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Stargate Addicts (SGaddicts or SGAD for short)is a podcast all about, you guessed it, Stargate.:) Our goal is to create something for those out there that love the shows, movie, everything thing about it as much as we do. So join us for discussion, ranting, rambling, and probably a whole lot of downright sillyness. We hope you enjoy!


  • SGAD #4: You!

    SGAD #4: You!

    16/04/2007 Duración: 59min

    A new episode! Woohoo! Anywho, content: - Spoiler warnings: 4:06 to 5:03, 5:11 to 27:19 - New theme song [I apologize in advance] - The news [1:33] with our four hopefuls! (spoiler alert 4:06) - Info about voting - Episode discussion of new episodes (spoilers) - System Lord discussion: Ra - Episode discussion: Children of the Gods through Emancipation - Fanfic challenge (yes, that still exists) - Falling the the floor, conclusion - Our own little shoutouts to our favorite forums (WARNING: off topic :D): Rachel for Saphira Forums, and Keila for OSCLA

  • SGAD: Minicast!

    SGAD: Minicast!

    07/04/2007 Duración: 10min

    Did we come back from the dead? Have we scared you yet? Find out...well, maybe not, that story is too long and boring. But here we are with a special mini-cast. We'll be talking about our future plans for this show...along with...well, the craziness. But that's expected, isn't it? Well, we hope you enjoy this!

  • SGAD #3: Invasion of nonsense

    SGAD #3: Invasion of nonsense

    08/09/2006 Duración: 46min

    This episode is so crazy I can't even begin to write show notes for it. Basically, the second half of our recording was one big blooper (peppered with a few important things), in which Rachel and I joke and laugh about things Stargate related and once in a while, not so Stargate related. I apologize for it being a big unedited and organize, and I hope we don't start to bore you in bits.The beginning is actually a pretty normal show, so if that's what you're looking for it's still there. So, enjoy the knowledge that you're probably more mentally stable than us, and a hopefully a few laughs too.

  • SGAD #2: Finally!

    SGAD #2: Finally!

    30/05/2006 Duración: 37min

    After much delay, our second episode is here. This show we discuss Michael Kenmore and also some of our opinions on reading and writing fanfiction. - A new challenge - Grammar grammar grammar - Excuse Rachel's allergies - Keila's nuts? Why, of course.=) - Rachel seems to think we end with the Indiana Jones theme song. - Email email email to