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  • Comic Potluck #36: PRIDE

    Comic Potluck #36: PRIDE

    16/07/2018 Duración: 01h17min

    Join us this week as we celebrate the Pride with our favorite LGBTQ picks of 2018 in our annual Comic Prideluck! Goldie Vance Vol.1 00:06:56 - 00:20:39 The Once and Future Queen 00:20:40 - 00:42:27 Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #1-6 00:42:28 - 01:02:04 Music by Modest Mouse's 'Float On'.

  • Side Dish #28: Ant-Man  Wasp

    Side Dish #28: Ant-Man & Wasp

    11/07/2018 Duración: 44min

    Hey guys! We are back this week to chat about the newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!!! ANT-MAN & WASP!!! Regular spoilers are noted in the show BUT! Please note that at 27:01 MARKS POSSIBLE MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE POSSIBLE FUTURE OF THE MCU. This is speculation based on leaked set photos and nothing more. That said, it could really wreck your shit! Music: Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two All rights belong to the rightful owners of the Song/Music.