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  • Good News (9) – Repentance  rejection

    Good News (9) – Repentance & rejection


    Mark 6:1-30 The gospel is the best news in the world that through Jesus we can be forgiven and know God and have eternal life. So why is it so hard sharing the gospel with others, and even believing the gospel ourselves? One big reason is that the gospel calls us to repent, and we don’t want to. But without repentance, there is no salvation.

  • Good News (8) – Sickness  death

    Good News (8) – Sickness & death


    Mark 5:21-43 In the past we may all have had deep-down fears of sickness and death, but there’s nothing like a global pandemic to bring these fears to the surface. Faith in a Jesus who rules over sickness and death is the answer to our fears – but that requires bringing our faith and our fears together, and not keeping them in separate compartments. This passage will help us do just that.

  • Building a People: Joy of the Lord is your Strength

    Building a People: Joy of the Lord is your Strength


    Where does our joy and strength come from? Particularly when times are hard? The people of God are to look to him for all their joy. It is their duty and delight. For us today as we live in this world as citizens of the next, we need to have our souls refreshed and strengthened by the joy of the Lord.

  • Building a People: Built on the Word

    Building a People: Built on the Word


    The word of God central to the worship of God by his people. We need to not treat it as secondary, side-line it, or substitute it. We should certainly realise that it is for everyone and needs to be understood. And our relationship with God should be strengthened by his word, leading us to worship and joy.

  • Work Matters

    Work Matters


    The Average person will spend a third of their adult life at work, in the Wharf it is likely to be more, as Christians there can sometimes be a disconnect between what happens on a Sunday morning at church and the rest of the week – Why does our work matter to God? Why does God matter to our work?

  • 2020 vision

    2020 vision


    Psalm 103 In one survey readers were asked to describe 2020 in one word - the top three were ‘exhausting’, ‘chaotic’, ‘lost’. For this final service of the year, the only kind of psalm which might feel appropriate is a lament. So how could this psalm of praise possibly be fitting instead?

  • Christmas Day

    Christmas Day


    1 John 4:14 The phrase sine qua non is Latin for something which is indispensable. What for you is the sine qua non of Christmas? What is the key ingredient without which Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas for you? This talk explains why Jesus is the sine qua non not just of Christmas but of life itself.

  • A Strange Christmas

    A Strange Christmas


    Christmas is going to be a strange one in 2020, but still not quite as strange as the first Christmas, at which God gave a strange solution to the strange problem of this world.

  • Christmas Carols: God’s gift

    Christmas Carols: God’s gift


    Romans 6:23 ‘Thankfully, despite everything, Christmas has not been cancelled this year. And that’s just as well, because we could all do with some good news at the end of 2020. And that is what Christmas is – good news of God’s gift to us.

  • Good News (7) – Faith and fear

    Good News (7) – Faith and fear


    Mark 4:35-5:20 We all have fears. Some are silly ones, but others are deep-rooted, heart-felt fears which threaten to control us. There’s no point just hoping they’ll go away. We need to confront them. Or we need someone who can confront them for us. Jesus is bigger than all our fears, and so the answer to fear is faith – faith in him.