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'Thank You 10' is a three-part podcast that features intimate interviews with creative individuals - on and off the stage, on and off the page. Hosted at UNC Center for Dramatic Art by UNC MFA-candidate Gregory DeCandia, the name 'Thank You 10' pays homage to the standard practice of saying thank you to the calls a Stage Manager gives an actor prior to places. The podcast concludes each mini-sode with a six-word story, an exercise attributed to Ernest Hemingway winning a bet. Challenged to write a story in less than ten words, Hemingway constructed: For sale, baby shoes, never worn in six. Each ten-minute segment sheds some light on the ever-shifting creative landscape and proffers insight on how to navigate its shadowy sinews. It all starts in... Thank You 10.Executive Producers: Adam Versenyi and Vivienne BensechCREATOR/ HOST: Gregory G DeCandiaPodCASTING Director: Arielle Yoder ('Thank You 10' STAFF WRITERS: Kate Brennan, Gregory DeCandia, Arielle Yoder, & Daniel Bailin'ThankYou10' theme composed by Joseph Horak


  • S3E6-XX=XY


    03/04/2017 Duración: 32min

    S3E5: XX=XY GUESTS: Amanda Miller, Lily Kennedy, MaryAnn Grover WRITTEN, RECORDED, AND HOSTED BY:  Haley Fortune, Jillian Curran, Brade Bradshaw From the United States’ first major female candidate to the highest recorded number of voters, this past year’s election cycle was both historic and grueling. Now, more than ever, the political climate of our country is on everyone’s minds and many are turning to artistic outlets to express their thoughts and opinions. Lily Kennedy’s new verbatim text play, 2016: Her Story, Her Vote, gives voice to the often unheard, by taking a bi-partisan look at women’s reactions to the recent election and its results. In this episode, Thank You 10 meets with budding new playwright Lily Kennedy; Amanda Miller, head of OCUEdge, TheatreOCU’s staged-reading program, and MaryAnn Grover, a law-student with experience working on the Clinton campaign to discuss women’s voice in the arts and in politics. Thank You 10 Episode 6: XX=XY was written, recorded and hosted by:  Haley Fortune,

  • S3E5-Circle of Life-BLOOD-

    S3E5-Circle of Life-BLOOD-

    28/03/2017 Duración: 35min

    S3E4: The Circle of Life Blood Guests: Dr. Robert McGill, Leslie Swackhamer, Nathan Schlitz Hosts: Meagan Chew, Alex Rocha, Bethany Stanley Betrayal, murder, BLOOD… all these concepts fuel Oklahoma City University’s production of the House of Atreus, adapted by D. Lance Marsh. The characters struggle between what is best for society versus their own desires. The consequences determine life and death. Who is right and justified in their actions? “Blood must have blood,” so where does it end, if at all? Join us as professor emeritus Dr. Robert McGill, director Leslie Swackhamer, and musical composer Nathan Schlitz explore the themes of Greek Theatre and the House of Atreus in “The Circle of Life Blood.” OCU production runs at the Burg Theater March 30th-April 9th.

  • TY10 S3E3-Burns Baby Burns

    TY10 S3E3-Burns Baby Burns

    24/02/2017 Duración: 33min

    S3E3: Burns, Baby, Burns GUESTS: Don Jordan, Jordan Jacobs, Tim Fall WRITTEN, RECORDED, & HOSTED BY: Hannah Descartin, Tyra Bullock, Madelon Wink Collaboration seems like a simple concept, but is it really that easy? For 10 years, the Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre and Oklahoma City University have partnered to create fabulous co-productions. This year, the tradition continues as CityRep and OCU prepare for their production of “Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play” by Anne Washburn The latest episode “Burns, Baby, Burns” explores the specifics of collaboration, both on and off stage. Join CityRep Artistic Director Don Jordan, OCU BFA actor Jordan Jacobs, and OCU On-Cam professor/actor Tim Fall as they explore what it takes to create a positive collaborative experience.

  • TY10 S3E2-Mind OVER Murder

    TY10 S3E2-Mind OVER Murder

    16/02/2017 Duración: 32min

    S2E3: Mind Over Murder Guests: Michael Baron, Natalya Ferch, Lori Finley Hosts: Daniel C. Brown, Hannah Green, Alex Sutherland With documentaries, movies, television shows and specials focusing on murder rising in popularity, we start to ask the question, why are we as a society so interested in horrible actions? Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma open the 2017 season with Stephen Sondheim’s "Assassins." The musical follows the few who have attempted (both successfully and unsuccessfully) to assassinate former US presidents. Today’s podcast "Mind of the Murder" focuses explores this musical's dark theme with actress Natalya Ferch, director Michael Baron, and campus counselor Lori Finley. Episode 3 was written, recorded and hosted by Daniel C. Brown, Hannah Green, and Alex Sutherland, and thanks for listening to "thank you 10."

  • TY10 S3E1-The Race to Clybourne Park

    TY10 S3E1-The Race to Clybourne Park

    01/02/2017 Duración: 30min

    'Thank You 10' Season 3 Episode 1: The RACE to Clybourne Park GUESTS: Kate Brennan, Tyra Bullock, Patience Williams "Thank You 10" is now broadcasting from it's new home at Oklahoma City University and begins Season 3 with a story about a house. OCU Theatre's Stage II opens the Pulitzer Prize winning play "Clybourne Park" by Bruce Norris on February 2nd in the Black Box Theatre. Director Kate Brennan discusses this production's unique rehearsal process of "dropping in" text, actress Tyra Bullock recounts her experience with this show in the round, and student activist Patience Williams offers a local perspective of OKC gentrification. Written, recorded and hosted By: Courtney Beyer, Alyssa Pearson, Haileigh Tomlinson Producing Engineer: Gregory DeCandia “Thank You 10” theme was composed by Joseph Horak Additional music provided by Kate Brennan & Onnika Hanson