Special, Joe and Naaim are forced by DiamondClub.tv producer Bryce Castillo to put on a Variety Show! Join them and a cast of characters as they scramble to put … Continued

  • Orange is the New Black Ranger

    Orange is the New Black Ranger


    We live! In this thrilling installment of Podcast Sentai Power Ranger, we return from hiatus (just like MST3K!). Bailey joins us, and we talk about how television works. We also discuss the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, Netflix(!?) Rumors, … Continued

  • O baka-chan-tachi Means Fools

    O baka-chan-tachi Means Fools


    Colton went to a convention recently, so that means it’s time for an entirely unrelated episode! Anthony returns for the fourth episode in a row to talk about the new Sentai title as well as joining Colton in a discussion … Continued

  • Morphiconominal



    Apparently we even do shows for conventions we weren’t even at. A new opening upsets Colton, Jose continues to be color-blind, and Anthony continues his streak co-hosting the show for the third time in a row. We also discuss Morphicon … Continued

  • Joe and Naaim Go To White Castle

    Joe and Naaim Go To White Castle


    SentaiRangers.com was at the premiere expo for mass media, and they brought back news to share with you! Join Joe as he talks about what he saw, and Naaim, Colton, and Anthony Vega as we all try to figure out … Continued

  • The Wrath of Con

    The Wrath of Con


    Convention season is once again with us! This year, you can catch up with the SentaiRangers Crew (read as: Naaim or Joe) at three conventions! The very same ones we attended last year: WonderCon Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) San Diego … Continued

  • Do You Wanna Do A Podcast?

    Do You Wanna Do A Podcast?


    Yes, we’re actually back with a new episode. This time, we dive right back in with the first six episodes of both Power Rangers Super Megaforce and Ressha Sentai ToQger! We’re also joined by our friend Anthony Vega of Dan’s Toku … Continued

  • APRIL FOOLS: Sentai Radio #002

    APRIL FOOLS: Sentai Radio #002


    Happy April Fool’s!   PSPR goes back in time again! This time, listen to MC Sangoku and DJ Northstar are joined by new cohost Joey C to talk about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie, among other things, before they … Continued

  • Koichi Sakamoto’s Action Film (featuring Jason Chan)

    Koichi Sakamoto’s Action Film (featuring Jason Chan)


    On this installment of PSPR, the SentaiRangers crew meets up with a Green and gold-clad doctor who played a sixth ranger – Jason Chan! Ethan Daniels makes his shocking first appearance, and we all swoon over an Australian Accent. Plus, … Continued

  • APRIL FOOLS: I Wanna Go to Space

    APRIL FOOLS: I Wanna Go to Space


    APRIL FOOLS! Yes, Power Rider was all a big practical joke. Sorry if we got you excited for nothing! SentaiRangers.com covers the breaking Power Rider news! Your hosts Naaim, Colton, and Joe discuss the leaked images and the overwhelming Internet … Continued

  • Vamola Anderson!

    Vamola Anderson!


    From Kuhan’s laundry room, it’s PSPR 42! In this episode, we do not have Linkara, and Jose buys a t-shirt. We discuss the proper placement of plugs, and place a couple. Naaim influences his community college to watch Power Rangers, … Continued

  • Linkara’s History of Super Sentai

    Linkara’s History of Super Sentai


    This time, we are joined once again by Lewis Lovhaug! We talk about every single Ranger suit from Akaranger to KyouryuGold (but unfortunately not KyouryuCyan, which was announced just after the episode was recorded.) We cover a small bit of … Continued

  • Gosei’s Toy  Wonder Emporium

    Gosei’s Toy & Wonder Emporium


    In this show, we go over Jose’s Decadriver that doesn’t work with Starbucks, we go over the Megaforce megazord forms that we now know of and the confirmation of Akibaranger Z. We then delve right into Power Rangers Megaforce, Naaim’s … Continued

  • Haim Saban’s PSPR

    Haim Saban’s PSPR


    Holy crap! A weekly release! In this episode, we pretend we tolerated Najee while unpacking our thoughts on Super Samurai (They can do that in a kids show!?), and Naaim curmudgeons on Megaforce. A wild Grimmhelm appears, Jose moonlights as … Continued

  • Colton Was a Weird Kid

    Colton Was a Weird Kid


    Welcome to the late but totally on time episode 38 of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers! This episode, we have Anthony Vega back on, along with new permanent third host Jose Cuevas to talk about all of the news we missed! … Continued

  • Calculus Sentai Mathman

    Calculus Sentai Mathman


    IT’S AN EPISODE! TWO MONTHS LATE! Yes, we recorded this episode two months ago and I edited it nearly a month ago, so I’ve completely forgotten what we talk about. Um… I think we talked about the DVD News. Also, … Continued

  • Colton Gets a Twitter

    Colton Gets a Twitter


    Apparently, this episode was streamed live on YouTube. We talk THREE episodes of Go-Busters, plus the penultimate episode of Fourze! Also, we have topic-esque feedback and some crazy-ass news. But not really. It was pretty normal. SPACE ON YOUR HAND!

  • Of Drugs and Den-O

    Of Drugs and Den-O


    What’s this? Only one episode of Go-Busters this week? Well, at least there are multiple Fourze episodes in our brand spanking new Fourze segment! Plus, Matthew and Colton talk about how they got into Kamen Rider. Also, Gavan news and … Continued

  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Filler!

    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Filler!


    All of the hallmarks of a filler episode with the added bonus of a new mech! Just to screw with all of us! A weekly release!? This is madness! This week, we’re joined by Matthew Munoz aka Kamen Rider PEZ, … Continued

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